World Football Inspired Fashion

My husband doesn't support England. Never has, never will.

He thinks it contradicts what the entire domestic season stands for. It makes him laugh that English players in rival teams go all out to injure or get each other sent off throughout the season but then they come together as an England team and expect it to be hunky dory. Well, it aint. That's why England are, frankly, poop! I hear y'all disagreeing with me but, c'monnn, I'm not wrong. Am I?! So... Hubby supports Holland. #random
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See the piccy of us during a Holland game  - he is VERY into it, wearing his shirt and stuff. (Excuse my lack of make-up in this picture, It was a late game!)
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So when, one of my current catalogues, JD Williams encouraged me to create an outfit inspired by all this football going on, my first thoughts where Holland - Obviously!

Something a little like this (pic on the right) would cost a very reasonable £75 for all three items -
Dolcis Sandals (£25), Slim leg Jeggings (£22) and Jeffrey & Paula Ruche Neck Top (£33)

It's timeless in that you can mix/match with anything else, dressing it up or down (an alternative to to re-buying a new football shirt every year!) I love the wide hem on the top and have purchased loads myself from JD Williams including 2 Jeffrey & Paula ones, in jade and hot pink, but with v-necks.

Another idea I had was Brazil. Their flag colours are stunning and perfect for the summer.

What do you think of this outfit I put together on the left? For both the dress (£55) and leather clutch (£18.50) you'd get change from £75.

Mega bargain.

Would I pull this Brazil-inspired look off though?

The Joanna Hope Twist dress does go right up to a size 26, but in the process of losing baby weight I decided against this for myself (although the bag is to die for so shall be purchasing that using my credit account!)

eventually settled on France. Oui Oui!

I got the colours of the flag in there along with some 'typical' french features!

I went for some stripes in the navy blazer (£19), red espadrille wedges (£25), timeless black slim leg jeggings (£22) and a bit of bling to boot (£7.50).

On paper, this looked pretty 'french' to me and I thought they'd go really well together as an outfit. Theses items don't just look good together, but they're wardrobe staples to be used again and again, mixed and matched, dressed up or down. Just as with the Dutch idea above.

Kindly gifted my world football themed outfit by JD Williams in order to see if it can be pulled off in real life as it is on paper.

Here are my thoughts...

Aside from the blazer coming up a little big (or perhaps my weightloss is showing quicker than anticipated), I love this outfit.

  • > The blazer is light but warm, perfect for summer evenings or autumn afternoons. You can't really see that it's navy in the picture but it is! With lovely gold button detail too.
  • > The shoes are beautiful with a very comfortable insole. My toes still have movement and the cut-out detail provides airing *SUCH a bonus in this heat!*
  • > The jeggings are a true-to-size fit with a slightly higher waist than I've had in the past. This is deffo a plus for me, nothing makes a new mum more confident in herself than high waisted jeggings IMO! They've also washed very well.
  • > The necklace is a statement accessory. Much heavier and chunkier than I anticipated, but it means you can wear the most simple of vest tops whenever you like and tszuj it up in an instant!

You can like JD Williams on facebook HERE 

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**PLEASE excuse the hair!! 
My hairdryer exploded mid way through blowing AND it was the hottest day of the year so far**

Hope I did France justice with my outfit!

What do you think of my French, football inspired fashion?

Which outfit would you have chosen?

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  1. Look fab jo and its so you!! Xx

  2. Oh Jo the outfit you chose looks so stylish! It really suits you, love it! I did this challenge too with JD Williams and chose Brazil, I went a bit mad on the colour! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to my blog hop! #WhereRainbowsEnd

    Fiona @

  3. Very stylish, love the outfit you chose it really suits you X

  4. I love the outfit, you look lovely! Good choices too - I love the Brazil one :)
    Amy x

  5. Loving the football inspired outfits you put together, that's the kind of football talk I can get on board with ;)
    I popped over from #WhereRainbowsEndBlogHop x

  6. I think your hair looks cute. Those outfits are cute too. I'm stopping by from the blog hop wishing you a great Sunday!

  7. You look good. And clothes looks too. :)
    My fav one is that yellow dress. Love love love! x

  8. These are the cutest world cup "kits" I have seen! I love Brazil - very summer chic! Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreviews

  9. Now those are some football "kit" I can get on with. Brazil is gorgeous - very summer chic! Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreviews

  10. some lovely outfit choices, my favourite is france, colour scares me a bit

  11. Haha! As a French person I can say that you did really well to represent France!
    I liked the Dutch one too!


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