Well, I have had loads of things going on in my life.

>I was having headaches so bad that I could hardly function.
>I now sport glasses to strengthen my right eye (which may be an added cause of the headaches
>I gave up smoking.
>I went caffeine cold turkey.
>I have been sleeping whenever I can
>I have had heartburn and nausea
>I've not been 'in to' makeup/nails/perfume/life in general - for ages

.....all because, well, I've been busy.

Busy cooking this....

Baby no. 2, due: 12th May 2014

I'm feeling better, much better now but, my GOSH, I never suffered like this with Carson. I can't stomach sprouts any more (taste like metal?) and CocoPops taste like pickled onions too, but I'm slowly staving off the urge to vom all over the nearest person and my headaches have improved ten fold since getting glasses. I'm also able to stay awake later than 8pm recently, hoorah!

I've a lot of blogging 'catcheree upperee' to perform. So, rest assured, normal service will resume over the course of the next week or so.

Thanks for reading and I'm very glad I've got you guys to share my journey with. Comments welcomed!!
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