Plus Size Skater Dresses from Simply Be

Sometimes it's all about knowing what clothing makes you comfortable, others it's about what looks great, all too throwing comfort way out the window. For my size, it's not often I get to have both at the same time, I must confess.

JD Williams asked me if I'd like to try a size 18 outfit to feature on the blog and that I could choose what I wanted as long as it included a skater dress. Now I love a skater dress as much as I love a challenge so I wasn't about to turn this down. Off I headed to have a nose...

Photo: Simply Be
The problem with high street shopping in the summer is that the ranges tend to offers items without sleeves and at shorter lengths. Not at Simply Be, part of the JD Williams group.

This particular skater dress just absolutely jumped out at me. Long bubble sleeves to hide my arms, the length is perfect to wear with leggings or, if I'm feeling incredibly brave then also with bare legs. Given that the model is wearing this with tights and boots, I'm figuring this dress to be a versatile and, no doubt, staple piece. It's currently on sale from £45 to £31.50.

To style this dress for the summer months, I opted for a pair of full length, high waisted, leggings and the beautiful flats pictured on my instagram above.  I have fallen in love with these shoes, so very badly, and they really do look lovely with the dress. Perfect for an afternoon drink out and about, or even for the office. They took a few outings to wear in though (thank you Compeed!). These beauties are currently £28.
"Woven material pumps with statement jewelled embellishments on the toe cap. The golden heel and pointed toe offer an edge that simple ballerina pumps can't." 
An alternative styling suggestion would be to team the dress with 3/4 leggings and some spangly sandles. Comfort at it's best, I can do my shopping in style, walk along the prom with the kids without worrying that the breeze coming at me head on is making my muffin top all the more obvious, and I can keep my cool. Hot feet are just the worst aren't they?
Photo: Simply Be

In a stunning rose gold colour, I managed to obtain 4 compliments in my first 2 outings wearing these sandles. The sun catches the curves of the beaded detail and adds an awesome sparkle to your feet. They're currently £20.

Unfortunately for me, the sole of these particular sandles came away completely during the 3rd wear and looking at their reviews on the site, it would appear I'm not the only one to have experienced this. That being said, let's not allow this to take away from such a beautiful piece of clothing in the dress.

I've described two ways to wear it in this post, plus the way it's styled in the catalogue image too. So... I'm off to find some knee highs now!

To check out the full range of plus size skater dresses head on over to Simply Be now.

So, what do you think?

Interview with an 8yr Old!

You may remember our interview with Carson when he was 5 years old, if not you can read it here, which made for a few parenting fod-slaps and giggles! Well, he turned 8 last week so here we go again, let's see if he's changed much...

Q1: What is your favourite food? 
A1: Cheeseburger 'cuz McDonalds tastes quite nice.

Q2: Where do carrots come from?
A2: Plants

Q3: Who is in your family? 
A3: My mum, my dad, my brother, me, my nin, my grandad, my nan, my died grandad, my little nan and little grandad and my cousins and aunties and stuff. You know, the usual. 
Mum Comment: Detail much?!

Q4: What is your favourite colour? 
A4: Purple, because it's reminds me of sugar

Q5: What is your favourite song? 
A5: This is tricky but I'm going to have to say... uh, lemme thnk about this one. Little Mix - Hair. It makes me feel a little cheerful and happy.

Q6: What makes you happy? 
A6: Anything really. But one in particular thing is my birthday. Because I get cards and presents and sometimes money too!

Q7: What makes you sad? 
A7: Nothing. Oh, when I hurt myself.

Q8: What’s your favourite animal? 
A8: Giraffe. Because their long necks makes them quite a jazzy animal.

Q9: What is your favourite toy? 
A9: My Spongebob playsets. The best is squidwards house.

Q10: What is the best thing in the world? 
A10: Gullivers World

Q11: What do you like to do? 
A11: Go on my ipod.

Q12: Who runs the country? 
A12: The Queen. Her jubilee was in 2012 and she was 86.

Q13: What does Mummy do for work? 
A13: Business.

Q14: What does Daddy do?
A14: I honestly don't know.
Mum Comment: Oh dear!

What I've learnt from this is that he still loves cheese and giraffes, whilst his favourite colour is still purple after all these years! 

As I'm sure is typical with many an 8 year old of today, he's very into his tech but still loves to play with his spongebob playsets which tells me he is still, definitely, my little boy! Carrots no longer come from shops but plants, which is good enough for me. The Queen runs the country now, instead of God - close enough if you ask me. Clearly the school has taught them a lot from when the jubilee occurred! 

I really should explain what both hubby and I do for a living because it's looking pretty obvious that he's clueless. This really surprises me because he often asks about our day and listens intently... or so I thought! I can't wait to ask these questions again in another 3 years... if he'll still be talking to his Mum by that age.

My Latest Bargain Buys - Vertbaudet

Finley eats anything. I'm not even joking. 

I'm talking wood, stones, plastic... poo. All part of the sensory processing issue he has that comes hand in hand with the ASD unfortunately. Whilst we await the date of his first Occupational Therapy appointment, there are ways we have to try and prevent him for hurting himself by eating these things. 

Trying to get to grips with a spoon

I can't buy 4 more eyeballs and 2 spare arms, even though it is 2016, but what I can do is find ways to ensure he is unable to get at these inedible goodies, for example by looking at things like playsuits and all-in-ones to stop the poop eating.

That brings me to the reason for this post actually... Yes, I hear your sigh of relief that there's no further poo details to come! 

It's so hard to find these all-in-ones or baby grows in age 2-3, I'm finding that they seem to stop short at 18-24m. My lovely friend at work told me she'd found some online at Verbaudet and that there was a sale on so to be quick. She was so right! T-shirts from £1.80 were tempting but I had to remain focused on Finley's needs, and my poor little bank balance.

I chose 2 collared, short, playsuits and a cotton onesie with feet for bed time. For all 3 items it totalled just £12.60 (though delivery was £3.99 on top of this and it took a whole week to arrive, which is a little disappointing but doesn't take away from the absolute steals to be had). 

Bargain buys!

Total bargain that I just had to share with you, not least because I got a referral link after placing my order. Selfish of me you might think? Nope...

If you place an order using this link to Vertbaudet here you'll receive a £10 off voucher as well as me. You win, I win, the kids win - yay! 

They also do nursery bedroom furniture and accessories, child's bedding, maternity wear etc. It's definitely worth a look, particularly with this sale on right now too. Happy shopping!

Have you shopped at Vertbaudet before?

UPDATE... Since writing this post 3 days ago, someone has signed up using my link and, true to their word, we both got a £10 voucher - with a £10 minimum spend. I managed to bag all of this, this morning, for just 50p!!!

Get signing up for your voucher now!!!, pub-8301510335931825, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0