* REVIEW* Mocha Hot Chocolate - Eden Project Shop

In weather like ours in recent months, there's nothing better than curling up on the couch with the fire on holding a nice big mug of Coffee or Hot Chocolate is there?

Luckily for me, I didn't have to decide upon which to go for thanks to the most recent item sent to me, in order to review, from the Eden Project Shop - the Mocha Hot Chocolate

Firstly, a bit of background on the product itself... it is 100% organic and 54% is pure cocoa solids. Smooth and rich flavoured chocolate mixed with strong Traidcraft smooth organic coffee, it promises to deliver the perfect hot chocolate drink. 

With a sale price of £6.50 for 300g, it is outrageously expensive compared to my Cadbury or Galaxy varieties usually purchased. However, this is no ordinary chocolate drink - let me tell you!

I opened and dived my nose right in the bag to catch a whiff and, well, I really didn't need to. I nearly choked haha! The fragrant rich chocolate and smooth and strong coffee aromas were divine. I could tell this was going to be a 'special occasion' kinda beverage immediately. 

You'll notice by the image that it's not a powdered drinking chocolate as per usual shop-bought varieties, but reminded me more of a smashed Flake sealed in a lockable bag. Some huge pieces of chocolate in there - it worried me how it was supposed to dissolve, as I have the worst luck ever when it comes to powdered drinks. Always gulping down a ball or two of powder disguised as froth! (You so know what I'm talking about here!)

As per the instructions, I added hot milk, stirred and waited for the chunks to melt and dissolve into my mug. 

As you will see, there are slight 'bits' that cover the inside of the mug and a few remnants remained at the base too but these aren't powdery, so are much easier on the palette. Its gives an element of 'reality' to the drink. It really is chocolate!!

It is so strong - in a really great way though, for me. I do use skimmed milk though so I would advise anyone purchasing this who would prefer a more smooth over rich taste - use semi or whole milk. The drink had a thicker consistency to any other I've had, but not so much so that it was like a hot milkshake - more 'indulgent' I would say. You can really, truly, distinguish the richness (almost bitter) chocolate and the strong but smooth coffee just rearing it's head. I let Carson have a small sip - he hated it. This really isn't for kids, far too full bodied and rich. It's an adult treat!

I must admit, even I struggled with the size of my mug - which was of a pretty standard size - down to the sharpness. Again, I should have used semi or whole (but I don't buy or like these is hot drinks). 

Given the above, I think £6.50 is perfectly reasonable for a quality organic product such as this because you won't polish it off before next pay day - of that I am sure!

Would I drink it again? YES 
Would I buy it again? ....AT CHRISTMAS.

It pains me to say that I wouldn't buy this regularly even though it really is so much better than any other hot choc I've had, it is just too deluxe to drink on a regular basis. However, as I said, it is worth the money so I would purchase for special occasions such as Christmas, or friends/family coming to stay.

All in all - best mocha chocolate of all time - especially if you love coffee and chocolate as much as me!

PS Remember that Eden Project Shop provides a gift wrapping service too - so for chocoholics, the caffeine crazed or just the person who has everything - this will be a perfect present (and better than socks any day!)

Blame Disney.... no?

You may have noticed that I've been quite evasive for some time - on both my blog and twitter. I've had a real hard 3 months.


Naaaaa, not really, I'm more envious to be honest. Life just doesn't work out the way you plan, but then if it did - how boring would that be?

I'm back with a vengeance. I'm going to start my Weigh in Wednesday's again once I've sorted myself out, and I'm back to reviewing stuff that intrigues, disappoints and excites me (or Carson of course!)

Hope you will all forgive me for the long period of absence, but my priorities are now in order and after Carson this is pretty high (be thankful you guys!)

I'm sure I'll be happy to talk about the things that have happened in my life with you soon. A few times I've actually written - practically a novel - and hovered over the publish button before highlighting and deleting the lot *WIMP*

I look forward to engaging with you all again.... take much care, mwah xx

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