*Review* Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit

As a BzzAgent, I'm regularly invited to participate in campaigns whereby they send a sample or coupons to me free of charge and I complete surveys/questionnaires with regards to the product I've tested.

An email pings and it's yet another invite - this time, it's for the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit.

As a total waxing virgin this product both intrigued and frightened me at the same time!!

Biting the bullet I accepted the campaign and thought "What the hey! Let's do it!" and commenced Mission No-Shaving until my parcel arrived.

The Veet EasyWax Kit aspires to provide a salon finish in the comfort of your own home. Complete with roller ball device and lid with base to stand it in, AC adapter (yesss! no batteries!), woven strips, Perfect Finish wipes and a Legs & Arms cartridge included. I was also sent a separate refill for under-arm and bikini waxing (eek!!)

The instructions couldn't be simpler (is that a word?). Insert Cartridge into device, plug in for 20 minutes, roll on, place strip over the top, hold skin taut and rip for dear might against the growth direction and MAKE SURE YOU RIP AS CLOSE TO THE SKIN AS POSSIBLE- not out and away from the skin! Oweeee!

"Why do you have one hairy leg and one not?" said my 4 year old son
Gee... thanks Son! 
Truth of the matter is, I have purposely waxed only one leg in order to test how smooth it stays for compared to shaving. (Nothing to do with the pain involved - honestly!) And obviously, the test proved that waxing stays smoother for longer compared to shaving!

Leg waxing, in all seriousness, was pretty painless, clean and gave good results. The pink wax glides on your skin, no dragging, and the wipe to finish off with gives a nice sheen to those freshly smoothed pins.

The other refill though - for armpit and bikini line waxing. NEVER AGAIN. The was was white, not pink and it really dragged and scraped along the skin, despite leaving the device for an extra ten minutes to heat. I decided to try my left armpit first as I'm right handed. Let me tell you... it hurt. And it wasn't even because it took hairs. It ripped SKIN. The wax was removed and visible on the strip, and upon looking at my pit in the mirror, you see a graze-like mark on the skin - with hairs in tact.

Sorry, but I'm not testing the bikini line. Absolutely no way!

I'm tempted to use the pink refill with the wider roll applicator in case it was a wax problem, but I'm going to have to wait until I've healed. Plus, it doesn't advise you do this so please don't take this as advice. 

My final thoughts - awesome leg results - I would definitely purchase another refill or twelve here! But steer clear of the armpit/bikini line refill. 

For all my lovely readers, you can get a whopping 50% off when you but this product from Amazon.co.uk for a limited time, so I would make the most of this whilst you can. Christmas will be upon us before we know it so why not get those prezzies in now? Simply use the following code EASYWAX4

Have you used this roll-on kit yourselves? What did you think? 

Bright nails for summer

As you're aware by now - I love my nail polish! I'm not the best at nail art but I do give it a whirl every now and then so here are a few pics of recent nails polishes that I donned, perfect for the summer months....

Barry M Cyan Blue, Barry M Greenberry, Rimmel Instyle Coral - The give a real colour POP!

Barry M Cyan blue, Nail Art tattoos and Rimmel Disco Ball top coat 

W7 Flourescent Pink and Barry M White Nail Art Pen.

My fave of these three are the blue & bows. What is yours? If you have any posts of nail art, please leave your links in the comments box - I'll be whizzing right over to have a gander!

Jo xxx

*REVIEW: My Cewe Photobook*

With so much online sharing and storage,  it's easy to forget to have a hard copy version of precious moments caught on camera. Heck, that's what happened with my wedding day! I only had 2 or 3 specific photo's printed from my disc and the rest are online instead. What happened to a good old fashioned photo album that you can flick through and reminisce? Or better still, a hardback photobook that you can place on your bookshelf (if you're still have books these days that is!) or to gift to friends and family?

I was offered the chance to create my very own from the lovely PR peeps behind CEWE PHOTOBOOK and I jumped at the chance!

Every which way you go about creating your book online at www.cewe-photobook.co.uk is your choice. Size, amount of pages, layout, paper type, hard/paper back... the list is endless. But, in my opinion, this is great - you get what you want, not a pre laid-out version which may compromise your initial idea. I chose a hardback large landscape (28x21cm) with 26 pages and it costs £27.99 plus delivery.

First though, you have to download the software to do so. It took approx 8 minutes to download on my pc, although I do use a dongle not wi-fi so you can forgive the delay. Once downloaded, it takes a while to get to grips with how to use it. This is not surprising given that you can do anything! But after an hour or so, it was becoming easier. I really took my time, planning the 'storyline' of the book too.

Once ordered, it takes a couple of days to be made and then once I received my email to say it was dispatched, I received it two days later. 

WOW! The quality is absolutely fantastic. I was absolutely blown away by how amazing the final product was. I have no doubt in my mind that a friend or a family member would be thrilled with such a gift for any occasion - I have already started to think about an idea for my sisters wedding upcoming this December - but what about anniversaries, birthdays, fathers day, mothers day... the purposes for creating and buying one of these books are endless. 

*** You can also generate a link to direct people to your photobook online which I've done so here so you can view what I created, go ahead - check out my wedding day if you fancy!! ***

Photoworld stores your ordered books in your account for 60 days allowing you to re-order easily should you require an extra copy or two, which is handy.

Their service is quick, once the software is downloaded - which is a one-time task, it saves to your pc for future usage, high quality and really reasonably priced. I have already mentioned above, I have no doubt I'll be using this service in the future.

Have you ever ordered any photobooks before? what were your experiences?

Jo xxxx

The quest for a smudgeless eye-liner begins ...

I've had enough of the "melting" look. It's as simple as that! I get ready for work at around 6am and by 10/11am, I already have the eye-liner bleeding into my 'laughter lines' and I look bloody awful. I've tried several variations of application - pencil, pencil with shadow to seal, liquid, liquid with shadow to seal, shadow alone - they just don't work in an 'all-day' scenario. Ha! I even remember as a 16-17yr old using a kohl pencil, melting the tip down with a lighter to make it hot and applying it with the idea that when it dries, it will set! **Do not attempt this yourselves - I was young and stupid!!!**

I am, however, also guilty of being frugal and buying very cheap eye-liners. And I'm talking from £1 to £5 maximum.

You get what you pay for... or do you?

I decided to start a mission. A mission to find an eye-liner that does what it claims without costing the earth. Lets be honest, what mother isn't on a budget these days? So I'm dedicated to the cause here!

I contacted a couple of companies for recommendations as to what products would fit the bill, and I was very surprised to find that I didn't receive many responses.

Strange, I thought.

Surely, if the liners they promote and advertise are so great, they should be in a position to suggest a particular type for me to blog about in an attempt to prevent my fellow female friends experiencing the same frustrating facade? I was coming to the conclusion that nothing can do what it says on the tin!

Can you guys please recommend a particular eye-liner, an application method or a handy hint/tip to stop this happening and I will compile a final list of what really works in the coming weeks?

In the meantime, one response I received was from Avon. You can read the review here.

Cheers darlings :-)

Jo xxxx

*REVIEW* Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner

Further to my previous post regarding my awful eye-liner experiences (you can read all about that here!!

One of the responses to my PR Request was from Avon. They recommended I try the SuperShock Gel Eyeliner, which promises staying power all day and comes in a variety of colours:

Aqua pop (blue), Flash (pinky/nude), Silver, Khaki Shimmer, Steel and Black.They also don't break the bank - something that is a MUST in my mission. Currently, they are half price - just £3!

Recommendation gratefully received I opted to try the black - given that my main problem is getting through a working day without looking that I've cried whilst rubbing chimney soot around my eyes!

Avon kindly sent me one to try for the purposes of review - thanks guys!

Firstly, I note that the nib of the pencil is quite thick and blunt. Oh dear I thought, application will be a tough job. Having said that, it really did glide on in one swoop - accurately too. No dragging of the lid and you don't have to apply bit by bit either.With it being gel, I would describe this eyeliner as more similar to liquid than pencil, but the pencil form make for a precise application.

I applied at 6.30am and took picture at work throughout the day, without touching it up nor contant dabbing of my outer eye to check for seepage. I was really very surprised.

The only niggle I had by 4.30pm was that it appeared to start fading - but that WAS after 10 hours of wear. And I must point out that my work colleague disagreed - but you know when you know on your own face.

This liner, my friends, actually didn't smudge (hurrah!!) It really stood the test of time and the heat of my very busy day at the office. 

So far so good... my mission is proving to be easier that I thought up to now. First one tried and I love it!! Plus, for £3 you are never going to bust your budget! Even at full price, £6, I would purchase this liner in the future. On payday, I'm going to be ordering the blue one for a blast of colour and the silver one. I intend to use the silver on the lower water-line in order to 'open' my eyes. I'll let you know how I get on with that one too!

You can get yours from Avon and here is the direct link. Happy shopping!

In the meantime, please do let me know your experiences and any other recommendations, I intend to continue blogging about any good and bad find over the coming weeks!!


Jo xxxx
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