Finley's First Swim! #BabyBabble

Beach To Beach Blouson Set
Waste of space tankini!!
Hi Guys - Thanks for joining us for another #BabyBabble link-up this week!

When at Blackpool last week for our holiday, we stayed at Heron's Reach, Village Urban Resort. It had both an indoor pool and outdoor pool so we defo knew to take our swimming gear with us.

I've not been swimming in years myself and was so worried about the baby belly that I went and bought myself a blouson tankini from Simply Be... ladies, DO NOT BOTHER!
Whilst I felt full of confidence prior to getting in the pool, the top gets full with water and makes you look like you're being blown up! Getting out the pool and having to lift the hem of the top up and out to 'empty' your liquid haul is mighty embarrassing. If you just want it to sit around in it and not actually swim in, then fine - go for it, but fashion counts for buggar all when you want it to be functional in my opinion. Worst £35 spent ever :-(

I didn't let this stop me from having fun with my boys though - ooohh no!
Can you tell he's nervous?!
First and foremost, let me tell you that Carson began the week terrified of water (even baths end in tears most of the time, and showers are an absolute no-no!). Kitted out in his cheapo armbands and a pair of Speedo goggles, he ended the week by jumping in all by himself (as long as I was there to catch him, of course) and even dunking his head almost all the way in the water!

Finley had never been swimming at all. He's not touched water other than in his Shnuggle bath and the odd top 'n' tail cotton wool wash down. But let me tell you, oh my gosh, he LOVED it!!

Having never taken Carson swimming as a baby, I didn't realise babies had a natural reflex like movement in the water? It's awesome to see!

I held him gently in my palms by his chest and he calmly and immediately started butterflying his arms and legs. Not the slightest bit bothered by the splashes to the face he got from others' excitable kids. We bought him a Bambino Mio Swim Nappy and he looked simply edible wearing the teeny weeny briefs when I'm normally so used to a bulky nappy being in the way.

We went swimming every day, twice on some occasions, and no day was less exciting than the previous. He didn't cry (bar once as it was close to feeding time and we had been in the pool for a good 45 minutes already) and babbled/squealed and gurgled his way through each and every session.

We've made a pact to continue swimming at home, I'm hoping it will help Carson gain more confidence before he does swimming with the school and I'm hoping Finley will just continue to be so excited by it!

I'm debating on whether or not to buy Fin a suit (with floats inserted) but he was so relaxed without them I don't know if it would make it harder in the long run? Any advice?


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Weigh in: week 9!

We had a fab time in Blackpool (bar getting home... that's for another post!) and whilst I've not had this much exercise and movement in probably a whole year... I also ate shamefully :-(

That's not through being greedy though... it was, quite simply, a lack of healthy foods available, at a reasonable cost. Whoever said it wasn't cheaper to eat junk was lying to us all... or had just never been to Blackpool! £2 for a cone of chips, or £5 for a salad... I know what I preferred & I loved it at the time.

That was until 4 days in when I suddenly felt like a bloated house of crap. I'm just starting to "feel normal" again and all that's left is that wave of 'eating shit shame'. I'm not doing it again, it made my body feel horrendous and God knows what the scale says.

Here goes...

Week 9 Weight Loss Results 
Start weight: 17st 5.8lb
Current weight: 16st 6.4lbs
Weekly Loss: +2.2lbs << my first gain :-(
Total Loss: 13.4lbs

I'm not going to lie, I feel awful seeing that almost all of the previous week's loss is now back on again... but I just have to tell myself that it was a holiday, I couldn't cook my own own food, I hadn't got control over what was available to me within budget (or walking distance), I also enjoyed myself.

I've no idea how I'm going to fare this coming week as I don't have a 'plan' to follow, like I had the LighterlifeFAST and the Diet Chef. I'm alone. Ahhh. This sounds scary!!

I'm thinking, perhaps, slimming world? I've done it in the past... it could work again. It's just the whole ExtraEasy thing that confuses me. I used to do the red or green days?
If you have blogged any recipes that I may like, please feel free to leave a link below to your blog/post. I will collate a few of my attempts of them in a post in a couple of weeks and credit back to you too, if you want!

How have you done this week, anyway? Hope you've done better than me...

Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream *REVIEW*

We all know Bepanthen as a big name in preventing sore bums, but they now have a different offering... preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.
how to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy, review, carsonsmummy

I was sent a tube to review and I have to say, I first wondered if I'd smell like a nappy cream... trust me though, you don't

Whilst I can't review this product for the prevention of stretch marks (It's a road map already on my tummy!), I can certainly vouch for it's moisturising qualities - which is one thing you're to do in order to prevent stretch marks: keep skin as supple as possible in order to cope with the rapid stretching of the skin.

During pregnancy our collagen and fibre production can sometimes struggle to keep up with our most rapid skin stretching so whilst keeping skin supple is a good start, you need to be looking beyond moisturisers and focus on something exactly like Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream, which contains Centella Asiatica. This is a tropical plant which is known to stimulate collagen and fibre production resulting in strengthening of the skin, thus being effective at preventing stretch marks.

how to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy, review, carsonsmummyI'd choose Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream for the prevention of pregnancy stretch marks over something like a preventative oil, anyday. The amount of outfit changes I'd have to make by getting dressed too soon after oil application was a nightmare (think smears across thin summer tops - yeah, gorgeous). I also felt I had to use a lot else it would just drag your hand across the skin instead of sinking in. I ended up giving up, hence being covered in marks now - 6 years after Carson was born!

With the Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream, a little goes a long way and it is easily absorbed into the skin.

The fragrance is subtle and more like a soft, warm baby powder (I hope this makes sense?!) It's absolutely lovely and the consistency is very light with a silky feel... and NO greasy residue left behind! The pump action lmeans easy application with both hands without having to clean the bottle of sticky greasy fingerprints after each use too.

Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream retails at £24.99 and you can buy it from Boots

I'll admit that I thought £24.99 was a little steep at first but then I realised, I'd paid that previously for an oil that was fiddly, had no fragrance and left me greasy (with stretch marks anyway!). So OF COURSE I would pay this for Bepanthen. It's worlds apart, in my opinion!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this PR Sample for the purpose of review. I was not paid to write this post and as always, all opinions are my own - honest and open.

#BabyBabble this week...

I'm on holiday right now (not as I type... I've got this scheduled, being the super duper organised bat I am!), so rather than missing #BabyBabble out this week - I've linked up an old post. A very old post - 2 years old actually, from way back when Carson was just 3 years old. Squeeee!! He look so tiny!

You know the drill you guys, comment on the host's post (at number 1 on the linky below), grab the badge or link back to this and then link up any posts you want as long as they are NOT reviews, and relate to pregnancy, baby or toddler themes.

You'll all still get a shout-out on twitter and I guarantee to comment on each and every one of you that link up (and have kindly followed the linky rules in doing so).... GO GO GO!!


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Weigh in: Week 8!

So I'm weighing in a day early this week as I'm off on my jollies today (whoop whoop!)

Despite Carson's 6th Birthday celebrations yesterday and this damn fine cake I made (if I do say so myself and it was a first attempt at anything like this EVER!!)...

TMNT Cake, Michaelangelo cake, character cake for 6 year old

...I've been feeling pretty confident. It's the week after "the monthly" so I'm hoping my weightloss from last week will show today, after a pretty sad 0.6lbs loss last week. It's also the end of my Diet Chef 4 week trial too... I'm kinda dreading weigh in next week, what with being on holiday and having no structure to my meals that Diet Chef so kindly gave me!

Here we go... drum roll....


I've actually done it, I've passed the 1 stone mark in 8 weeks - Get In There JoJo!!

Week 8 Weight Loss Results 
Start weight: 17st 5.8lb
Current weight: 16st 4.2lbs
Weekly Loss: -2.6lbs
Total Loss: 15.6lbs

To see how much of that I lost on Diet Chef in 4 of those 8 weeks... check out my Final Review post HERE.

I have no idea how I'm going to fare next week with the holiday and all, but I know I'll be doing more exercise than normal with plenty of swimming and day trips (involving loadsa walking!) around Blackpool Zoo, Pleasure Beach & Nickolodeon Land etc... so fingers crossed it's not a DREADFUL week next week!

How have you got on this week guys? 

Week 4 of Diet Chef - Final Results

I've been reviewing Diet Chef for the past 4 weeks and I've covered pretty much everything from the contents, the meals and my favourites, to my opinion as to whether it is worth the money. You should check those posts out below to get more of an idea of this trial:

What you get delivered for 4 weeks of the Diet Chef Plan >> I picture the entire 4 weeks worth of meals that were delivered to my house... you'll be gob-smacked at the amount! 
My first week >> This gives you an idea of how to get the best out of the plan for your body. I also give an overview of several breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. 
My second week >> This post tells you my favourite meals so far, a more in-depth review of each meal. 
Is it worth the money? >> I breakdown what you get for the cost of the plan, and whether it is viable for me, or you.

My overall thoughts, if you've not yet guessed, is that I am thrilled

I'm absolutely gutted that my 4 weeks are over and would just love to be able to do this long term, continuing to report back to you how well it is working for me. But I can't, not until I return to work in January 2015 that is, booo.

After 4 week my weightloss was normally around 2lb a week (bar the ladies' week of the month!*), and in total I lost over half a stone - exactly what the plan promises to achieve. The loss trended like this...

WEEK 1: 2.2lbs 
WEEK 2: 2.4lbs 
WEEK 3: 0.6lbs*
WEEK 4: 2.6lbs
Giving the total weightloss looking like this...

Diet Chef: 4 Week Plan
Start weight: 16st 12lbs
End weight: 16st 4.2lbs
Total Loss: -7.8lbs 

You can follow Diet Chef on Twitter, like them on Facebook and visit their website www.dietchef.co.uk for further information. Don't forget - if you want to go ahead with an order, use code: MYAGDHF@ in order to save £10 from your order (woohoo!)

So, go on.... what do you think of my entire experience?!


42 Days Of Summer: A #Sweeet Challenge from BN Biscuits & Britmums

Slap bang in the middle of the Summer Holidays and we're making the most of having time together as a family, finding fun things to do - whatever the weather. I'm normally at work throughout the holidays so being on maternity leave right now makes for special memory making.

BN Biscuits and Britmums have challenged mummies from across the country to join the 42 days of summer linky challenge. They want to know what we'll be up to, whether it be spending splurges or fun for free - they even sent us some cheeky little BN biscuits to have a munch on for the task. Much lighter on your tummy than other jammy based biscuits, the raspberry flavour was my fave - whilst the chocolate... well, I didn't get a look in. Firm fave with the hubby and Carson, that's for sure! Nom Nom, I thank you, please BN Biscuits!

Anyhooo... here's what we have been doing and what we plan to continue doing this summer...

Have a picnic... or twelve. 
They don't cost the earth, encourage being active and there are plenty of opportunities to sit together as a family!

Sing Songs, Dress up, Pretend you can drive! 
Yes... use your imagination, have fun and there'll be many a laugh I promise.

Appreciate local surroundings. 
Living on a peninsula, there is no excuse to not enjoy what's on our doorstep - the same can be said for wherever you live too.

Invent things. 
Ok so we don't all have the knack, granted... but where kiddies are involved, they'll ALWAYS think of something!

Get baking.
Whether it's a big cake or just making tea together, it encourages team work and giving praise will build littlun's confidence (regardless of whether they're any good or not!)

Learn an instrument.
You don't have to pay for lessons with YouTube around. Self teaching makes Carson so incredibly proud when strings 3 notes together - melts my heart!

Remember to smile, laugh and be silly. 
It doesn't matter how much or how little time you're able to spend as family together, it's the quality that counts.

What would you add to this list?

This post is an entry for 42 Days of Summer Linky Challenge sponsored by McVitie’s BN. Learn more at http://bit.ly/1mRpMCL

Nougat London Naturals Review

I was sent some goodies from Nougat London, their Naturals range, to review a couple of weeks ago. I've taken my time in blogging about these because I was somewhat stuck as to whether I like them at first.

Let me explain..

Nourishing Hand Cream Calming & Relaxing  (RRP: £14.)
Hand creams are not something I rave about and it's purely because I don't use them regularly enough to feel the benefit. Weird - as I am always complaining about my rough and wrinkly hands! I think it's the historical experiences of a greasy aftermath that puts me off.
The scent of this hand cream is also based largely on Rose Geranium - I'm more a warm or fruity scented gal rather than floral.

THOUGHTS: Having used this regularly for over a week now - I am actually VERY impressed. I couldn't stop sniffing my hands.  It doesn't smell cold and floral, rather warm and therapeutic.
Not one bit of a greasy or clammy aftermath *phew* but a soft supple skin. The test is using your touchscreen mobile 5 mins after application.  It doesn't slide out of your hand, nor does it leave a greasy residue on the screen HURRAH!!
As you can see from the pics below, a little goes a LONG way. So, for me, the price tag is so worth it. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this cream.

Refining Body Scrub Uplift & Revive (RRP: £18)
I do love a good body scrub so I actually had no worries about trying this. The scent is sensational! Even BEFORE removing the silver cover from the nozzle. It's based around grapefruit and Lemon Myrtle and is, quite simply, delightful.
However, when I opened it...It's runny. Like, pouring out the tube down the plughole as soon as you open it, never mind squeeze the tube, runny. It truly bothers me when half your product winds up down the drain but I wanted to get past that to review the product as an actual scrub.

THOUGHTS: After using this often over the past week, I have to say it doesn't matter that it's runny. As long as you remember when you open the lid, who cares?
It makes for a very thick lather that feels super silky on your skin, whilst working those dry areas gently yet effectively.
The scent hung around on my skin for hours afterwards so I would recommend using this scrub alongside the matching body cream too for extra moisture and lasting scent. Well, that's what I would do anyway!

Nougat London Naturals range, based on my experiences above, are exactly what you need for that little bit of luxurious pampering and I am so glad I never judged before I actually tried them. These two products well and truly smashed my prior expectations.


Moving from a Moses Basket to a Cot

For the past week Finley has slept in his cot, is his own room. I know they're supposed to sleep in your room for the first 6 months but his cot won't fit in our room, so we keep his and our door open at night and we can see his cot from our door. This is as close to sleeping IN our room as you can get!

Ohhhh. It's like the end of an era, setting the moses basket aside - never to be used again. It just doesn't last long enough does it?

I'm going to have to get used to calling it Finley's Room now instead of what has been the Spare Room for 5 years!

He sleeps through the night soundly now, getting around 10 hours before waking for his morning cuggles and a bottle. I think his niggles prior to the transition to his cot were that he felt confined in his moses basket. 

I'd popped him down and had a real shock when I stepped back to see he filled the entire thing! It was this night that I decided no, he had to make that move. He couldn't even raise his arms!

I mean seriously, LOOK at how big he suddenly became, almost overnight...

Gosh, bless him. 

He loves the cot, or rather... he loves the room! He does that excitable star fish thing whilst squealing and tries to flap his hands about at the cot mobile, "ahgooo"ing to himself. Perhaps a tad overstimulating for a baby maybe.

What have your little ones been up to this week? Any transitions or big steps for you guys?


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Carson turns 6 next weekend!

My biggest little dude turns 6 on Sunday.

He wakes up each and every morning with a giant smile, hugging me to within an inch of my life "12 DAYS 'TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!"

Ahh.. I remember when I used to get excited for birthday's. That said, my next one is 30 and it ain't too far away (less than 6 months - shhh!!), I'm still sitting on the fence as to whether this is one to be excited for or not yet.. but that's for another post LOL :-)

Carson really wanted a bike this year for his birthday, but no matter how much I tried to win one - I couldn't. It's such a sh*tter that maternity leave is so crap and I couldn't buy him one either. Actually though, I think I've done good this year to be fair.

Everything is usually Spongebob this, Spongebob that, with him, but he seems to have found a new interest - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (or, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles as I remember them - and keep getting shouted at for calling them!)

So, a quick search for "TMNT" and a nice £50 Amazon voucher win from +Fixflo (hurrah!) meant I've managed to treat him to some really fab stuff. Not quite up there with a bike, but close I reckon!

I don't want to spill what I've got yet because he's incredibly nosey... he just told me he's going to Google "Carsonsmummy blog Carson" just to see what I'm writing about his birthday. There's no place to hide (hence the star in my earlier profanity!). I can give you all a good low-down on the birthday haul next week once he's opened everything. You may find some bits you want to buy for Christmas because there really were some good bargains to be had!

I'm also going to be attempting to make a Donatello cake. This is not something I've ever done before so I'm nervous to say the least... but I'm going to try my absolute best for him. Carson's been really great since Finley came along and he deserves a nice little treat

I'll leave you with a picture of Carson "modelling". He's 6 going on 16, I'm telling you....

The next time I mention Carson's birthday on this here blog... you'll see my baking results LOL!!

... Wish me luck guys :-)

Week 3 #TeamDietChef: Is it worth the money?

Three weeks in to my Diet Chef trial and I've already blogged about and reviewed the portion sizes, the flavours, tastes, ways to cook and serving suggestions. I thought this week, as I'm heading in to the final stage, would be a post based around the cost of Diet Chef and whether I feel it's do-able and worth it.

First off - it's important to realise that a 4 week plan is more expensive MONTHLY than an 8 week plan or the 12 week plan. Of course it is! Like any subscription services, you save money with the more you commit to. Check each plan out here.

So, let's take the 4 week plan for 'worst case scenario'. Designed to assist the customer lose up to 1 stone throughout the time period, this plan costs £245 per month, or the equivalent of £61.25 per week.

I hear the gasps don't worry! I must admit this sounds a very hefty grocery figure for just one person - especially to anyone on a lower income or with a big family etc. However, let me put this into perspective...

Before maternity leave, I would treat myself to a Costa Coffee twice a week en-route to work and I was purchasing my lunches 3 times a week, rather than making them up at home. There are some people who do this everyday, but we'll take my situation for the purpose of this post. 
Now, two coffee's alone cost £6 and my lunches average around the £5 mark depending on what was to be had and where they were from (meal deal from the train station shop, Subway salad meal deal or a panini from Costa, if I was feeling flush!). Other lunches were a salad or sandwich made from home, inclusive usually of crisps and fruit to boot. 
Breakfasts tended to be a tub of Oats So Simple porridge (£1 each from a supermarket) or something similar, and I'd take them to work to have at my desk before starting my day. 

Let's work that out...
breakfasts and lunches on a Mon-Fri basis alone was costing me; £5 in porridges + £6 in coffee's + £15 in meal deals + homemade lunches circa £5 for 2 = £31 already!!!

This isn't even including snacks or evening meals, nor is it taking into account Saturday and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

It's easy to say you don't spend that much, but when you add it all up - you can quite easily shock yourself. Even if it's a takeaway for 2 on a Saturday night @ £20 for 2. That's a tenner (individually) straight away.

Diet Chef offers customers the full use of their forums for help, support and advice - at no extra cost. Look at WeightWatchers however and they charge £11.95 for a 1 month subscription. Add that to your breakfasts, lunches and takeaway and you've already almost hit the cost of Diet Chef for a week - without your weekly grocery shop even bought in yet! 

Is Diet Chef Worth It?

The beauty of Diet Chef, as far as cost goes, is that you get the COMPLETE monthly shop for your dollar, bar milk for your cereal/drinks and accompaniments for your main meal (such as cupboard staples like rice, or veg). 
It's not something I can afford on maternity leave, I'll be straight with you. We simply have to cut back on all expenditure, including groceries, just to make it through month to month, whether this be no cereal for a month - only toast, or praying for the sunshine as an excuse to munch cucumber butties for lunch every day! 

This said though, I've spoken to hubby and it's agreed that when I return back to work, it is definitely worth it - and something I absolutely believe is do-able. 

I've a long way to go with my weightloss. I've worked out that if I lose 2lbs every single week I'll hit 14st by Christmas. Well, I go back to work in January so what better time to kick start a health plan? 
On a side note, I'm going to be extremely busy when I go back to work. They are long days - leaving at 7am in the morning, returning at 7pm at night - and that was BEFORE Finley was here. *I shudder at the thought of days when I go back to work!* Diet Chef should ease me back into work relatively well. There'll be no cooking from scratch to do (I won't have the time), no forward meal planning - just come in, sort the kids, shower and grab what I fancy for tea - cooked in 3 minutes flat. Ahh bliss! 
For the record, I would personally opt for the 8 week plan. You save a whopping £50 a month compared to the 4 week plan, as it's only £195 each month - the equivalent to £48.75 a week. 

My opinion after 3 weeks - It's working. It's tasty. It's worth it.
If you want to sign up, remember to quote the following code to save a further £10 off your bill:

If anyone has any questions that I've not answered in the last couple of weeks postings - please do feel free to hit me with your questions below. If there's enough, I may even do a Q&A piece for you all based on my experience, if you feel it would be helpful?

DISCLAIMER: I am currently participating in a 4 week trial of the Diet Chef plan FOC. 
I was not paid to write this post, all opinions are entirely my own - open and honest as per usual.

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Weigh in: Week 7!

My lovely Nan and Grandad celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this week (yes, SIXTY YEARS!). Incredible achievement .. calling for an incredible family get together. Family we don't often see all gathered at my grandparents house. Generation after generation after generation of families. It was lovely. I really did enjoy it.

... However, (because I'm destined to be an idiot) this meant I slipped :-(

I wavered from my determined path and had pizza slices and quiche from the buffet along with a couple of beers to wash it down with - followed by a gin, to chill out, when I got home! That said, it was just one bad day - and I did decline the cakes! - It just happened to be the the week that my monthly is due (ladies, you know what I mean).

Weight loss this week then *sharp intake of breath*....

You'll note new nail varnish this week too - at last haha!

I was so not feeling confident when it came to stepping on those scales but I'm actually REALLY chuffed to have still lost this week (albeit less than what was trending for me). Just over half a pound this week; 0.6lbs to be exact!

Stats for my Diet Chef 4 week plan and my weightloss with it so far, after 3 weeks...

Diet Chef Week 3 Results:
Start weight: 16st 12lbs
Last week weight: 16st 7.4lbs
Current weight: 16st 6.8lbs
Weekly Loss: 0.6lbs.
Total Loss: -5.2lbs << Still a fantastic loss in just 3 weeks.

If you look back at my 1 month LighterLife Fast trial, week 4 was exactly the same as this (also the 'monthly time') - a huge dip in the usual weekly weight loss... Ahhh, I find some solace! 

So, in total so far, 7 weeks in to my weight loss journey....

Week 7 Weight Loss Results 
Start weight: 17st 5.8lb
Current weight: 16st 6.8lbs
Weekly Loss: -0.6lbs

Total Loss: 13lbs

I WILL hit that stone next week...

Preventing Flat Head Syndrome with Theraline *Review & Win*

As I documented in this post HERE, my little baby Finley has FHS, Flat Head Syndrome - also known as Plagiocephaly. One side of his head (the left side) is flat. Boooo.

I told you all I'd look for something to help improve his head shape and that can also be used to prevent FHS from birth so I started researching on the 'net.

I didn't realise that Theraline, with whom I've worked before HERE, offer something called 'The Baby Pillow' - and I think it's, potentially, the perfect item for prams, playmats, boucers, moses baskets, cribs etc, you know, the places where newborns spend most of their time.

I always thought pillows where a no-no as far as babies go. But this one is different.

First and foremost comes the safety element. Due to the clever criss-cross layering of materials, it has an extrememly high air circulation, even when weighed down. In the event that baby should roll over onto this pillow face down, there's no immediate danger compared to the associated risks of rolling over on to a standard pillow. Of course, supervision is still very much recommended - as with any baby products anyway, but this is a great peace of mind for any parent.
Image courtesy of Theraline

It has a preformed dip in the centre of the pillow, which encourages the round of his head to stay in place from birth - when movement is minimal during sleep. It reduces the pressure on your littlun's skull, which is still soft, thus preventing the flat head from occurring. 
When using this pillow from the age of around 2 months where baby can become restless, it still allows for free movement with no discomfort. In order to assist with the regression of Flat Head, you should try to reposition baby as often as is possible.

It does slip - especially now Finley rolls on his side a lot, or kicks so much he's managed to travel a foot in distance on his own! 
Whilst you can prevent any slipping by positioning the pillow under, say, the fitted sheet of his crib, it increases the risk due to the pillow's breathability being compromised. Personally, I would rather use this pillow freely and reposition Finley as and when possible.

I've found this pillow to be no problem for Finley. He doesn't appear uncomfortable, he doesn't cry or look frustrated at all and he doesn't get sweaty either, thanks to that breathable fabric. Actually, he's rather calm when on the pillow and looks very content indeed!

The best thing about the pillow - for me - is being able to travel with it. As I don't drive, Finley spends an awful lot of time on his back in his pram. I just pop this under his head before we set off and, as the pram is parent facing, it's super easy to see when to adjust where necessary.
We head off to Blackpool for our week away soon, each and every day is planned out and Finley will be in the pram for even more time than is usual during our day trips, and on his back at the hotel - especially given that we won't have a bouncer or anything to pop him into. I will be using this pillow religiously throughout the week to get optimum pressure distribution.

I've already written some tips on how to prevent FHS here, but it's not as easy as it reads, especially when baby hates tummy time!

Theraline Baby Pillow's retail at £19.90 at Boots HERE - why not make the most of it and use your advantage card whilst you're at it!

This is a must for any new baby, where prevention is easier than cure. I'm gutted I didn't know about, or think about needing, this pillow prior to Finley's birth. 
I urge any expectant or new mum to invest in one of these pillows - purely to prevent flat head, rather than have to treat it later on down the line.

I'll follow up on this post in a couple of months time and report back how Finley's grown with it and whether we've seen an improvement at all. 
In the meantime, Theraline have very kindly offered another pillow to one of my readers. Just enter via the rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
As leaving a comment is madatory - please don't enter as 'anonymous' without leaving your name in the comment, else your entry will not be verifiable. 
Giveaway closes 2nd September at 11:59pm. 
Please allow up to 28 days for delivery and the sponsor (Theraline) is responsible for dispatch, not me, therefore by entering you agree to your details being passed on to Theraline for prize fulfilment.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this PR sample free of charge for the purposes of review. 
All opinions are my own, honest and open. I was not paid to write this post.

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