2014 and Targets

I'm on my lunch at work, guzzling a Costa Orange and Chocolate Mocha Latte like a new born baby on a teat, and I'm thinking about how I'm going to afford nursery furniture and baby essentials.

I'm going to pop 2 pounds a (working) day in a jar and even if I feel I can't afford that one day (we all have those days I'm sure) I will go without something such as not buying a loaf of bread and utilising the pasta twirls in the back of the cupboard instead. 

By the time baby is due, I should have circa £200 which will be plenty to buy something like a cot! Wow! All for two 'little' pounds a day!

I'm going to have a harder think about targets for 2014 and will finalise them in a post later this week I think. In the meantime, do you have any targets or forward thinking ideas to share? Would love to hear about them, or even join a linky!

Now... my Costa's getting cold and my dinner break nearly over!
Buh-bye for now! xxx

It's a boy!

Bump at 20 weeks
As you all know, I'm 20 (+2) weeks pregnant and had my anomoly scan on Thursday. Carson came with me and has been trying his best to bully me into finding out what we were having - he was desperate for a sister!

I know you're not supposed to take children to a scan with you but with Carson being monitored and tested within the autistic spectrum, given his "Aspergers tendencies", I really needed him to be involved. There are those who say I should pay for a private scan for these kind of bonding sessions but I don't have private scan kinda cash at the moment (who does at Christmas?!)

Whilst the sonographer was checking out flump, he whispered "ooooh I think it will be a boy or a girl!".... "Let's hope so" said the sonographer! (Yeah, what else could it be, son?!)

Anyway, this constant wriggle is to be of the blue variety. A brother for Carson. A BOY.

If I said he was happy I'd be lying. He was initially gutted, he really wanted a sister to look after, but as soon as I said they could share a room together for a few years when he's older - he was all smiles!

As a mum - I'm high-risk, although nothing was really explained to me as to why so I'm just waiting for a few extra appointments to come through the post. When I know more, I'll share - I know all to well that blogs and forums like this are a god send when you're searching for the newest bizarre happening to your body at this time in life!! ... I've some TMI posts to type out soon haha... god help you all!!

In the meantime, here is the only picture we could get of flump, thanks to his rave-in-utero, you can see his left hand raised up over his left eye-  palm facing us and all 5 digits bent over perfectly...

The miracle of pregnancy!!

Love Jo xxx

*Review* I want one of those - Bad Egg!

Ever had someone ask you what you want for Crimbo, or a birthday and you really don't know what to say?

Socks? Slippers? Smelly set?

Well stop being so boring and check out IWOOT, aka I Want One Of Those, at www.iwantoneofthose.com for endless ideas.

You won't even KNOW you want one 'til you see them!

I was asked to choose a selection of items from a list that I would most like to review, and this item was suitably ticked as my family LOVE EGGS!

We can't go one single week without dippy eggs and soldiers. Our egg cups are always cracking though, so we are down to our last egg cup in the house at the moment which  means we can't have the Old Skool lunch together.

Bad Egg not only looks cool (Mo' and all!), it's plastic so the cracking/smashing of egg cups issue should be egg-stinct *scoff* in The Smith family household.

Perfect for a Secret Santa or that 'something small' for someone's birthday, you really can't go wrong with this item and, at only £6.99, I am going to buy a few more to have a decent set of them in my house. I'm gunna have too seeing as Carson 'bagsied' this one for himself (with great delight I might add!)

If you don't fancy the 'bad egg' look, why don't you check out the other egg cups on offer at I Want One Of Those by clicking to their egg page here.

If you're still shopping for Christmas:
Order with Next Day Delivery before 8pm on Monday 23rd December for:
Guaranteed Christmas Delivery!! 


.... GO, GO, GO!!!

Happy shopping and Happy holidays :-) xxx

Maternity wear on the highstreet

Read the title of this post and answer me this - Why can't I walk in to a shop and buy an item of maternity wear??

Desperate for work trousers as my bump grows I went to Birkenhead to shop for some.For those of you who are not familiar with Birkenhead, let me tell you where I went:

  • New Look
  • Next
  • M&S
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Evans
  • TK Maxx
  • TJ Hughes
  • Primark
  • Bon Marche
  • Birkenhead Market (stalls)
  • River Island
  • Asda/George
I was on the brink of tears when not one single outlet sold maternity wear "you have to go online for that"...


I ended up buying a pair of stretchy waist pants from Bon Marche thinking they'd be ok - but their changing rooms are so unbelievably tiny I couldn't bend to take my pants off!!!  (By the way, I'm not kidding, the staff told me they are inundated by complaints but there's nothing they can do and it's no wonder they get so many returns as customers simply cannot try on in store!!) I didn't realise that the pleated elastic waistband would, of course, dig into growing bump rather than covering over or sitting under.

When I was expecting Carson, albeit 6 years ago, I bought my entire maternity wardrobe from Birkenhead high streets with no problems whatsoever. What the hell has changed?? Why am I made to feel like the odd one out? 

...And surely... as we put on weight, it's harder to determine what clothes size we are. For example, I gathered I'd gone a size up on my top half as my (already large) boobs are suddenly monstrous, so I ordered a size 20/22 jumper instead of a 18/20 on one site but it was swimming on me and down by my knees. Of course, I didn't accommodate for the fact that it will already be larger because it's specifically maternity.

I don't want to buy trousers on line, wait for delivery, try them on, realise they don't fit, send them back to change for another size, await for them to be received and re-processed, wait for delivery..... you get my drift. 

As if we need any more stress hey ladies?

Do you have any options for buying maternity wear - in person (!) - where you are? I'd love to hear your recommendations xxx
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