Weigh in: Week 7!

My lovely Nan and Grandad celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this week (yes, SIXTY YEARS!). Incredible achievement .. calling for an incredible family get together. Family we don't often see all gathered at my grandparents house. Generation after generation after generation of families. It was lovely. I really did enjoy it.

... However, (because I'm destined to be an idiot) this meant I slipped :-(

I wavered from my determined path and had pizza slices and quiche from the buffet along with a couple of beers to wash it down with - followed by a gin, to chill out, when I got home! That said, it was just one bad day - and I did decline the cakes! - It just happened to be the the week that my monthly is due (ladies, you know what I mean).

Weight loss this week then *sharp intake of breath*....

You'll note new nail varnish this week too - at last haha!

I was so not feeling confident when it came to stepping on those scales but I'm actually REALLY chuffed to have still lost this week (albeit less than what was trending for me). Just over half a pound this week; 0.6lbs to be exact!

Stats for my Diet Chef 4 week plan and my weightloss with it so far, after 3 weeks...

Diet Chef Week 3 Results:
Start weight: 16st 12lbs
Last week weight: 16st 7.4lbs
Current weight: 16st 6.8lbs
Weekly Loss: 0.6lbs.
Total Loss: -5.2lbs << Still a fantastic loss in just 3 weeks.

If you look back at my 1 month LighterLife Fast trial, week 4 was exactly the same as this (also the 'monthly time') - a huge dip in the usual weekly weight loss... Ahhh, I find some solace! 

So, in total so far, 7 weeks in to my weight loss journey....

Week 7 Weight Loss Results 
Start weight: 17st 5.8lb
Current weight: 16st 6.8lbs
Weekly Loss: -0.6lbs

Total Loss: 13lbs

I WILL hit that stone next week...


  1. You are doing amazing Jo really proud of you and I know you will smash that 14lb mark next week and then some! xx

  2. Thanks tracey :) I am determined!!!

  3. Wow awesome! What's wrong with a slip up here and there? Plus you still lost something, hurray! You still have to live a little :)

  4. Great work! Today is my first day of Diet Chef and am hoping for similar results. It's my birthday this month so I have already set aside two slip-up days. :)

  5. welldone thats great! keep up the good work xx


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