Kleenex Hayfever Kit Review

So, apart from from being fat, greying, eye-bagged woman in my late 20's, I'm also a hayfever sufferer *list gets longer every year!*

I was lucky enough to win a hayfever kit from Kleenex on Twitter to rescue me this season and oh emm geee, it was like Christmas, check out the gift box!

Opening the box through my bleary puffy eyes I was half hoping a genie to ploom out and grant me three wishes, and althought it wasn't quite what Kleenex produce it was just as exciting and will last a lot longer!

From the picture I've taken here, you can see six an enormous amount of tissues, so soft and thick *perfect for us mummy's with runny nosed littluns too as they are uber caring on skin*.

2 Boots cooling masks which are awesome. I've only used one so far but it's like being smashed in the face with an ice cold bucket of soothing water. Really aids in reducing puffyness, calms redness and also quietly soothes that typical itching - would recommend these masks to anyone.

3 herbal/flavoured teas from Twinings which I have recently begun venturing, since starting my healthy lifestyle. Camomile is a soothing tea which allows you to breathe and relax much more. The Calm brew is also camomile but with a hint of Lavender. This made me feel so relaxed I almost fell asleep (true to it's name then, I guess!) The cleanse bag (Spearmint Milk Thistle and Nettle) I was really looking forward to as I thought it would aliven my senses from the bunged up irritated routine they had been in... it tasted like weeds what I can imagine weeds to taste like. Just not my cup of tea (buh dum pshh!).

There came a flexi-bottle to store fluids in on the go (not in picture as hubby was admiring it so much!) It comes with a cool keyring clamp so you can hang it from your bag or jeans etc.

The best part of this box *FOR ME* was the soothing nose and lip balm. Woah, soothing?! It was like silk. I'd begun to get those annoying little cuts around my nose from blowing and sniffing too much - oo-er - and this was just the remedy. Not tacky or gloopy like Vaseline, almost serum like. Highly recommended guys.

The best part *FOR CARSON* being a 'ribbon king'.....

Thanks for picking me to win Kleenex! Guys .... get protecting yourselves this hayfever season :-)

Mwah xxx

Weigh in Wednesday Week 3.

The wonders of eBay have outdone themselves this week... I won a cross trainer/air strider thingymajig, hardly used for just 99p! Hubby is collecting it today for me so my mini home gym is shaping up nicely! I've got the rower, reebok stepper from Gymworld should arrive soon and now a cross trainer too yay!!

I've had some lovely dinners this week, found my love of beetroot again - but it has to be plain, not pickled. It make a salad so much more exciting than the usual. Tried avacados again, which I'm really getting used to too but bought a bag of the Tesco Value ones, only for them all to be brown/bad inside so it's put me off for a while I think!

Someone told me the other day that the amount of fruit I'm eating is also not great thanks to the natural sugars and bananas will 'bung me up' apparently! So I've laid of the 'nanas for the past 3 days but kept up with my strawberrys apples and satsumas because they are just toooo nice. I've actually got to a point now I think where I crave the natural freshness of a fruit rather than a stodgy fudge brownie - thought that day would never truly come but it's safe to say it has. I've also been keeping tinned fruit (in juice not syrup) in the fridge so when Carson or hubby is having a pudding I'm not missing out  - because I'm jealous like that! Carson and I are going Strawberry picking this Sunday with my parents, it's become an annual tradition, I'm going to stock up good and proper!

The giveaway I mentioned last week is still going to happen ,I'm just awaiting arrival of the product to review first before I announce what it is. Lets just put it this way, I have high expectations from what I've read and with my mini-gym taking shape.. I expect to too, especially with this item!

Sooooo, here it it... the pics you've all been waiting for.... *drumrolllllll*

16st 6lbs

15st 13.2lbs

WAHOOOOOOO!!! Pretty much half a stone in 3 weeks.
Not bad going for a healthy lifestyle and no major diet to follow, hey guys??
Now, there's one thing I'm worried about this week, moving forward, I have a staff night out on Friday and I've got a sneaky feeling that red wine may have a cameo role. If anyone knows the deets on fat/calorie content on a few bottles a glass or 2 of red wine it would be really great to know. I used to be a pint drinker and I couldn't believe that it was the same fat content as a portion of McDonalds fries - each!! I used to sink a minimum of 7 on a night out. (Ewww the thought of it now makes my skin crawl)
I'm mid way through reviewing something I won on twitter but the photos wont upload for some reason (think they're too big?) so I'm guna get that sorted and done tonight whilst hubby is on, yet another, night shift.
It gets lonely this Full time working lark. His hours are stupid (averaging 80hrs a week when you include his sleep nights) so I'm running around like a loon working 40hrs myself doing the housework, being a mum, exercising... no time for socialising.
This Friday, I aim to gain a life, not the pounds :-)

Weigh in Wednesday Week 2

First off, this week has been soooo good. Haven't faultered (and I never had any red wine this week either!)
My thighs and obliques (errr...love handles) are really feeling the benefit of the rowing machine, and I have to say that I am feeling a lot more comfortable in my clothes already.


I never had my phone to take a picture of the scales this morning, but can report back - honestly - and say that if ever I was disheartened, it is this bloomin' week. I remember starting weightwatchers in 2009 with my best friend (@stephdezza) and her first week she lost 7lb *despite admittedly eating more than me* and I lost a measly 0.5lb. The lady there told me I wasn't eating enough and focusing on the ww meals too much. I thought doing it a sensible and healthy way this time, not following a set plan, would work better for me. Hmmmfff.......

16st 6lbs

16st 2.6lbs


I can't let this stop me though. I have to carry on. I recently almost died of excitement having won a Reebok stepper from @LilinhaAngel courtesy of Gym World so that will be getting added to my home-made gym along side the rower soon. Just need to find more equipment to add to it and I'll be rockin' my rolls in no time!!

I have a super exciting giveaway to come up soon, after having been in touch with a company who is going to send me something to review - and hopefully give me some results in terms of this journey I'm on - they have also offered 3 to my readers... yay guys!!

I will need to take some measurements before the trial starts so I can report on those too in future, hopefully inch-loss can be my saving grace for the weeks the scales hate me.

As far as last weeks mini giveaway goes, most of you said 3lbs - so sorry to you lovely people, but with a guess of 2lbs (closest to my actual loss)... *drum roll* ...


Congrats to you hun!! DM your address and I'll get your choccybag sent to you at the weekend :-)

I'll be posting again tomorrow night guys, so that's how, for now! (oooo which children's TV show had the presenters say that at the end...?)

Jo xxxx

Weigh-in Wednesday! Week 1.

This week hasn't been as hard - mentally - as other weight loss journeys - surprisingly, considering I'm publicly pressuring myself! I put that down to not giving it a name. (The 'no carbs' diet, The 'cabbage soup' diet, The 'starve myself until I'm goddamn thin' diet)

Allowing myself a biscuit if I promise to have just the one and then getting off the stop early on my bus journey home. Eating crisps but having a smaller, low fat version. Salads for lunch at work - no dressing but making sure I have protein such as eggs or chicken with the salad, with a healthy helping of fresh fruit for afters. 

This is life, not a diet!

I've been super good on the rowing machine and upped my fluid intake and I only had 1 bottle of wine on Friday night as my weekly treat.

I am gutted I said I would take pictures of my scales every weigh in because I'm devestated to report the following:

16st 6lbs

16st 4lbs

I felt like I'd just been punched!!!



Now, I can SWEAR that I have not cheated (may C4's Secret Eaters strike me down!). I'm sure you're all be familiar with the, ahem, changes women go through each month. I have hit that - so maybe this has a factor in the disappointing results so far. But I'll be fudged if it's going to stop me! Oh no!
I am secretly hoping that it will do a Euromillions and "roll-over" to next weeks loss. If I gain or maintain, then there's something wrong with me! I know muscle weighs more than fat but it's not like I've been doing a full on weight training thing, just cardiovascular mostly (I think. I actually don't even know what I'm talking about, clutches at straws here trying to make myself strong!!)

I will do a little competition, just to get some more support I think, recommend me to your friends. I don't just moan blog about weight. I will be hitting hard on the beauty and littlun side just as soon as I get paid to buy something haha!! Keep trying to win things to review but it looks like it's an all round unlucky bloomin' week for this chunk.

So, for fear of craving the choccy aisle in the shops, I will make the visit and do a choccy goody bag. That way, it still makes me feel good knowing I'm buying for someone else - you guys!  

*Simply leave a comment on here with your guess as to how much weight I'll Lose next week. Any hints or tips or recommendation will also be appreciated, ta muchly*.

Boring notes:
The people who have guessed correctly will go into a list and I'll use random.org to select the winner.
All comments from todays date up until 23.59 on Tuesday 19th June will count and please leave me an email address or twitter username so I can let you know! (or follow my blog instead)
I can only post to UK Mainland - sorry guys x

If this is a successful competition, I may do one every week and have my very own hastag oooo!!! *excitables!* #WeighInWednesday*

Anyway, I'm getting ready for a meeting at Little Ones primary school tonight so that's me...
over and out xxx

Portion control (featuring WW crisps)

Good afternoon guys, hope it's not still too wet out there for you! (What AM i talking about? It's Britain, it's the norm!)

*T(oo).M.(uch)I.(information) ALERT*

All this fruit and veg is making me wee like no-ones business, honest to goodness, I'm weeing like 6 times at work alone, never mind in the moring and evening!I trust that is a good sign and things are going well.
Nearly been on my healthy living plan for one week, It's weigh in on Wednesday morning. However, I do have a slight confession to make. On my first introductary post, I said I was 16 stone... I was actually 16st 6lbs. The reason I'm embarrassing myself and unleashing this dreaded secret is because I've decided I will take pictures of my scales on weigh in day every week. There is no time like the present to be honest with myself, never mind the entire world and hey ho, it's the route I've chosen to go down! I actually can't wait, I've been so upbeat this week. I do have one question though, how many calories does a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon have? I guzzled an entire bottle on Friday night - AFTER a good 20 minutes on the rowing machine though. (Am I making excuses for my greedy behaviour :-S)

I tried some WW Sour Cream and Chive Crinkle Cut Crisps the other day:

here are my thoughts....

At 78 calories a bag with just 0.4g sat fat, you can't really go wrong with a naughty snack like this. Thick, crunchy, flavoursome crisps; coated in a real creamy cheesey chivey taste. Everything about them screams "real crisps" and certainly not diet food. Having said that, there were roughly 8 crisps accounting for it's 16g portion...

Note healthy apples on my desk :-p
This only backs up my theory that a diet is all about healthy living and portion control. If this packet had been a standard 30g bag, it's on par with most 'non-diet' crisps around at a calorific 146 calories and 0.75g sat fat (including 1.31g sugar!!)

I'm not slating these crisps, on the contrary, there are real food that don't leave me wanting more after I'm done, because the flavour is there and the crunch of a naughty crisp or 2 is there! I love the fact that they are individually portioned at a healthy and acceptable size. Perfect for me, and easily able to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. 

I also appreciate that they are adult crisps, in that they depict the percentage rates of and ADULTS guidelined daily amount, unlike Walkers Quavers for example (standard size bag), who appear to only show their percentage in relation to a childs recommended allowance ....

These aren't mine by the way :-p
So, my tip of the day - which I have happily come the to conclusion with -

Have what you want, just be bloomin' sensible! *Put the grab-bag DOWN!*

Hair Dye-lema


So, I realised after my snapshot yesterday that my greys are far too prominent for a mere 27 year old and was set on home tinting my barnet this evening.... I've only gone and lost the one that I KNOW I bought from Boots the other day (Nice n Easy dark brown foam, reduced to just £2.63 - box wasn't damaged or anything, I guess they may be rebranding and wanted rid of old stock? LOVE a bargain me!)

So I have to put up with yet another day of mortifying embarrassment at work.

OMG, why was it not as obvious to me until I saw the picture? Do you think, perhaps, ignorance is bliss in this case - or would you be glad of the blatant beauty shame offending your eyes via a picture?


Diet went well today, think I'm having a strong week in terms of willpower. Had a gorgeous home-made salad that I took to work for lunch and plenty of fruit too. The bourbon cream I had with my coffee doesn't matter because I took the long route home and even got off the bus a stop early. I was quite chuffed it was only the one I had to be honest, considering the packet was left on my desk LOL

I've just realised I called it a 'diet', it's not, it is a healthy eating lifestyle. I point that out because the word diet means restriction and temptation to me. I've tried WW and SW before which are fab, but I find they take too much forward planning and if I had nothing specific in for tea one night and ate 'normally' it would mess up my whole week. Mentally more than physically. There are only 52 times you can say to yourself that you'll start on Monday before a whole year has passed and you still have a whopper staring you back in the mirror. I've never tried a home delivered plan before, I would LOVE that but it's a lot of money and I would be putting all my eggs into one basket I think!

My husbands work colleague gave us a rowing machine today, so that's taking pride of place in the spare room and I can't wait to crack on with that. Yes, I don't have time to go to a gym, but I can bring the gym to me! Would love a cross trainer, put my iPod on and just go for it whilst Carson is in bed and Hubby is on nights. I don't mind if things are second hand. One persons tat is another persons treasure and getting fit will be the only FAT thing in my treasure chest!

One little man who doesn't care if I'm fat or grey....

.... Thanks and goodnight! Jo xxx

Welcome to MY World!

Just a little about me to christen my blog! I've been meaning to do a blog for years but was always worried what people would think of me - sharing all there is to know about me and my life. But I've come at a stage now where;
  1. I'm finally feeling my age and, frankly, I don't care what others think anymore!
  2. I'm fat (16 stone and a size 18) and I need to "shame" myself into getting my ass a'movin!
  3. I feel I'm making more friends on Twitter than I am in real life, it's a nice feeling. Hope I can replicate it on here.
I've just returned back to work full time after 13 months on a 16 hr week. I decided to go part time last year as childcare costs were overtaking what I was earning. Now, my 3 year old little man is starting school in September (where does time go?!) and my very good friend has offered to look after him on the days he is not in nursery so I can finally start earning some worthwhile pennies.

I am in a catch 22 situation though. At part time hours, I had time to go to a gym but no wonga to pay for it. Now I will be earning cash to afford the gym, I have no time! I hope you can share my ladder climbing journey with me. Hints and tips are always welcome too.

I love to colour my hair (I have to, I have a grey halo!) and sway between deep reds and dark browns depending on my mood, I am a lover of make-up that enhance, not cover, natural features. Never ever in my life braved fake tan - too scared it will go streaky and orange! Painting nails is something I do to relax, that and getting a lurvly bubbly bath. I cannot and will not abide wrinkles!! I use moisturisers, cleansers, toners, wipes - no end of facial products! One thing that does get me down is my eyebags, but I like to experiment with concealer and/or foundation to fix that!

Here is a highly embarassing snapshot I took today, the start of my open and honest approach to how I look. I hope this will get less embarrasing as I blog more and more LOL!! No more deletions when I look a show...

Soap and Glory Arc de Triumph on the Brows, Max Factor Xperience Foundation and Bodyshop Cheek tint.

Thanks for now, and I will surely Blog more soon! Take care peeps... Love Jo xxxx

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