(Wo)Man up!!

Can we stop. Can we please just stop being so fucking offended at non-issues please? I am getting sick to the back teeth of seeing news articles, people complaining on businesses facebook pages, and bloggers jumping on their soapboxes

Bore off! I can see you're trying to be controversial and get a bit of a reaction on your post and that's great for your reach - brilliantly proactive, well done, but are you REALLY that incensed over a label on the latest pair of pjs you bought? And enough to tag the company in your little shout out too?

Get a grip! If it offends you - move on. 

So what that a pair of pyjamas has a label that says boys on it but your daughter wants to wear it? Big deal! She ain't gunna be wearing the label is she? Let her wear it, who cares? It really doesn't need your attention-grabbing, typed diarrohea plastered all over the internet.

I've literally just read on LadBible about some teacher getting her knickers boxies  non-binary underwear in a twist over Tesco selling 'sexist school shoes'. All because the boys were described as being 'great for being active' whereas the girls got 'sensitive soles'. This snowflake take on big brands encouraging stereotypes, implying that only boys can be sporty and girls are too delicate, is absolutely destroying our societies ability to think for itself. Where is common sense? Who cares what the description is? If we used this anaolgy in REAL LIFE, then that's like saying Dame Kelly Holmes would both look and feel ridiculous in heels.  Perhaps she should be briefed on the possibility of PTSD... because that's how serious these moaners are trying to make these issues, are they not?

Similarly, Morrisons were selling tees. The boy's one said Little Boys, Big Ideas. The girl's one said Little Girls, Big Smiles. Why on EARTH is this offensive and/or sexist? No one is saying that girls are expected to stand there looking pretty whilst boys should have the brains. Seriously, why are you reading in to this so much? There's a jumper I saw available a few weeks back emblazoned with the words 'hangover hoody'... is this championing irresponsible drinking? No. It's a caption for a hoody. If you didn't like it, wasn't your thing, or you just thought it was childish, would you buy it for yourself? No. And that's absolutely fine! Because, hello, we all have different opinions and the world would be boring if we didn't. But to just out and out berate a company, publicly, because it happens to be on kid's clothing is just incredibly pathetic.

I've been sitting on this for a while thinking that if I blog about it, it's pretty ironic that I'm offended by their being offended and, moreover, I'm plastering my crap on the internet as they have done, but I've had just about enough of these uppity twunts banging on about sexism or inequality in clothes or toys or sweets. Sexism, my arse. It's just another reason for you to whinge and 'make a stand'. Nothing but a load of moaning Minnies (oh, sorry, Michaels too)...

I'll sleep so much better tonight now I've finally got that off my chest.. And breathe!! 

What are your thoughts on this recent influx of 'news worthy stories' about sexist implications of clothing, including labels or descriptions?


  1. I have to say I kind of agree with you. Of you don't like it don t but it and move on

  2. Also agreeing with you. People are getting a little ridiculous about silly little things. I've happily bought boys tshirts and caps for my youngest daughter. She didn't like the girl ones. Her sister loves pretty girly stuff, but do you know what, both are bloody pros at those stereotypical 'boy' subjects at school. Clothes do not make the man or woman.

    1. We do really all need to calm the fuck down and stop getting so incensed over every little thing!

      Ps. I'm so non controversial. I'm too much of a fence sitter and an he so easily swayed I'd never stand by my guns lol.

  3. Totaly disagree with you here. Words shape people, and if all a girl is told she has going for her is 'smiles' whereas boys have 'ideas' it has a negative effect. Maybe I'm just one of these people who get incensed over nothing, if that's what you want to call me. But I want to stamp out sexism and the association of pink with girls and blue with boys; or how girls are taught to be pretty and 'smile' but boys are taught to be smart and have 'ideas'. I am sick to death of people blaming how they grew up and their childhood on their sexism. Clothing matters, slogans on clothing matter, because they teach people what is acceptable. I have no problem with buying a boy's t-shirt for a girl or vice versa. But it's not that easy to do when most gender-specific clothing have sexist, outdated slogans on them.

  4. Yes! Yes to all of this, I agree with you! It seems like people like to jump on the bandwagon to be offended by things....
    My girl loves "boys" pj's and I buy her them. She isn't offended by them and neither am I. She gets them and I don't make a big deal out of it. So what!
    My fella said that all kids clothes should be made unisex then there would be no drama but there would be! People would still find something to complain about. lol x

  5. There is always a soap box to jump on and I'm quite frankly sick of it. It's so boring now

  6. Totally agree with you. I wrote a post today on this very subject! It's getting ridiculous! Today I saw people campaigning to change the name of Mothercare in case it offended dad's.. ..

  7. Couldn't agree with you more. In fact you'll know I've just written a similar piece on this - pretty much outlining the same thing.

    You're right with everything here. NONE of the labels or slogans matter, just let them wear what the hell they want. We're at risk of ending up with a generation of really messed up people!

  8. Let people be who they want to be, wear what they want to wear and live and how they want to live. It doesn't matter if it's pink/blue/yellow or fluorescent green.

    1. Yes I've noticed the moaning. Personally myself I just get what I need. Size, colour and price is what matters to me. I haven't got time to read descriptions or slogans, maybe the moaners have plenty of spare time.
      Manufacturer's should also stop with all their rubbish descriptions.
      About products and names I just had this conversation with a parent.
      I was asked why my business name was called VIPMums and not VIPDads! I replied with it's just the name dad's are welcome to join, everyone is welcome, we needed a name no good having VIPMUMSANDVIPDADS its just too long a name. But the dad still asked will there be a VIPDADS as it's not fair to be honest.
      So you see its happening everywhere. X


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