The 6 Month struggle

I missed baby babble last week. Do you know why? Because I was sick to the back teeth (ironic!) of whinging about the teething stage. It has dominated our whole family's lives. It felt like there was nothing else to report on other than how bad it has been. It was getting to the point where I was literally sobbing at the edge of my bed at 5am after 4 solid hours of screaming from Finley. 

How can a baby get by with this little sleep. There were hardly any naps in the day and very little sleep in the night. I think his teething pain, mixed with over-tiredness was making this all the more difficult. 

Look at them eyebags and swollen cheeks!

Everyone I knew, after 2-3 solid weeks of these shenanigans, were all saying there must be something else bothering him. So on Monday night I took the decision to call the GP first thing in the morning on Tuesday. 

Then, to my complete amazement, Monday night he didn't cry or wail - just screeched and jabbered away to himself. Tuesday he actually had naps - good lengthy naps at that. He went to bed at 7.30pm and slept right through without a peep until 6.30am. I gave him his dummy hoping I could get dressed quickly before feeding time and, get this... he fell back asleep until 8am! By 10am he still hadn't even whimpered once and was all smiles and coo's. Baby's are truly extraordinary creatures!

Here's hoping it continues.

In other news I gave him a small dot of cheese the other day - he hated it!! Too salty perhaps? He was really very annoyed with me, just look at that death stare! I also gave him a stick of cucumber to gnaw on - he wasn't too sure about that but did keep bringing it to his mouth. I think the cold was helping his teeth.

I've figured out how to successfully place him in his high chair - shove a cushion down his back. If the harness was attached to the back of the seat rather than the bottom of it, or if the connecting buckle was attached to the seat rather than the edge of the it, it wouldn't be a problem. Serious design flaw if you ask me. Anyway,  I'm hoping he'll settle down this week so I can begin to introduce finger foods. That should hopefully encourage those teeth to cut through and give him some relief at the same time.

What kind of finger food would you recommend? He's 7 months old on 4th December and other than pureed foods, he's only ever has cucumber, that dot of cheese, a crumb of sponge cake and a smidgen of milky bar button. Solids terrify me, but that's a story for another week...


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  1. We are just a month behind you... so far our little one tried some carrot... he wasn't impressed with it at all

  2. It's been so long since my daughter and I went through that stage. I do remember her teething was dreadful and it lasted for years. Cold carrot was useful though, and it's worth trying to introduce things like broccoli early one perhaps cold melon, just to sooth the area?

  3. I am going through 6 month teething too and it is totally draining. Glad Finley's sleeping better. I give Aidan most things we eat - pasta and toast are his favourite (not together though) x

  4. Oh my, L started teething, it gets better right?!

  5. Teething is so tough :( we use anbesol and nurofen... W has 5 teeth now!
    I thought I'd join this week's #babybabble as I've put my first weaning update on there as I thought it might be handy for you - he's eaten lots since but as you can see carrots and broccoli went down well... I'll share my next update with you x x

  6. He is adorable!! My lb is 8months. I give him cucumber, tomato, pancakes, sweet potato and bread sticks as little snacks. Finger foods can be frightening but he's getting the hang of it now

  7. Sorry to hear he (and you) have been having such a rough time, teething is horrible! Glad to bear there's been so improvement, I really hope he's turned a corner for you! I'm nervous of weaning again when the time comes too... How about some steamed broccoli or some toast fingers or banana?

  8. aw bless him , it sounds like he is having such a tough time as are you. I hope he continues to sleep better so you can both rest and he gets some relief from the pain. Finger foods terrified me to I don't think I could do baby led weaning , I use to get my daughter baby snacks to eat at around seven months little rice cakes from asda and the Heinz biscuits were her frave xx

  9. Fancy not liking cheese! I'm sure he will get a taste for it soon.....


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