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A few years ago I was in a right mess when it came to payday loans. Not even ashamed to admit it - it can happen to anyone. They do say you're only ever 3 paydays away from homelessness and boy can I believe that!  With a lot of determine and grit, I got out of the cycle and never looked back - until I read recently about reclaiming the interests and fees over on Debt Camel where the loans are deemed to be unaffordable. Thanks to the thread of stories on Sara's site, I got the confidence to complain. The adjudicator at Financial Ombudsman has upheld my complaint and I could be looking at a fair few bob coming my way soon... I'll be sure to keep you updated on this story as it unfolds further!

So, given that the money has started burning a hole in my pocket before it's even there (ha!) I've been looking into having my hall, stairs and landing painted by a pro. Nothing fancy, just whitewashing above the dado rail and going over a light blue with a more teal green, below the rail. You see, I had a stab at it my self about 2 years ago and it looks absolutely horrible in that I couldn't cut in at the height of the walls as the ladders were long enough. I'd taped a brush to the end of a long roller handle but nope... dreadful it does look! 

Having originally taken to facebook to look for a painter and decorator who might want to quote me on this, I found it difficult to be available whenever they wanted to pop in and take a look. I work full time, yet no one seems to want to come round in the evening or of a weekend.  Luckily, Bidvine had been mentioned to me a while back by Tracey from One Frazzled Mum.

I searched Interior Painting alongside my postcode and a pop up box advised they'd ask me a few questions first. Wow! I proceeded to answer every question you could think of, from whether I'd be supplying the paint myself, to the height and quality of the walls. There was even an option to add photos. At first I thought 'oh come on!' but I was being stupid... it was literally the answer to my problem of obtaining quotes as there is no need for any one to physically come and see me. I'd simply receive my quotes either online or via phone and then that final decision is down to me.

Have to say, I was impressed. Very impressed. So it's subsequently been bookmarked for future reference. When you delve a little deeper, it really can be used to source quotes on pretty much anything - from having your flat cleaned to salsa dance lessons. Bidvine seems to be the one stop quote shop we all need!

What plans do you have this year? Will you need to use something like Bidvine? I bet that you will! 


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