Dare To Care: How Supporting The Elderly Has Changed

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If you’ve spoken to anyone about senior care in the past, you’ve probably heard the horror stories which come with this industry. In the past, companies weren’t very good at looking after their service users, often considering profit before anything else. But this has changed over the last few decades though, and care homes are far more friendly than they used to be. 

Both my mum and mum-in-law work as carers within residential homes and it's clear to me that they love their jobs, caring for the service users as they'd care for their own family.

So how exactly has the industry changed? To give you an insight, this post will be exploring some of the key work which has been done over the years to improve this field.


One of the biggest fears people have as they get older is that they will lose their independence. As your body gets weaker and suffers from more and more issues, it will be hard to keep control over each element of your life, eventually making it hard to do even the simplest tasks, like
going to the toilet. In the past, this was handled by treating the patient with little humility, getting the job done as quickly as possible. Nowadays, companies work hard to interfere as little as possible. This ensures that people can do things for themselves for as long as possible, improving their quality of life by a huge margin.

Quality Residences

When you see homes in TV shows and movies,  they always look glum and depressing. I mean, in real life, nowhere is always happy, especially as a lot of people will pass away in these facilities, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be unpleasant. Companies like Porthaven and many others have worked extremely hard to create a care setting which will make most people feel comfortable. Being able to provide someone with a nicer home than they one they used to own is a great way to handle care, especially as the population gets older. You can find reviews for these sorts of establishments all over the internet and it's always good to check them out. 

Professional Staff

It takes a long time for any field to mature and develop, often requiring a lot of assessment and monitoring along the way. The field of care has benefited from a lot of attention over the years, and this means that researchers have had the chance to figure out the best way to handle the tasks they have. Care professionals will be extremely well trained, limiting the chances of mistakes and accidents, while also improving experience each service user has. Even something as simple as moving someone across a room can be complicated when they can’t support their own weight. It takes proper training to be able to do this, making it crucial that the right people are doing it. 

It makes sense that some people worry about this sort of business. Care homes have had a lot of negative press over the years, but this can sometimes lead to ignoring the successes they’ve managed to achieve and somewhat tarnishes the good, hard work that's put in. I think it's an important topic to start talking about, highlighting it's evolution. That's what I'm talking about when I say 'dare to care'.

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Starting to use PECS

Fin has been at school now for coming up to 6 months already. His complex needs meant we weren't expecting too much in the name of progress, however being at a specialist school it wouldn't have been too surprising had he actually have managed to come on in some way - we just didn't want to have our hopes up to be honest.

Well we had parents' evening the other day and we were very pleased to see that Finley has moved from 0-6m or 6-12m in the EYFS charts to 8-20m in most areas. Wahoo!! It's all the teeny tiny things that happen which are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, yet they're the mortar to his brick building progress. 

Coming up to 5 years old now we remain non-verbal however school reported that he is very strong on his use of PECS (Picture Exchange Cards). In particularly with his choice of juice. He has a choice of blackcurrant or orange (in a green cup) and if he wants one or the other more you will know about it and he'll not give in with his whacking you on the head with his card of choice ha! 

This is just fantastic. He knows what he wants and can finally express it to adults... even if it is a little forceful at times. Well done Finley!! Currently we have food cards but that's purely down to what motivates him. He's not really very requesting of toys or anything like that, and he won't eat biscuits or chocolate;  but apples and raisins etc... he loves. We don't limit him when it comes to snacks and even though we know he won't opt for sweet things, the cards are always available should he change his mind.

Do any of my readers use PECS with their children? Any hints or tips? 

My one tip is to keep them low, almost at head height, and freely available. Fin normally goes to the kitchen if and when he wants something. He would usually drag one of us in and throw our arms in the rough direction of where his desired item lives. So we chose to pop them on the fridge with magnets and it seems to be working well at home. Not all the time though, but hey what else is new with autistic children. All on their terms isn't it! 

Fingers crossed he can start using makaton soon as well. We've been trying with 'again' and 'more' for approx 18 months and it now, very occasionally, is used. To nail makaton would be the icing on the cake for me but for now, PECS does us just fine. I'm just so pleased that he is now able to have a form of communication with people, regardless of it's limitations!! 

Rock on Fin.

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