Healthy Ways To Take Care Of Yourself After Pregnancy

Finally, you have come to the end of your pregnancy and welcomed the life growing inside you to the world. Welcome to motherhood!

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However, there is yet another journey you would have to indulge in: recovering. The changes your body undergoes during pregnancy can cause several health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, infections, weight gain, depression, and other health complications. Developing healthier habits during recovery is vital to lower your risks of dealing with these health conditions. Here are some healthy ways to take care of yourself after giving birth.

Get sufficient sleep

It may seem like an impossible task. After all, how many mums get enough sleep when they have a newborn? However, making time to rest is vital to ensuring your recovery. There are several tried and tested ways you can ensure you get good quality sleep after giving birth. For starters, you can enlist the help of your family to help you with the baby so that you can get enough rest. You and your partner can take turns attending to your baby at night. You should also try monitoring your baby’s sleep pattern and aligning yours with theirs. This way, you can sleep when the baby sleeps, ensuring you get enough sleep.

Visit your doctor regularly

As mentioned earlier, you are prone to numerous health risks postpartum. An effective way of avoiding or managing these issues is by visiting your doctor regularly. During these visits, be candid with your doctor about the changes you may have noticed in your health or if you had a preexisting condition during the pregnancy. For example, if you had scoliosis before you got pregnant, find a reputable specialist centre like the Scoliosis SOS clinic to ensure you are properly monitored and given the right treatments. Even if you do not notice major changes, seeing your doctor to learn more about properly caring for yourself during this time is still advisable.

Watch what you eat

You may think the long wait to eat whatever you want is finally over. Well, spoiler alert: it’s not! During your postpartum journey, being cautious of what you eat is vital. A balanced meal rich in leafy green, sources of Vitamin C, high fibre, and protein. As you may have little time to prepare your meals, ask for help from supportive family and friends. You can also consider preparing simple meals and meal prepping to save time and energy. Taking in lots of fluids like water and milk is also advisable.

Surround yourself with other mums

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Although you are excited to be a mum, baby blues and all the newness of postpartum life can make you feel lonely or unsure about the new you. This causes many mums to experience postpartum depression. An effective way of lifting your spirits is by joining a support group of other mums. Such a connection would help you see you’re not alone and offer tips and advice on navigating this journey. You can join these groups online or in person, depending on your preference.

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