Saving Money With The 365 Day Challenge

Whenever I have a phone natter with my bestie Steph, we think up ways to get rich quick. Honestly, we're that sad. We're also that ill will powered that we don't get past saving up a tenner for the weekend's wine! Again, we're that sad.

Last night she told me about the 365 Day Challenge and it's something I'd never even heard about. I'll keep it snappy...

365 day challenge, save money, new years resolution

For every day it is of the year you save a penny. Not a penny per day, but the value in pennies for the number day it is out of the 365 in total.  

So by the end of the first week of January you'll have saved:
1p + 2p + 3p + 4p + 5p + 6p + 7p = 28p.

If you do this, you'll save a staggering £667.95 per year. For the sake of pennies per day. Mind blown!

I'll admit I was sceptical at first - how on earth would I be able to afford £3+ per day for 2 whole months - in the run up to Christmas? Steph made it all very simple though and made me stop and think about all the tiddly bits I would normally buy during these months ready for the festivities. I needn't spend my money during this time , instead saving it, and emptying out my money jar at the beginning of December to do that shopping.

So, this is what I'm going to do for 2016. Along with Steph, I've set a reminder on my phone for 6.30pm each evening so the minute I get home from work, I know to pop the pennies in a jar. Wish me luck!

Is anyone else doing the 365 day challenge?

Saying PFFFT to New Year's Resolutions!

New Year, New Me. The most lazy and empty, overrated phrase of all time.  

Whilst setting yourself targets can be that real kick up the backside that you needed to get things going in the right direction, it can also set you up for a fall. And if you don't respond well to falls then all determination can evaporate. Pooft. Just like that. 
Note to self: buy fez.

My resolution is not to make any. It's as pointless as saying the diet will start on Monday - after I've stuffed my face this weekend and got my fill first. Don't feel pressured to run out signing up to gyms or buying a bike next week. Don't ditch them last 3 ciggies of the box and rush out for patches ahoy - do it when you're ready and comfortable with it. Ask yourself, am I really going to use all of this fruit and salad gear in my trolley or am I being OTT on the auld resolution here? 

As of Monday, let me guess, you're going to start putting money aside. Whilst this is a very good idea - don't leave yourself short just for the sake of a resolution. Trust me, I've done it. Whacked a few hundred in the savings account - only to withdraw it before the first payday of the New Year. Because, guess what, sh*t happens. 

You can make a resolution any time you please. If you are rail-roaded into it, you're less likely to succeed. That's a fact.

For me, I'm going to do what I do everyday of the year anyway - regardless of the date - try my very best at everything I do that day. You just can't ask for much more than that. 

So, I wish you all the very best for the New Year. Be Healthy, Be Happy. That's all that truly matters.

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