Finley's First Swim! #BabyBabble

Beach To Beach Blouson Set
Waste of space tankini!!
Hi Guys - Thanks for joining us for another #BabyBabble link-up this week!

When at Blackpool last week for our holiday, we stayed at Heron's Reach, Village Urban Resort. It had both an indoor pool and outdoor pool so we defo knew to take our swimming gear with us.

I've not been swimming in years myself and was so worried about the baby belly that I went and bought myself a blouson tankini from Simply Be... ladies, DO NOT BOTHER!
Whilst I felt full of confidence prior to getting in the pool, the top gets full with water and makes you look like you're being blown up! Getting out the pool and having to lift the hem of the top up and out to 'empty' your liquid haul is mighty embarrassing. If you just want it to sit around in it and not actually swim in, then fine - go for it, but fashion counts for buggar all when you want it to be functional in my opinion. Worst £35 spent ever :-(

I didn't let this stop me from having fun with my boys though - ooohh no!
Can you tell he's nervous?!
First and foremost, let me tell you that Carson began the week terrified of water (even baths end in tears most of the time, and showers are an absolute no-no!). Kitted out in his cheapo armbands and a pair of Speedo goggles, he ended the week by jumping in all by himself (as long as I was there to catch him, of course) and even dunking his head almost all the way in the water!

Finley had never been swimming at all. He's not touched water other than in his Shnuggle bath and the odd top 'n' tail cotton wool wash down. But let me tell you, oh my gosh, he LOVED it!!

Having never taken Carson swimming as a baby, I didn't realise babies had a natural reflex like movement in the water? It's awesome to see!

I held him gently in my palms by his chest and he calmly and immediately started butterflying his arms and legs. Not the slightest bit bothered by the splashes to the face he got from others' excitable kids. We bought him a Bambino Mio Swim Nappy and he looked simply edible wearing the teeny weeny briefs when I'm normally so used to a bulky nappy being in the way.

We went swimming every day, twice on some occasions, and no day was less exciting than the previous. He didn't cry (bar once as it was close to feeding time and we had been in the pool for a good 45 minutes already) and babbled/squealed and gurgled his way through each and every session.

We've made a pact to continue swimming at home, I'm hoping it will help Carson gain more confidence before he does swimming with the school and I'm hoping Finley will just continue to be so excited by it!

I'm debating on whether or not to buy Fin a suit (with floats inserted) but he was so relaxed without them I don't know if it would make it harder in the long run? Any advice?


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  1. Shame about the swimsuit, it's lovely. It's great that both kids enjoyed it, I bet you felt a bit teary seeing Carson get his confidence x

  2. I hate tankinis too they're a pain! How great they they both love swimming now bet you all had a great time in the pool well done Carson, I know how it feels Olivia was the exact same at is age and it took me a really long time to get her over it.

  3. Aw, Finley in his little trunks - so cute! And well done Carson for being such a brave boy. :) Shame about your swimming costume though :( thanks for hosting #babybabble xx

  4. Great to see the kids take to, and enjoy, the water whilst you were on holiday! I'm hoping to take our little one swimming sometime soon and I'm looking forward to seeing the swimming reflex you mention :) #babybabble

  5. Aw so glad he enjoyed it, such a lovely thing to do as a family!!
    Maybe give the float suit a try, as he starts to get a little more used to the water it may give your arms a little rest too ;)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  6. Ah that's fab! So great to see Carson enjoyed it so much and that Finley loved it too! Every time we go Swimming Monkey is nervous at first then he absolutely loves it! We keep saying we will go more regularly but then somehow it never happens! xx #babybabble

  7. We've just started taking Baby Bear in the past couple of weeks and she loves it too - it's amazing when they just start swimming on their own isn't it?! SO cute :)

  8. Oh brilliant! I hope he continues to enjoy it! Toby now lives baths after hating them initially so we're hoping to go swimming soon. You liked the Mio water nappy then? I was close to buying one today!xx


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