8 Things We All Attempted to Grow As Kids

I love to reminisce about the stuff we did as kids. The more people I reminisce with, the more I realise I was not alone in the habit of growing things.

Here's 7 things I bet you all attempted to to grow as kids...

1. Cress.
All we needed was cotton wool and water and POW you'd made food! Yeah ok, not really food. But the fact it could be eaten made it all seem so magic at the time.

2. Sea Monkeys.
Ahhh, the wonders of life, in a plastic tub, made from powder. Did anyone else waste hours of their youth just staring at the little critters in sheer fascination? 
Just me then...

3. Spider Plants.
"Happy Mother's Day Mum" // "Happy Easter Mum" // "Happy we-had-a-substitute-teacher-today Day Mum". A plant, in a plastic party cup, decorated with pictures of daffodils, that somehow never stood the test of time. 

4. Sunflowers.
Was anyone else given a sunflower seed every year from school and told to go home and plant them? Why is growing a sunflower so hard? This never ever worked for me, ever. 
Unless the 'rents dug the seeds back up and... I smell conspiracy.

5. Aliens.
The one where you add water and the baby hatches from egg, and the one where the mother alien just needs badly manipulating by squishing it every which way until the babies pop out. 
Kinda like actual childbirth in a way...

6. Grass Heads.
Whether you made these yourselves at home or bought the kit, the glee we had from growing grass hair was frankly, stupid. You always made a mistake when trying for the mohawk, and ended up bald instead - all providing just 45 seconds of play, until it grew back to try again. 
I can't imagine 8 year olds of today's generation buzzing off of a grass-head. Sad really.

7. A Frog.
You begged your mum to keep the mahoosive margerine tub at the end of the month so you could collect a couple of pebbles, a leaf or two and some pond water containing a tadpole. You really really cared for the little mite, and maybe managed to even see some kind of legs begin to show, but were you ever actually successful in growing your own pet frog? 
REALLY? So jealous... 

8. That Dodgy Fringe!
We all had one we desperately needed to grow out. Even the pin-ups of today suffered once upon a time. Hell, Beyonce's still doing it! *snigger*

As a 90's kid myself, there may be some I've missed out so - anything to add? Feel free to let us know in the comments below... 

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  1. I remember sea monkeys I think they were like little shrimp or something :) Of course I had a very dodgy fringe as my mum used to cut my hair 'cringe'.

  2. Hahaha I laughed reading this because I think I did try to grow every single one of those things. My favourite had to be my grass head - I loved that little spikey dude.

    Hugs, Michelle x

  3. I loved doing all of them when i was younger the grass heads I had about three of them on the go at ones x

  4. I made a grass head lizard with the kiddies recently. Used a green sock with a pattern like crocodile scales. Mixed some grass seed with compost and tied up bits with loom bands to make the face parts.

  5. Haha love it! I have a few to add to this too :)


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