42 Days Of Summer: A #Sweeet Challenge from BN Biscuits & Britmums

Slap bang in the middle of the Summer Holidays and we're making the most of having time together as a family, finding fun things to do - whatever the weather. I'm normally at work throughout the holidays so being on maternity leave right now makes for special memory making.

BN Biscuits and Britmums have challenged mummies from across the country to join the 42 days of summer linky challenge. They want to know what we'll be up to, whether it be spending splurges or fun for free - they even sent us some cheeky little BN biscuits to have a munch on for the task. Much lighter on your tummy than other jammy based biscuits, the raspberry flavour was my fave - whilst the chocolate... well, I didn't get a look in. Firm fave with the hubby and Carson, that's for sure! Nom Nom, I thank you, please BN Biscuits!

Anyhooo... here's what we have been doing and what we plan to continue doing this summer...

Have a picnic... or twelve. 
They don't cost the earth, encourage being active and there are plenty of opportunities to sit together as a family!

Sing Songs, Dress up, Pretend you can drive! 
Yes... use your imagination, have fun and there'll be many a laugh I promise.

Appreciate local surroundings. 
Living on a peninsula, there is no excuse to not enjoy what's on our doorstep - the same can be said for wherever you live too.

Invent things. 
Ok so we don't all have the knack, granted... but where kiddies are involved, they'll ALWAYS think of something!

Get baking.
Whether it's a big cake or just making tea together, it encourages team work and giving praise will build littlun's confidence (regardless of whether they're any good or not!)

Learn an instrument.
You don't have to pay for lessons with YouTube around. Self teaching makes Carson so incredibly proud when strings 3 notes together - melts my heart!

Remember to smile, laugh and be silly. 
It doesn't matter how much or how little time you're able to spend as family together, it's the quality that counts.

What would you add to this list?

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  1. Fantastic post! I can remember BN Biscuits when I was younger, they were tasty! Love your summer ideas, the Spongebob costume looks fantastic.

  2. I used to love BN biscuits the chocolate ones, love the Instagram photos of your little boy.


  3. Looks like a fantastic summer, so great ideas there.

  4. Love the pictures and some very great ideas for Summer fun.


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