Conveniently Cordless Cleaning - Bosch Athlet Review

Ever since my pregnancy and birth, I have struggled with my back something rotten. Carson reels off his 'impression of mummy' several times a week "ohh my back!" and has even gotten to the point of offering me a back massage when I'm laid up on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Bless him!

When I was offered the opportunity to review a lightweight and cordless vacuum cleaner, both my back and the floors of my home rejoiced. I'm not even slightly exaggerating, let me tell you. My bulky old corded stand-up vacuum was impossible heavy to attempt to carry up the stairs, and even if I could it was too wide to balance on any given step on it's own and not to mention the cord not being long enough from both up and downstairs to reach the middle steps! 

Leading home appliance brand, Bosch, is celebrating a prestigious Which? Best Buy mark of approval for its first cordless vacuum cleaner, the Athlet. 

Soooo, Bosch Athlet... my could-be-hero?

Let me give you the run down. It is incredibly lightweight at just 3kg and takes up very little floor space thanks to it's small head. Having a small head doesn't make the job twice as hard or twice as long though, which I must admit crossed my mind when I saw just how slim it was, because it has side suction as well - increasing the surface area it covers.

It has 3 power settings, of which the lowest is incredibly quiet - perfect for a quick run round when baby is sleeping or if you don't want to disturb anyone watching the TV. I tend to use on the highest setting as the turbo brush really does lift any ground in dirt and fluffs up rugs and such beautifully. I can certainly see why a pet owner would benefit from this feature as it was exceptionally effective at lifting hair that may normally be lain deep in that carpet pile were it not for a stiff bristle brush prior to vacuuming. It will halve the time you'd normally take. Just remember to clean the turbo brush of dust and hair frequently so as not to hinder it's performance. 

As far as charging it up goes, simply plug it in and switch it on then the blue battery light at the front of the unit will flash to signify it's charging. It's recommended that a full battery will give up to 40 minutes worth of power.  Bear in mind that I use the highest setting, I get a good 15 minutes, which is perfect to do my entire 3 bed semi, including stairs. That's how easy the Bosch Athlet makes this job.

There are only 2 small 'things' that I wasn't sure about at first:
1) I do miss the nozzles that have come with every other upright vacuum cleaner I've had. You know, the ones that can extend to suck up a cobweb or two from those high ceilings? 
2) I'd been away for a week and on my return I spilled a bag of sugar that I was unpacking, reaching for my vacuum it lasted roughly 1 minute before powering down. 

Having used the Bosch Athlet for a good 2 months now in order to give a really honest review, I feel I can truly say that it's £239.99 price-tag is worth it. Get a duster for the cobwebs and have a few minutes patience to charge up the unit before use and those niggles are eradicated. 

Another feature of the Athlet is its intelligent technology (SensorBagless™ technology) – a sensor the user can rely on to inform them when the filter needs to be cleaned, ensuring maximum performance is maintained at all times. It's the first vacuum cleaner that hasn't had me in a coughing fit when it comes to emptying it too! It really is as easy as a click and pull, then the bag-less dome just needs tipping out. 

bosch athlet review

Being slim, lightweight and cordless meant I could actually vacuum my middle stairs for the first time in the 5 years of being in this house. Goodbye dustpan and brush!! Vacuuming is no longer an effort, nor does it cause pain. Thanks to it's flexibility, it can still vacuum when the handle is laid flat to the floor so I can even get right under the couch without even having to clamber on all fours with a nozzle or having to lift the couches first. 

For the first time in my 12 year history in experience of vacuum cleaners, I can actually agree that you get what you pay for... and boy, does it pay off.

Thank you Bosch Athlet!

I've just found that this is on offer on Amazon at the moment... only £194.99. Incredible value!

I received the above mentioned product FOC in order to thoroughly test and review for you guys.
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