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I've participated in lots of linky's and the majority truly are amazeballs. I love the variety of posts that are added, the interaction is fantastic and I find a lot of really interesting blogs that I end up following.

Some, however, just don't cut the mustard. So sorry to say it too because, in essence, linky's should be key in the blogging community. Honestly, I once spent over an hour and a half reading and commenting on every single persons linked-up post, only to receive just one view & comment back from it.

Okaaay, so I know that it's impossible for everyone to comment on every single post that's been added, but blogging is not only about taking, you simply HAVE to give too - else we'd get nowhere fast.

With Finley now here, I decided to create a linky of my own. Mainly because I don't want to bore everyone with baby mush all the time - a lot of my readers aren't parents yet and I don't want to turn 'em off by solely talking 'baby'. I know us parents find fluorescent yellow nappies simply fascinating but not everyone does, and I appreciate that!

So... With this new #BabyBabble linky, I can contain any gooey or TMI stories to just the one a week!

>Anything remotely baby related, that's not a review - simples! (age 0 - 4yrs )
>Expectant mums are free to join in too... I know most pregnant ladies live eat and breathe Baby Babble in the run up to B-Day!
>It doesn't have to be a new post specifically for this linky - the choice of post is yours.
>#BabyBabble will open every Thursday - so add it to your blogging diary!

> I will comment on each and every post submitted to the linky. It's no chore, trust me. I love discovering new blogs, I just hope there are posts for me to comment on!!
> If you tweet me (@carsonsmummy) your post that you've linked to #BabyBabble with I will RT
> If you tag me on G+ +Jo Smith when sharing your post linked to #BabyBabble, I will +1 your post
> If you add your #BabyBabble post to my Facebook page, I will share it

I can't say fairer than all that, can I?! BUT... In return I would like you to...

> As your host, I would expect you to visit and comment on my #BabyBabble post too.
> Giving and taking being a major drive for this linky, please comment on at least 4 other posts after mine. (That's a minimum of 5 please guys)
> Please link back to Coming from Carsonsmummy or grab and display the badge below, whichever you prefer.



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