How to Buy a Car With Bad Credit

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Not everyone has great credit. When you were younger you may have made some bad financial decisions that have put your credit score at a low number. As time goes on, it is possible to improve your credit and turn your ability to borrow money around. What do you do if you are still in that process and you need a new car? You may not be able to wait until you fix your credit to get one, so here is how to get a new car if you have bad credit.

Know Your Credit Score

Before you start the process of getting a new car, check your credit score. The reason for doing this is to know exactly what you’re up against and what your plan of action should be before you start the hunt for a new car. When you know what your score is, you can better understand what kind of loan you can get and for how much.

Doing a soft check of your credit won’t affect your credit score further. Many credit card companies offer this as a free service and with one click on your credit card app, you can know an estimation of what your credit score looks like.

Pay a Larger Down Payment

As soon as you know that you are going to need or want a new car, start saving for a down payment and save as much as you can. The larger the down payment for your car the less your monthly payments are going to be. When you don’t have a lot of money to worry about, you are more likely to get approved for a loan.

A lot of times, banks and other financial institutions will allow you to get a loan regardless of your credit history because the amount is so low, and there is less risk. The more money you can save and provide on your own for your car, the easier it will be for you to get a loan for the remaining amount.

Understand Your Finances

When you know how much you can save to pay for the down payment and how much you can then afford every month, you will be able to determine what car you can buy. Cars today have so many great features and so many new and wonderful things to explore that you are going to want to buy the latest model in your favourite colour, but can you afford that?

Don’t shop or buy outside of what you can afford because then you run the risk of defaulting on this car and then you will ruin your credit even further. Know your money, understand your finances, and start making smarter choices to correct your past mistakes.

Work With a Lender You Trust

Believe it or not, there are several places who will give out payday loans for bad credit to those who really need cash fast. Don’t feel as if you have to take the first loan that is given to you because you are in a bad spot. Shop around and talk to different lenders.

When you have low credit, whatever loan you get is going to have a high interest rate. As a result, you are going to be paying a lot of money when you pay back your loan. With that being said, shop around and find what loan provider will lend you the most money at an interest rate you can afford.

Find a Cosigner

A lot of times, those with bad credit or not enough money can get a new car with a cosigner. In other words, someone will sign their name to your car and take responsibility that the car will get paid off and paid off on time. A cosigner is a great idea because their credit is also on the line.

The best cosigners are those with great credit that are basically using their credit for you. Someone with good credit is going to want to keep their good score, so they will be on you at all times to ensure that you are making payments and you are making them on time. It’s great to have someone to hold you accountable to ensure you do this right.

Try and Fix Your Credit

If you have the time, try and fix your credit before you start the car buying process. Fixing your credit does take time, however, it is possible to secure a few extra points before you start shopping around. You can consolidate debt and owe money to one lender instead of several. If you can, pay off a credit card or two in order to show good credit history.

The rule of thumb is to never let your credit card debt equal more than 30% of your overall income. If it’s possible, try and pay down your debt so that it’s below that threshold so that your credit will improve slightly. The smallest effort can make a huge difference in helping you change your credit score for the better.

Get Pre Approved For a Loan

A lot of people will see how much the car is first then go to the bank for a loan, but what if you got approved for the loan first then went car shopping? If you are able to add a few points to your credit score and save a little bit of money, go to a bank and see how much you can get pre-approved for. If the amount is high enough, that may be enough or you can then look into other loan options.

Pre-approval will give you a great idea of how much money you are going to be able to get and that can determine how much of a down payment you should save up for so that you can get a car that you will be able to afford. Start inquiring at your local bank of what your options are and what your amount could be so that you can start planning.

Where You Can Get a Loan

There are several places you can go to for a loan and here is where you can check during your search:

  • The Dealership: this is known as captive financing. You buy the car from the dealership and you pay the dealership directly. They will approve your financing options and they take all the money.

The dealership may also arrange your financing for you with other lenders. They will broker the deal and give you several options to choose from. This is the best option for those with mediocre credit.

  • The Bank: this will be the hardest place to get a loan especially if you have bad credit. If the bank is lenient and does approve you for a loan, prepare for very high interest rates and very little room for mistakes or hiccups.

  • Online: There are a lot of online lenders who will approve you for a loan over the internet. Just be careful. There are a lot of scams that will steal your financial information and money could get stolen from you.

It’s not impossible to get a new car if you have bad credit. There are several options out there for you and with a little effort and the want to fix your score, you are going to have a new car in no time, and if you pay it off and make smart financial decisions, a car can boost your credit score.

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Four Ways To Get Involved With Your Children's School

As a mother, you most certainly desire the best experiences for your children as they grow up. This could range from attending the top schools and camps, to nurturing growth and healthy maturing amongst a diverse peer group in order to learn about different cultures respectfully.

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It's not uncommon for mothers to volunteer at their children's schools throughout their tenure. Afterall, there will be many years of seeing the same faces and you'll gradually get to know, or at least become familiar, with other parents, teachers and the Head Teacher.

It may be that now, you're wondering what you can do as a mother to support your child's growth and environment simultaneously while they are enrolled, especially if you have grown to know some of the other people in charge. Here are a few suggestions.

Organise A Bake Sale

Ahh cake! A traditional, and tasty, approach for mothers and parents in general to aid the school where their child is educated is through a bake sale. Because many schools these days don't have a lot of money or resources, a bake sale could be both socially and financially beneficial to the school.

Now is the moment to put your organised abilities to use. If you are a member of the PTA, you can involve them in this as well, so that you have as much support and resources as possible.

Make sure to also donate a bake sale item or several. Now is the time to show off your famous family recipe for citrus squares or peanut butter chocolate chip brownies.

Join The PTA

If your child's school has a parent-teacher association, which most do, you should join it if you value the school and what it does for your child. As a parent, you can frequently make the largest difference by joining the PTA.

You can do this for the benefit of the school, but you can also do it for selfish reasons. Assuming you're not too busy at work, the PTA might be a nice way to meet other mums and possibly make some adult friends. You can get together to chat about fundraisers and such, but there is also no harm in having friends with whom you can go out to lunch or anything.

Organise School Trips 

Another wonderful thing you can do for your child's school is to arrange for class field trips. Schools frequently look for parents who want to get involved in this way. Residential trips for primary schools are a great way for you to get involved and volunteer. You can get to know some of your child's classmates while also ensuring that the youngsters are eating the healthy elements of their meals.

Find Sponsors For The School

If your school has a number of upcoming events, you can ask smaller local businesses or bigger companies to sponsor them. This works better with larger corporations because they usually money set aside for such things.

The more sponsorship you can obtain for these activities, the better for the school and the children. Even if a company is unwilling to donate money, it may be able to assist in other ways.

The more you contribute to your child's school, the better you'll feel. So, go for it!

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Are You Giving Yourself Enough Room To Be Healthy

Are you giving yourself enough room, enough time, and enough of everything to be as healthy as you could possibly be?

If we were to bet on it, we would say the answer was probably not. There are a lot of things that we, as parents, think that we can get away without doing, but it’s not true. We matter! And we need to be taking care of our health just as much as anyone else. If you would like to find out more about this topic, keep reading...

You Need A Break

The first thing that we want to say is that you need a break every now and then, and this is okay. You are allowed to need a break, even if this means a break from your kids. Your mental health is important, and if you are reaching your breaking point then you need to take a step back and calm down. Or, if you are getting to a point where you really keep thinking about having a break, then this is another sign it’s time for one.

You’re not a bad parent for needing some time, even if it’s just a few hours. Ask someone that you trust to watch your children while you take this time. You deserve a break, and if you don’t give yourself one then mentally you’re going to keep collapsing.

Stop Blocking Out Symptoms

As a mum, we are always so focused on everything that is happening around us, that we often don’t have time to understand if there is something going on with us. For example, you might find yourself ignoring symptoms that you could be sick because you don’t have time to be sick. Or, it might be the case that you are pretending something doesn’t hurt when it does, because you don’t have the time to go to the doctor. You need to stop doing this, and if you think that something might be wrong, go and see someone.

For example, tired and aching feet. If left to go on too long you could end up exacerbating an undiagnosed case of plantar facsciitis. Just make an appointment with The Foot & Ankle Clinic if this is where the problem is. Whatever it is, stop letting it get worse and get it sorted.

Try To Keep To A Routine

Finally, we recommend that you try to keep to a routine. This means doing things such as eating at the same times every day, exercising at the same kind of time every day, and trying to go to bed at the same time each night. This will help your brain to become used to these things, making them easier to do.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you need to be doing in order to give yourself enough room to be healthy. We know that things can get super complicated when you are a mum, and your first instinct is always to make sure that everyone around you has everything that they need. The problem with this is that you are important too, and you deserve to be healthy just as much as everyone else.

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Important People To Have In Your Family Address Book


When you think about it, your family address book is really like a mini-network of important people in your life. Everyone from your closest relatives and friends to your doctor and dentist should be listed there. It's not just for emergencies (although that's undoubtedly one of the key reasons to have it); keeping track of all these people can also make life a lot easier. This blog post will discuss why each of these people is so important and what role they play in your life. We'll also provide tips on keeping your family address book updated and organised!

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Emergency Contact

One of the most influential people in your family address book is someone who can be your emergency contact. This person should be someone you trust implicitly and who knows you very well. In an emergency, this person will be the one you call first. They should also know your medical history and any allergies or conditions. It's important to have at least one close friend or family member who can be this person for you.

Family Doctor

Your family doctor is another key player in your life. They're the person you go to for regular check-ups, immunizations, and other routine medical care. But they can also be a valuable resource for managing chronic health conditions, dealing with unexpected illnesses or injuries, and getting referrals to specialists. So it's vital to have their contact information on hand if you need to get in touch with them. If you have young children, it's also a good idea to keep the contact information for their paediatrician in your family address book.


Your dentist is another important member of your healthcare team. They're the person you go to for routine dental care. Still, they can also be a valuable resource when dealing with dental emergencies, getting referrals to specialists, and managing chronic dental conditions. So it's important to have their contact information on hand if you need to get in touch with them.


If you or someone in your family is dealing with a mental health issue, it's essential to have the contact information for a therapist or counsellor in your family address book. They can provide valuable support and guidance when dealing with complex life events, managing stress and anxiety, and coping with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.


Most people only think about calling an attorney when they're in the middle of a legal issue. But attorneys can also be valuable resources for things like estate planning, dealing with family disputes, and getting referrals to other professionals. So it's crucial to have the contact information for an attorney, especially a family law solicitor in your family address book.

There are, of course, other people who may be important to include in your family address book. But these are five of the essential people to have in there. By keeping the contact information for these people readily available, you can make life a lot easier for yourself and your loved ones. And that's always a good thing!

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Can You Plan An Eco-Friendly Funeral?


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Planning a funeral can be a daunting process. You will have loads to think about, but it can be quite sad when you first get started. Making sure that your funeral is good for the environment can make the whole thing even more challenging, but this article is here to help you out. By exploring some of the best ways to reduce the environmental cost of a funeral, it will be making it much easier for you to make progress with this for yourself.

The Location

The location you choose for your funeral is very important, with many people wanting this ceremony to take place somewhere important to them. Whether you choose the town you grew up in or the city you lived in for most of your life, it always makes sense that the location you pick won’t force your guests to make massive journeys. Having a funeral local to most of your guests is likely to be nice and easy, as most people’s fondest memories are in the areas where their friends and family are.

Burial Vs. Cremation

Many people like the idea of being buried, though this option isn’t as environmentally friendly as cremation. While coffins and bodies can break down over time, this can take many years, and this process isn’t always good for the ground when there are a lot of people buried close to one another. This method also takes a lot of space. Cremation can be a much better option, with the ashes that are leftover being good for the ground if you bury them properly. Cremations can often be cheaper than normal funerals, adding to their benefits and making them even better for most people.

The Donations

People will almost certainly want to make donations to a cause that you like when you pass away. This gives everyone one last chance to honor your memory, all without having to go over the top. Choosing charities or initiatives that do things like planting trees can be a great way to leave a positive mark on the world once you’ve gone. Some people will be very eager to donate to causes like this.

The Transport

Finally, as the last area to think about, it’s time to think about how you will be transported to your own funeral. Hearses are generally used for this, and this is definitely the best option if you want to avoid any difficult organization. There are more and more funeral companies offering electric hearses, and this can be a great way to make your funeral transport just a little bit better for the planet.

While it can feel morbid to focus on something like this, many people find that planning their funeral is a big weight off of their minds. This will get more important as you get older, as this event will draw closer and closer. This isn’t something to worry about, though; everyone has to go through this process and you’re certainly not alone.

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