Weigh-in Wednesday! Week 1.

This week hasn't been as hard - mentally - as other weight loss journeys - surprisingly, considering I'm publicly pressuring myself! I put that down to not giving it a name. (The 'no carbs' diet, The 'cabbage soup' diet, The 'starve myself until I'm goddamn thin' diet)

Allowing myself a biscuit if I promise to have just the one and then getting off the stop early on my bus journey home. Eating crisps but having a smaller, low fat version. Salads for lunch at work - no dressing but making sure I have protein such as eggs or chicken with the salad, with a healthy helping of fresh fruit for afters. 

This is life, not a diet!

I've been super good on the rowing machine and upped my fluid intake and I only had 1 bottle of wine on Friday night as my weekly treat.

I am gutted I said I would take pictures of my scales every weigh in because I'm devestated to report the following:

16st 6lbs

16st 4lbs

I felt like I'd just been punched!!!



Now, I can SWEAR that I have not cheated (may C4's Secret Eaters strike me down!). I'm sure you're all be familiar with the, ahem, changes women go through each month. I have hit that - so maybe this has a factor in the disappointing results so far. But I'll be fudged if it's going to stop me! Oh no!
I am secretly hoping that it will do a Euromillions and "roll-over" to next weeks loss. If I gain or maintain, then there's something wrong with me! I know muscle weighs more than fat but it's not like I've been doing a full on weight training thing, just cardiovascular mostly (I think. I actually don't even know what I'm talking about, clutches at straws here trying to make myself strong!!)

I will do a little competition, just to get some more support I think, recommend me to your friends. I don't just moan blog about weight. I will be hitting hard on the beauty and littlun side just as soon as I get paid to buy something haha!! Keep trying to win things to review but it looks like it's an all round unlucky bloomin' week for this chunk.

So, for fear of craving the choccy aisle in the shops, I will make the visit and do a choccy goody bag. That way, it still makes me feel good knowing I'm buying for someone else - you guys!  

*Simply leave a comment on here with your guess as to how much weight I'll Lose next week. Any hints or tips or recommendation will also be appreciated, ta muchly*.

Boring notes:
The people who have guessed correctly will go into a list and I'll use random.org to select the winner.
All comments from todays date up until 23.59 on Tuesday 19th June will count and please leave me an email address or twitter username so I can let you know! (or follow my blog instead)
I can only post to UK Mainland - sorry guys x

If this is a successful competition, I may do one every week and have my very own hastag oooo!!! *excitables!* #WeighInWednesday*

Anyway, I'm getting ready for a meeting at Little Ones primary school tonight so that's me...
over and out xxx


  1. I say you'll lose another 2lbs =) I did WW...Just drink loads of water. It helped me out a lot! x

    @khal_khaleesi on Twitter =) x

    1. Thanks hun - and congrats on the choccy bag win for being closest to my actual loss! :-)

  2. Good luck sweetie! I know how hard it is to lose weight! My guess is that you are going to lose 3 pounds.
    Please remember that losing slowly is better than going on a strict diet - otherwise you might put it all back on!
    Good luck! :) x

    1. I agree about the slow loss! Thanks very much for your motivational comments :-)

  3. I'm going to say 3 pounds weight loss! Its a good loss but not too excessive either! My tip is if you watch TV in the evenings (or any time really), instead of sitting through the adverts or channel flicking through them when they come on get up and do something! If you've got stairs you could do step ups for a few minutes! Even do some housework! If you sweep the floor you'd be surprised but it burns calories too! If you did that every advert break (which is about 3 mins) every evening that is actually a lot of activity! For all I know though, you maybe do this already! Good luck honey! XXX

  4. Firstof all 2lbs is fantastic, thats a really healthy ammount of weight to loose per week. I do think you will loose slightly more next week 3lbs is my guess:)

    Again drinking lots and lots of water will help flush out your system and also when you sometimes feel hungry, your not your actually thirsty yor bosy just sends you mixed messages so you end up eating something instead.

    Your doing fabulous and ill look forward to next weeks post :)


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