The 6 Month struggle

I missed baby babble last week. Do you know why? Because I was sick to the back teeth (ironic!) of whinging about the teething stage. It has dominated our whole family's lives. It felt like there was nothing else to report on other than how bad it has been. It was getting to the point where I was literally sobbing at the edge of my bed at 5am after 4 solid hours of screaming from Finley. 

How can a baby get by with this little sleep. There were hardly any naps in the day and very little sleep in the night. I think his teething pain, mixed with over-tiredness was making this all the more difficult. 

Look at them eyebags and swollen cheeks!

Everyone I knew, after 2-3 solid weeks of these shenanigans, were all saying there must be something else bothering him. So on Monday night I took the decision to call the GP first thing in the morning on Tuesday. 

Then, to my complete amazement, Monday night he didn't cry or wail - just screeched and jabbered away to himself. Tuesday he actually had naps - good lengthy naps at that. He went to bed at 7.30pm and slept right through without a peep until 6.30am. I gave him his dummy hoping I could get dressed quickly before feeding time and, get this... he fell back asleep until 8am! By 10am he still hadn't even whimpered once and was all smiles and coo's. Baby's are truly extraordinary creatures!

Here's hoping it continues.

In other news I gave him a small dot of cheese the other day - he hated it!! Too salty perhaps? He was really very annoyed with me, just look at that death stare! I also gave him a stick of cucumber to gnaw on - he wasn't too sure about that but did keep bringing it to his mouth. I think the cold was helping his teeth.

I've figured out how to successfully place him in his high chair - shove a cushion down his back. If the harness was attached to the back of the seat rather than the bottom of it, or if the connecting buckle was attached to the seat rather than the edge of the it, it wouldn't be a problem. Serious design flaw if you ask me. Anyway,  I'm hoping he'll settle down this week so I can begin to introduce finger foods. That should hopefully encourage those teeth to cut through and give him some relief at the same time.

What kind of finger food would you recommend? He's 7 months old on 4th December and other than pureed foods, he's only ever has cucumber, that dot of cheese, a crumb of sponge cake and a smidgen of milky bar button. Solids terrify me, but that's a story for another week...


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Reindeer Rocket from Big Cup Little Cup

I'm a coffee fiend. Can I function without? HA!

As time has gone on, I find myself preferring a full-bodied, strong coffee so when I was sent some limited edition Reindeer Rocket from Cafepod & their Big Cup Little Cup range to review I was like a dog to a bone - it has a strength rating of 9. Yesss!

Given it's strength, there's no surprises that this is a Lungo coffee capsule, that is a big cup as opposed to an espresso, a little cup (Hence - Big Cup Little Cup!)

Retailing at £2.80 for 10 capsules in each box, they are Nespresso compatible.

What if you don't have a Nespresso machine though, or you foolishly lent it to someone for a family do with no time to get it back to review some items you may have been sent (oops)?
I could have cried - I just wanted to drink my Reindeer Rocket. I needed that Rocket!

Teasing myself, I opened the individually wrapped pod and the aroma hit me. A hint of spice to a deep rich chocolatey coffee. Gah! What could I do?

Then came the brainwave, what about making a one-cup cafetiere using the coffee blend inside the pod?

I peeled off the foil lid and emptied into my cafetiere adding just enough hot water for one mug. I let it brew for a couple of minutes, the aroma filling the entire downstairs of my house, before plunging and pouring into my snazzy coffee glasses, that I also received.

Use cafepods without nespresso machine, using cafepods

The result? A perfectly brewed, well rounded, full bodied coffee with an excellent flavour. Ok so I didn't get the usual frothy top as in a Nespresso but everything else was all there. I always get the ratio of coffee to water wrong when using cafetieres but by using my CafePods, I get it spot on every time. I usually drink my coffee white but black just socks it to ya' - perfect for first thing in the morning before work or a day with the kiddies.

Get ready for the Christmas season and treat yourself to some nespresso compatible Big Cup Little Cup coffees at and take advantage of this 15% off your first order code as well: CARSONS15 
There's a lot to choose from, whether you want Lungo or Espresso, and there's also Christmas gift boxes for that coffee loving friend of yours (Festive Fuel Gift Pack for me please!!)

Have you tried Big Cup Little Cup capsules yet? What's your perfect cuppa like?

Our Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Personalised Transparent Photo Frames (from £18)
Oakdene Designs
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

Your favourite pictures printed on to a pane of glass, framed in a beautiful white or black box frame. The sheer impact of this product will be enough to blow the recipient's socks off. I really was blown away with my frame - and I was expecting mine - if you gift this to a loved one without a single hint beforehand, there'll be tears shed. See my review here.
Personalised Calendar (from £8.49)
Stressfree Print
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

I can't get enough of personalised products this year, to add a spot of personal uniqueness to any product is by far the nicest touch in any gift given or received, in my opinion. So what about a gift that lasts all year round and not just for Christmas, a personalised calendar? See my review here.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe GOLD (£15)
Visit website // Facebook // Twitter

The most indulgent drink you'll come across this season, and now in a gold bottle to make it all the more special. Each bottle of Baileys Chocolat Luxe contains 30g of belgian chocolate alongside the traditional Baileys ingredients of  Irish whiskey and cream. Truly delightful! See my review here.
Tile Painting of a Carbon Copy of Your Child's Drawing (£26)
Live Love & Create
Visit website // Facebook // Twitter

What's more thoughtful than really bringing to life a child's drawing by having a carbon copy painted onto a tile? Live, Love & Create offer just that! At £26 a piece, you can wall mount it, add it as part of the furniture by integrating it within your tiled walls or use it as a coaster.
This gift is suitable for anyone at all, for any occasion and it is certainly easier to look after than a scrap bit of paper. See our full review here.
Calming & Relaxing Bath & Body Set (£25)
Nougat London
Vistit Website // Facebook // Twitter

I reviewed some of the Naturals Range earlier this year and I am still in love with the hand cream. Indulgent, fragrant, and silk-like, you only need to use a tiny bit so you'll get a lot for your money. See my review here.
Stone Bridge Hair Accessories (from £13.95)
Stone Bridge 
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

Beautifully packaged, superb quality and the most stylish (and comfortable!) way to up-do your barnet. From simple snag-free elastics, to breath-takingly stunning handmade barrettes complete with 105 Swarovski crystals (£149).There is something for everyone and your recipient will not be disappointed. See our first full review here // See our second full review here

Personalised Wooden Bauble with Christmas Card (from £5.50)
Funky Laser 
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

What says 'thoughtful' more than a personalised product? I adore personalisation for gifts and you can bag both Christmas card and gift for around a fiver with Funky Laser here. For something less Christmassy and more elegant, I really would recommend their jewellery for a striking and quirky gift. See our full review of Personalised Necklaces here.

'Great Beard' Man Mug (£11.50) 
Oakdene Designs
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

2014 was the year of the beard. Anyone who was anyone rocked some facial fuzz this year and I have no doubt the trend will continue into 2015. Why not pay respect to their efforts and opt for a Christmas gift that acknowledges their facial greatness. See my full review here.

Kidizoom Smart Watch (£39.99)
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

It's an all singing, all dancing techno-dude's dream. A camera, video recorder, watch, alarm clock and timer loaded with games to boot, this really is everything that most kids will be nagging for this Christmas. Prices seem to varying on this at the moment so it pay's to shop around. Amazon had them for £24.99 when my review went live but they have since gone back up again. Nevertheless, wicked gift for any girl or boy and really isn't bank-breaking. See our review here.
Personalised Bib for any occasion (from £5)
Funky Giraffe
Visit website // Facebook // Twitter

All babies need to protect their lovely little outfits from drool, sick and remnants of mashed sprouts and gravy, so why not gift them a personalised bib, just for them? A practical, stylish and thoughtful gift by anyone's standards, at pocket money prices. Funky Giraffe bibs wash beautifully too, so after Christmas it can be saved as a lovely keepsake. Carson is giving his baby brother this one for Christmas! See our review here
Baby's First Christmas Spoon (from £8)
Doormouse and the Teapot
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

Vintage teaspoons stamped with fun letters, personalised to read as you wish! I got Finley one as you can see, wow we were impressed. Use it as a bauble each year on the tree or a keepsake for when your little one grows up. Great value, great gift. See review here  (INCLUDES DISCOUNT CODE TOO!)

Roald Dahl Wall Stickers (from £12) 
Oakdene Designs
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

Be it Matilda or The BFG, everyone loves Roald Dahl. 

Oakdene Designs have launched an INCREDIBLE range of Roald Dahl wall stickers that range from £12 - £57 and will transform any nursery or play room in a pain-free instant and will leave no marks on your decor if you decide to remove it at a later date.  A nostalgic and magical collection, these Roald Dahl wall stickers are made from removable vinyl and packaged in a recyclable cardboard tube, making it a brilliant gift to be poking out of your little one's stocking this year.

Themed Colouring in Sets (£9.95)
Feather Grey

There's no child that doesn't love colouring in or scribbling about.Well, why not pick up an adorably presentable Colouring in Set in a theme that suits their personality best? A notebook, stickers and colouring cards, stored in a tin, makes a perfect stocking filler for creative children.

Personalised Champagne & Truffles (£40)
Visit website // facebook // twitter

If there are loved ones you may not be able to see this festive season, perhaps send them a surprise in the mail. No wrapping or posting required when you use Moonpig! Choose from a huge range of gifts including hampers, flowers and smellies and have them delivered direct to your recipients door. How lovely!
Retro Sweets Box (£3.95)
Mr Big Tops
Visit Website // Facebook // Twitter

I've had these before and was well impressed! A box absolutely rammed with retro sweeties, delivered right to my door for just £3.95. Incredible value for a gift and will light the eyes of that younger recipient this Christmas. It even opens like an advent calendar. Ohhh, festive! See our review here
Filled & Celophane Wrapped Stockings (£12)
Kings Gift Baskets

Whilst contents may vary from stocking to stocking, Kings Gift Baskets also offer a vast array of hampers and goody bags that are tailored to exactly what you're looking for. Maybe your Dad is footy mad or your Mum is Galaxy chocolate obsessed - whatever you need, these guys will find it and make it, then wrap it beautifully and ship it out. 


Travel Sterilisers (from £7.87)
visit website // facebook // twitter

The last thing you want at Christmas time is a poorly or buggy baby. The best way to keep risk to a minimum is to remember to sterilise. Travelling away doesn't mean you can't do this. Milton have the solo steriliser for bottles and toys (cold water or microwaveable), and the mini portable steriliser for dummies. They're incredibly cost effective and I use both of mine every single day. I highly recommend.
Myyfeed (£19.99)
Visit website // Facebook // Twitter

Christmas shopping with a baby is just plain awful, in my experience. Not only is it difficult to manoeuvre around the thousands of other flapping shoppers, you'll be hard pressed to find a cafe worker able to warm up baby's bottle (I actually blame the claim culture for why 99% of workers refuse to do so). Problem solved by using the Myyfeed, the container that keeps water warm and formula separate, so no worries about bacteria build up either.

There you have it! 
Our Christmas Gift Guide 2014.

I hope you've found this helpful in your stocking filling quests. 
Let me know if you get anything from the list and what you think of them.

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