What a week! #BabyBabble

In the week that Finley turns 6 months old... it has been a nightmare! Finley had his third set of jabs which unsettled him quite a bit with regards to sleeping. Alongside this, his teething is really paining him.

I shed a little tear myself the other day, he was in so much distress that he ended up having 'silent' screams, with tears so forceful that instead of rolling down his cheeks they were spitting sideways towards his ears. Oh, my heart ached.

He's not had much appetite this week and napped a lot through out the day, which is unusual for him. I know it's his teeth more than anything else because his temperature is fine, yet he has bright red cheeks (particularly his right one).

He chomps on anything and everything, including his fists, but now he has a cut tooth he ends up with a cut hand too which, in turn, upsets him even more (as if that was even possible). I wish he was at the stage where he could properly hold a teething ring to his mouth because he really, really needs it. Poor poor little mite. I remember the pain I had with wisdom teeth cutting through - if these tiny little babies feel even half of that pain then it's too cruel. I guess this is why we don't have memories of being a baby, a major defence mechanism - thankfully!

To top things off, this morning I was shopping with my Mum, Nan and Finley in his pram. My dear nan had a funny turn and collapsed in the street just as it started to rain, and because I was pre-occupied with focusing on Nan - it didn't even cross my mind to put the rain cover over Finley, or even put the hood up. He ended up drenched through and I feel like an absolutely terrible mum right now. I so hope he doesn't catch a cold on top of all this now.



  1. Oh Jo, what a horrible week. I hope your Nan is OK?

    Teething is so tough, Jasmine's the same at the moment - bright red cheeks, teething like crazy and no teeth yet!

    Finley is so gorgeous!! :)

    Thanks for hosting #babybabble I really hope the next week is better for you. xxx

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Don't feel like a bad mum, these things happen! Hope your Nan is ok?

    1. She'll be fine, it was just really scary at the time. She's tough as old boots my nan :-)

  3. This sounds like a nightmare day, I am so sorry.
    I hope they both are and will be ok.
    Sending some warming hugs your way.

    1. aww thanks agata. Nan'll be fine, I'm sure. Thanks for the hugs :-)

  4. Oh bless him, this sounds awful and so sorry to hear about your Nan. Hope things are looking up for you soon x

  5. It is so horrible when they are in pain and there is nothing that you can do. I hope the teething becomes more bearable for you both. Also wishing you well thoughts for your nan.. You are a mum that cares so you are not a bad mum!!! Good mums seem to carry the guilt for everything.. Here is hoping for a better week for you x

  6. Oh what a rough.week hon, poor little Finley with his teething, most be so hard to.see, I really hope it doesn't last too long! Sorry to hear about your nan too and I really hope she is ok, I think focussing on her in that moment is completely understandable, its a shame Finley got wet with the rain but you're only human and cant be everywhere at once, try not to feel guilty about that. I hope he doesn't get poorly too but if he does that's not your fault! Hope you have a better week next week!! Xx


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