Weigh in Wednesday Week 3.

The wonders of eBay have outdone themselves this week... I won a cross trainer/air strider thingymajig, hardly used for just 99p! Hubby is collecting it today for me so my mini home gym is shaping up nicely! I've got the rower, reebok stepper from Gymworld should arrive soon and now a cross trainer too yay!!

I've had some lovely dinners this week, found my love of beetroot again - but it has to be plain, not pickled. It make a salad so much more exciting than the usual. Tried avacados again, which I'm really getting used to too but bought a bag of the Tesco Value ones, only for them all to be brown/bad inside so it's put me off for a while I think!

Someone told me the other day that the amount of fruit I'm eating is also not great thanks to the natural sugars and bananas will 'bung me up' apparently! So I've laid of the 'nanas for the past 3 days but kept up with my strawberrys apples and satsumas because they are just toooo nice. I've actually got to a point now I think where I crave the natural freshness of a fruit rather than a stodgy fudge brownie - thought that day would never truly come but it's safe to say it has. I've also been keeping tinned fruit (in juice not syrup) in the fridge so when Carson or hubby is having a pudding I'm not missing out  - because I'm jealous like that! Carson and I are going Strawberry picking this Sunday with my parents, it's become an annual tradition, I'm going to stock up good and proper!

The giveaway I mentioned last week is still going to happen ,I'm just awaiting arrival of the product to review first before I announce what it is. Lets just put it this way, I have high expectations from what I've read and with my mini-gym taking shape.. I expect to too, especially with this item!

Sooooo, here it it... the pics you've all been waiting for.... *drumrolllllll*

16st 6lbs

15st 13.2lbs

WAHOOOOOOO!!! Pretty much half a stone in 3 weeks.
Not bad going for a healthy lifestyle and no major diet to follow, hey guys??
Now, there's one thing I'm worried about this week, moving forward, I have a staff night out on Friday and I've got a sneaky feeling that red wine may have a cameo role. If anyone knows the deets on fat/calorie content on a few bottles a glass or 2 of red wine it would be really great to know. I used to be a pint drinker and I couldn't believe that it was the same fat content as a portion of McDonalds fries - each!! I used to sink a minimum of 7 on a night out. (Ewww the thought of it now makes my skin crawl)
I'm mid way through reviewing something I won on twitter but the photos wont upload for some reason (think they're too big?) so I'm guna get that sorted and done tonight whilst hubby is on, yet another, night shift.
It gets lonely this Full time working lark. His hours are stupid (averaging 80hrs a week when you include his sleep nights) so I'm running around like a loon working 40hrs myself doing the housework, being a mum, exercising... no time for socialising.
This Friday, I aim to gain a life, not the pounds :-)


  1. woohooo:) well done again hunni, your doing fab:) looking forward to the review.

    As always love reading your posts:)

  2. Yay!! Congratulations and keep up the good work! Well done! :) x

  3. Thanks everyone ... couldn't do it without your support on here and Twitter :-) xx


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