(Wo)Man up!!

Can we stop. Can we please just stop being so fucking offended at non-issues please? I am getting sick to the back teeth of seeing news articles, people complaining on businesses facebook pages, and bloggers jumping on their soapboxes

Bore off! I can see you're trying to be controversial and get a bit of a reaction on your post and that's great for your reach - brilliantly proactive, well done, but are you REALLY that incensed over a label on the latest pair of pjs you bought? And enough to tag the company in your little shout out too?

Get a grip! If it offends you - move on. 

So what that a pair of pyjamas has a label that says boys on it but your daughter wants to wear it? Big deal! She ain't gunna be wearing the label is she? Let her wear it, who cares? It really doesn't need your attention-grabbing, typed diarrohea plastered all over the internet.

I've literally just read on LadBible about some teacher getting her knickers boxies  non-binary underwear in a twist over Tesco selling 'sexist school shoes'. All because the boys were described as being 'great for being active' whereas the girls got 'sensitive soles'. This snowflake take on big brands encouraging stereotypes, implying that only boys can be sporty and girls are too delicate, is absolutely destroying our societies ability to think for itself. Where is common sense? Who cares what the description is? If we used this anaolgy in REAL LIFE, then that's like saying Dame Kelly Holmes would both look and feel ridiculous in heels.  Perhaps she should be briefed on the possibility of PTSD... because that's how serious these moaners are trying to make these issues, are they not?

Similarly, Morrisons were selling tees. The boy's one said Little Boys, Big Ideas. The girl's one said Little Girls, Big Smiles. Why on EARTH is this offensive and/or sexist? No one is saying that girls are expected to stand there looking pretty whilst boys should have the brains. Seriously, why are you reading in to this so much? There's a jumper I saw available a few weeks back emblazoned with the words 'hangover hoody'... is this championing irresponsible drinking? No. It's a caption for a hoody. If you didn't like it, wasn't your thing, or you just thought it was childish, would you buy it for yourself? No. And that's absolutely fine! Because, hello, we all have different opinions and the world would be boring if we didn't. But to just out and out berate a company, publicly, because it happens to be on kid's clothing is just incredibly pathetic.

I've been sitting on this for a while thinking that if I blog about it, it's pretty ironic that I'm offended by their being offended and, moreover, I'm plastering my crap on the internet as they have done, but I've had just about enough of these uppity twunts banging on about sexism or inequality in clothes or toys or sweets. Sexism, my arse. It's just another reason for you to whinge and 'make a stand'. Nothing but a load of moaning Minnies (oh, sorry, Michaels too)...

I'll sleep so much better tonight now I've finally got that off my chest.. And breathe!! 

What are your thoughts on this recent influx of 'news worthy stories' about sexist implications of clothing, including labels or descriptions?

Bidvine - Your One Stop Quote Shop!

A few years ago I was in a right mess when it came to payday loans. Not even ashamed to admit it - it can happen to anyone. They do say you're only ever 3 paydays away from homelessness and boy can I believe that!  With a lot of determine and grit, I got out of the cycle and never looked back - until I read recently about reclaiming the interests and fees over on Debt Camel where the loans are deemed to be unaffordable. Thanks to the thread of stories on Sara's site, I got the confidence to complain. The adjudicator at Financial Ombudsman has upheld my complaint and I could be looking at a fair few bob coming my way soon... I'll be sure to keep you updated on this story as it unfolds further!

So, given that the money has started burning a hole in my pocket before it's even there (ha!) I've been looking into having my hall, stairs and landing painted by a pro. Nothing fancy, just whitewashing above the dado rail and going over a light blue with a more teal green, below the rail. You see, I had a stab at it my self about 2 years ago and it looks absolutely horrible in that I couldn't cut in at the height of the walls as the ladders were long enough. I'd taped a brush to the end of a long roller handle but nope... dreadful it does look! 

Having originally taken to facebook to look for a painter and decorator who might want to quote me on this, I found it difficult to be available whenever they wanted to pop in and take a look. I work full time, yet no one seems to want to come round in the evening or of a weekend.  Luckily, Bidvine had been mentioned to me a while back by Tracey from One Frazzled Mum.

I searched Interior Painting alongside my postcode and a pop up box advised they'd ask me a few questions first. Wow! I proceeded to answer every question you could think of, from whether I'd be supplying the paint myself, to the height and quality of the walls. There was even an option to add photos. At first I thought 'oh come on!' but I was being stupid... it was literally the answer to my problem of obtaining quotes as there is no need for any one to physically come and see me. I'd simply receive my quotes either online or via phone and then that final decision is down to me.

Have to say, I was impressed. Very impressed. So it's subsequently been bookmarked for future reference. When you delve a little deeper, it really can be used to source quotes on pretty much anything - from having your flat cleaned to salsa dance lessons. Bidvine seems to be the one stop quote shop we all need!

What plans do you have this year? Will you need to use something like Bidvine? I bet that you will! 

Non-Verbal Autism... His First Word!

As many of you know, we have waited years for Finley to utter any kind of word. The word Mummy or even mama was something I would actually dream about him saying. I'm not alone in this either, my husband and other family members have also talked of dreams that they'd had of him talking. It goes to show how much these things play on your mind, even when you're not consciously aware of it because, let's face it, we all have to crack on in life. There's no time to sit and dwell! Wondering what his voice would sound like. 

Finley's level of understanding is limited and there is little to no comprehension in instruction either. So if he wanted anything, he would hit me or cry. At 3 years and 3 months old, I still don't know what my baby wants - everything is a guessing game. A cruel game that usually ended in me crying or cut and bruised. You see, I'm his go-to punch bag for his frustrations. After-all, I'm his Mum, why aren't I helping him get what he wants or needs? The look in his eyes when he gets like that is pure pent up anger and annoyance. I know he feels confusion too because he often reaches up for a snuggle mid-thrash. Every single time, it is nothing more than luring me into a sense of false safety because as soon as I would react to his physical request - pow! He'd start again.

Meaningful joint attention is something we have worked on for coming up to 2 years now, with a huge success in him confidently using a picture card whenever he wanted a drink. According to SALT (Speech and Language Therapy), without a shared, or joint, attention - Finley will not comprehend what conversation is so why would he have the desire to learn? An example of non-verbal joint attention might be waving to a 10 month old and getting a wave back - because they know it means something. It's this 'give and take' which is yet to register in his amazingly special little mind - he's far too busy enjoying his own world. Damn autism. 

Any time we give Finley something he wants, we always say 'Ta' in the hope that he realises it means something. Well guess what, last week Finley said 'ta' before he took his snack from us. He actually said a word. His very first word!!! I am beaming with pride. He may not have used it independently but he did repeat it which is HUGE! He never repeats anything! Well, about a year ago he did the scream at the end of 'if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream' but over a period of around 3 weeks he regressed and it never came out again. That was as close we ever got to him repeating anything. 

Here is Finley's first word, caught on video less than 24 hours after the first time he said it. It's so clear too isn't it?!!! 

Since the first occurrence one week ago, he has said it a handful of times and only when he wants to. I must remember not wear it too thin and push every time I'm about to give him something. It's really hard not to though, I have to admit. I just love his growly little voice.

Never give up, guys. Even when it feels like you're getting nowhere. With every tiny baby step, you are getting to where you want to be. Hopefully 'Mum' will soon follow!! Think I'll explode if, when, he manages that one!

When did your little one's first word come?

Hair and Hair Loss: Making The Most Of What We Have

I recently wrote a post called My Top 5 Beauty Finds For At Home Pampering, if you haven't already read it - head over before reading on.  My absolute favourite from that list still has to be the Babyliss Big-Hair. You see, my hair is what hairdressers call annoying! It's fine hair and there's loads of it, which makes it really difficult to hold a style. Aside from styling it though, it sheds a LOT. I'm forever being moaned at by the husband (like it's my fault?!) because nobody can't move without picking my stray locks off of their clothes. Oops!

Seriously though, I do wonder where it all comes from because trying to get a thick looking barnet is almost an impossibility. Just washing my hair is a momentary cause for concern but once I've dried it and realise there's still most of it left, I often think of those who genuinely do suffer hair loss. I mean, if I panic when what seems like fists full shed, what on earth goes through their mind? Do I really have a right to whine about how I can hardly ever wear my hair down or that doing something other than a top know makes me look VERY thin on top?

Trying to do something different to the usual top-knot!

From Wayne Rooney with his bold move in having a hair transplant at a relatively young age to Gail Porter with her well-suited embracing of alopecia instead, every little bit of publicity it gets is bound to help at least one person out there.  A quick search online brings you to the likes of the Online Doctor LloydsPharmacy, where you can find prescription-only privately available medication to stop or slow hair loss. Another thing I didn't realise was even a thing is hair thickening spray, something that was recently alleged that Rooney has been using to further help his hair troubles. Oh, and what about that beauty who wowed us all when she took off her wig on Channel 4's First Dates a few weeks back?!

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Losing hair is a huge thing that affects both male and female sufferers. Until it starts to go, I guess we all take it for granted. So I'm going to continue using my Big Hair and be thankful that I still have something to work with instead of moaning... I can't say my husband will stop his whinging though next time he finds my strands in his cornflakes or whatever other exaggerations he comes out with haha!

Is hair loss anything that concerns you at the moment?

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