Weigh in Wednesday Week 11

Wowsers am I starting to feel the difference in my clothing! The main problem I'm having with this weight loss mish is trying to look acceptable whilst doing it. Someone told me I looked stupid in a blazer the other day as it hung from the shoulders and looked 'out of shape' ... it's one month old and defo not out of shape. It just did nowt for my current shape!

Funny story actually, I daren't name names but this will make you howl... and if it doesn't, you are truly a hard person to please! I know this person will be reading this post so HA HA HA if she is!....

She started slimming world back up again and one of her friends offered to go with her. Problem being her friend is a waif very slim with a max of about 6lbs to lose, not a huge amount at all. She was droning on about her practically non-existent belly hanging over her trousers and just generally having a moment. Which, don't get me wrong, we are all well within our rights to do - but you wouldn't sit next to pinocchio moaning about your tiny nose would you?

Anywhooo, my friend vented her slight annoyance over the phone to me, piping up "hanging over her belly? I'll be happy the day I see my woo again, never mind moaning about her fat free mini muffin top! Imagine how she'd cope with a flange hang?!"

Yup.. you heard it here... You aren't a real 'fatty' without the Flange Hang! OMG. Seriously?! It was so funny to hear someone else say something so minging yet so perfectly fitting for the topic of conversation. I laughed so much it hurt my crease! (For those who don't know, it's the fold in one's stomach <were the muscles really do live, honestly> and they're paining to get out during belly laughter!)

... it summed up everything on that day for me! Let's be grateful for what we have eh?!

Had an awesome week this week anyway. Thinking I might need to invest in a smaller pair of Zaggora's soon, too - They're slipping on so easily compared to when I first got them! Can't wait 'til the blazer launches either, I'm getting the feeling I look like Johnny Bravo's sibling right now.

16st 6lbs

WEEK 11:
15st 1lbs


Total Loss to date:

As far as fashion for fatties goes, What is the best way utilise your wardrobe other than belts? I have a short torso so I can't really cinch everything in at the waist because it draws attention to my hips/bum/thighs and of course boobs too. I'm so not a sewing person, well I am in a creative manner, just not in a practical manner! I can't just chuck everything away either - not an option.

There's always trusty eBay!

Any funky hints and tips - feel free to share 'em....

Mwah xxxx

Weigh in Wednesday: Week 10

Sooo... it's been almost 2 weeks since I last blogged and it's thanks to 4 birthdays and a wedding anniversary in the space of 10 days. Sheesh, I have been busy!! That's the only thing about August... all the 'events'!
Nan & Grandad's wedding anniversary on 7th, Sons 4th birthday on 10th, Dad's birthday on 12th, Best buddies birthday on 16th and Hubby's on 20th! Give me strength... but not cake. Please! No more cake :-(

So yes, I've inevitable had a stumble this week and put ON 3lbs :-(
I never took a picture this morning but at least I've not lied. What's the point in lying? I fell off the wagon and so what? It's not every month that you have such a ridiculous amount of occasions is it?

I recently had a chat with a lovely lady from Essentials Magazine regarding why people 'food fib'... well, in my honest opinion - it's because I'm ashamed that I'm so fat so why would I disclose that I ate a muffin with the team at work? God forbid what people would think! "Oh we might have known that SHE'D have had a muffin, bloody look at her!"... Those are the kinds of scenarios and scenes that actually run through my mind. I know, stupid. Total lunacy that I actually believe people would take precious time of their day to talk about me!!

The initial idea behind my blog was to shame myself into losing weight and actually, coming up to my 3rd month, I'm starting to feel PROUD that I'm losing weight whilst living a realistic, normal lifestyle. Yes I'm not shedding 5lbs a week and totally upbeat about it every day. I don't wake up every morning thinking 'Bring It On!' because I'm normal! Despite what most celebs can do - real, normal, working, mothering, women just can't. I actually look up to celebs like Natalie Cassidy and Claire Richards as they gave in to the pressure of absolutely having to lose weight and trying to keep it off has been/was a nightmare. Who want's to live a life like that through choice? Erm.... not me, ta very much.

But surprisingly I'm happy and confident. Yep! Despite airing my dirty laundry online for the world to see it - if they were really arsed to take a peek that is - I am more confident than ever.

That, my friends, is an achievement in itself.

... #WeighInWednesday - Without the picture...!!

16st 6lbs

WEEK 10:
15st 6lbs

Total Loss to date:

Next task for me is to improve my hair. My hair straighteners have died a sad dead and  the greys need covering every 3 weeks minimum now. IT'S COSTING A FORTUNE!! I'm surely old before my time. This should not be the tale of a 27 year old!

Are there ways of becoming beautiful that doesn't cost money? Is anything in life free? 

Ok... so maybe the celeb lifestyle is kinda appealing..... sometimes!

Carson's 4th Birthday is Tomorrow!!

I am getting super duper excited for my little mans birthday tomorrow. I think I'm a tad more excited than he is!!

We decided not to go with a party for him this year, I felt the cost wasn't justified if I'm honest. For example, there is a great indoor soft play house local to us and it's usually a real value for money jobby. £3.20 for 2 hours and juice is 20p a beaker. Coffee for the adults is only about a quid so it's a really good 'break' especially if there's bad weather. *I already apologised for my rain-jinx okay?!*

We've been to other childrens' parties there before and Carson has loved it, but when I enquired I discovered it was £11.95 per head and a minimum of 10 children!! The only thing extra they get is a choice of sausage/fish finger/nuggets with chips and beans/peas but eating that also eats in to the 2hour play time they have. Sorry, but what a rip! Then you've got the party bags on top etc.

I have to work in the morning but Hubby and Carson are coming to meet me near my office in Liverpool City Centre and we're going to go to Pizza Hut for lunch - which, strangely enough, I've never visited - odd!! Then we're going to go home and have a tea party in the afternoon with family and friends. Frankly, he sounds more excited by Pizza Hut and Tea Party than a proper kids party, ooo he's his mummys son alright!

I'll be posting lots of pictures of our day, and I'm sure we'll have lots of his toys to review together :-D - I am sooo a big kid at heart!

What did you guys do for your kids' parties and what ages would you say are important? I'd love to hear your stories - if not to reassure our decision this year, then for inspiration every year to come!

Thanks matey's :-) xxx

Weigh in Wednesday Week 9

Howdy Howdy Howdy!!

This week felt like a goodun, I begged it to be a goodun and when I weighed myself this morning... youbetcha... it was a goodun!! Hells yes!

I was only texting my friend Tracey last night to say I was feeling positive about today, and that's generally not my rule thumb - I believe in putting the hoolies upon yourself. LOL! Seriously! Remember when we had that gorgeous 2 weeks of wall to wall sunshine in early June? Yes. Well you can all blame me for the rain because the last day of the 'heatwave', I said... out loud... "wow, it hasn't rained in ages!". As if that wasn't bad enough... I even went as far as to facebook status that my friends were all divs for moaning along the lines of "well, there goes our summer!"... yup. My reaction? "oh give over... it's ONE day of rain!"

I will concede that I think I have been a bit silly this week for not thinking of myself as much as I should do, really. Work has been so exciting this week and there is big news about to come out of it. It has meant early starts, late finishes and working through lunches. By the time I'm getting home I am so unbelievably past being hungry that I'm managing cereal or something for tea.

This is not intentional.

I want this weight to come off slowly in order to keep it off. This week I am making a pact to eat more square meals and THINK about ME!


16st 6lbs


15st 3lbs

Finally repainted my toesnails!!

Total Loss to date:
I've been wearing a lot more heels that I usually do. I'm a stumpy pump wearing kinda worker usually, but with all that's going on at work I don't like meeting with big companies in my flats as I'm only 5 foot 4.5" (the half sooo counts! I lost an entire inch after giving birth- somehow. Oh how I miss that inch!) I'm even wearing them on the weekend now too - check me out!
The benefits of heel wearing:
1. Feel more grown up (or taller? whichever way you look at it!)
2. My legs gets a great work out!
3. My thighs don't 'swoosh' together as much (thank god summer really IS over - no chafing!)
4. I can get my swag on and wiggle my gradually reducing toosh ;-)
Here's to an overall good week in the life of Carsonsmummy and I leave you with the most adorable couple of pictures from Carson's nursery shoot...

Why this rotates... I don't know!

Thanks for reading, once more! I promised a Batiste review last week... but I was pretty naive to think I could test 3 types in one week... Mega build up if I did! It will be with us all shortly - I promise.
Oh.... and next Weds/Thurs I am on a business trip so #weighinwednesday may have to become #tadaaatuesday - let's hope!
Buh Byeeee xxx

Weigh in Wednesday week 8


I have been aiming for 2.5lbs all week to crack my 1 stone loss in 8 weeks, but gosh-darnit, the more you want something....


16st 6lbs


15st 7lbs


Total Loss to date:
Lets not beat myself up over it though hey? I'm doing really super well and excersised just once this past week due to a mass of work to get through which has popped up out of nowhere! That's the whole point of this blog though isn't it... to prove that despite how busy you are, you can still try to be at your best health - even via very small means (like no pudding on a Monday: booo!)
Last week I was away with work on Thursday and Friday, which consisted of a hotel stay and bar foods... but I still lost over one and a half pound, well - go me!
This week I'm buzzing guys, I feel happy with everything and everyone and life is just dandy. Even only seeing Hubby once since Sunday and then I will see him on Friday - it's OK. 
Work is becoming more exciting as I'm finally being unleashed allowed to go on the road. I've been working in document management for, oof, 6 years almost now - but office based. Now I'm getting a flavour for meeting people and getting my business swag on! All the more reason to be losing this weight, I mean who wants to sit down with an out of breath sweat ball? I don't.... and I AM one!
Hey ho... back to work I go and I will be reviewing some lovely Batiste products this weekend for you all to read.
Wish me luck with this week... one more pound and I've lost a stone already and without you guys.. I don't think I'd have stuck to it (I'm a total div with no will power whatsoever!) Hmm... perhaps you can help me find a way to quit smoking too. OMG, one step at a time!
Roll on 2013 and I SHALL be a picture of health :-) Take care lovelies xxxx
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