Win 100 Red Roses for Valentine's Day

Do you want to win 100 red roses this Valentine's Day for your most loved one? Of course you do! Read on...

Gone are the days of romantic wining and dining out, hotel getaways, and mini-breaks without the kids thanks to the global pandemic we are all facing right now. It seems that we have nothing to look forward to doesn't it. 

So I guess you're thinking flowers are the answer. Imagine having to buy them from only an essential store and shoving them alongside your loo roll in the trolley. I mean, talk about completely and utterly taking the romance away. #facepalm

Well picture this, breakfast in bed and a delivery of the most beautiful flowers direct to your door for your loved one. Let's remember that non-essential businesses such as florists have been crushed over the past year thanks to lockdown after lockdown. So help them help you, and support them this Valentine's Day. 

Acacia of Chester Florist are holding their first ever online competition to gift not just the traditional Valentine's Day gift of a dozen red roses, but a whopping 100!  

Thanking customers for their support during these difficult times, Acacia of Chester Florist wants to be a part of this special day in saying 'thank you' or 'I love you' to the precious person in your life.  This symbolic gesture of a competition thanks you in tandem with surprising your loved one. 

Here is how to enter:

For this Valentine's Day 2021 Contest, send an email to with a picture of you and the person you love the most. 

Explain why this person deserves to receive 100 red roses on Valentine’s Day.

It's that simple.

So, how will you win?

The team at Acacia of Chester Florist will internally decide who has the most creative, sweet, or funny message that deserves to win.   

This is truly a special moment for the team, during one of the hardest economic times in recent times. So get your thinking cap on and put some love and thought into your entry. It really could be worth it!

Terms & Conditions: 

The contest runs from February 1st to February 10th. As this is a local contest, they can only accept entries from residents of their local delivery area. Only one entry per email account is accepted. 

You can share the contest with your family and friends via email. Should you have any questions about this Valentine's Day 2021 Contest, you can reach out to the team hosting the giveaway by emailing

Finally  a note from Acacia of Chester Florist themselves...

Why Join Our Contest?

When you choose to join our contest, you are not only getting a free Valentine's Day gift. You are also supporting our local Chester flower shop in sharing the gift of love. As we want to reach more people and be a partner in celebrating magical and extraordinary moments in life, we are giving you a chance to win gifts that will match your true feelings.


Why Send Red Roses on Valentine's Day?

Red roses on Valentine's Day is a must. It is a perfect moment to show your loved one how you feel, and you will never go wrong when you choose to send a bouquet of these beautiful flowers. Nothing says 'I love you' more than fresh-cut red roses.


Unlike other colours of roses, red symbolises beauty, courage, and respect. It shows deep feelings such as longing and desire. It can also express admiration, respect, and devotion.


It is the perfect flower to express romantic love. So if you want to confess your true feelings this February 14th, use this opportunity to win red roses and send it to the one you love! 

Good luck guys. Remember, its vital we support local businesses now more than ever. Let's make 2021 the year we get more personal in who we buy from, and also where they're based. 

Stay local, save the high street, and say "I love you" all in one go. 

The Frazzled Mum's Guide to Becoming an Art & Crafts Extraordinaire


Busy and frazzled mums and dads are having to use all of their reserves to try to get through this global pandemic in one piece, and ensure their kids get the nurture they need too! It looks set to be another hard few months with the announcement that Christmas is essentially cancelled. This is a huge bummer to anyone who had made plans with loved ones, and represents yet another setback in the battle against COVID-19.

But, it’s important to try to be positive, and this means working on coming up with ideas that are going to help you navigate lockdown and maintain your sanity! Finding things to do around the house, and to keep you and the kids occupied is crucial, and one of the best ways of doing that is to make sure you focus on art & crafts. Check out this guide for any mums out there looking to become art and crafts experts!

Choose What You Want to Create

The first and most important thing you need to do is to decide what you want to create by way of art and crafts. You have a lot of choice, but you need to narrow it down so you can get the right materials, and so you are able to focus on completing projects. You may wish to make stylish clocks with different themes, or perhaps you just want to paint a picture or create a sculpture. There is so much choice that it can sometimes be overwhelming, but it also gives you a nice and diverse range of options for you and the family to use to keep busy and entertain yourselves, and this is certainly something you should decide before you proceed with anything else. 

Gather the Right Materials

There are plenty of great places to start when it comes to improving and gathering the right art and crafts materials, and you should head to a craft shop to stock up. Once you know what you want to create you can hit the internet and find out what materials you might need in order to help you achieve this. Make sure you are focused on doing as much as possible to make the most of this right now, and there are a lot of things that can enhance any art and crafts session. For instance, essentials such as craft glue guns are a must for most projects, and you’re going to need stationery, tape, paper, card, and more besides. Make sure you think about what it takes to make the most of this right now, and try to think about the right ways of getting all the materials you require. 

Involve the Kids

You need to make sure you look at doing as much as possible to involve the kids in your art and crafts extravaganza. This is something that can make a massive difference to their enjoyment over lockdown, and it helps you to develop a creative bond with your family. Art and crafts are great for helping you and ther kids to stay occupied and focus on creating things, which is good for strengthening brain function. Make sure you think about the different types of art and crafts that would be the most suitable for kids, and even consider asking your children if there is anything specifically they would like to try to create. 

Make Some Money Off Of It

Now, if you find you’re pretty good and this art and crafts malarky, there could well be an opportunity to make some decent money from this. The first thing you need to make sure you get right is to ensure you have created enough quality pieces to be able to sell to people, and this is something that plays a major part in this process. You should also check out these tips for craft fayre selling in order to help you make the most of this. Setting up a stall is something that can go a long way towards helping you sell your crafts at a fayre, and trying to make as much money as you can.

There are so many great things you can do that are going to help you when it comes to improving your life over lockdown, and keeping busy is really important. The great thing is that art and crafts are a great way of being able to help you improve your creativity, as well as keeping the family occupied during this tough time. And, if you can make a bit of money from this in the long run, that’s even better!

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How To Up Your Self-Care Game

When it comes to self-care, you may find that you’re always a little bit behind. Life can be incredibly busy and this means that we often neglect ourselves. Between work and family life, our interests and friendships, it’s not always that easy to prioritise our health and happiness. Sometimes, we find ourselves putting everything above ourselves. We think that there are things that are much more important that need doing – and sometimes, that can be the case. However, when you’re doing stuff that you feel is important, you can end up neglecting your own selfcare. So, when it comes to making sure that you’re enjoying your life and living it to the max, you need to make sure that you’re taking the best possible care of yourself.


So how do you do that? When you’re busy, trying to make sure that you are healthy and balanced, avoiding stress, and enjoying your life – how is it possible to make your own self-care a priority? In the world that we’re all living in at the moment, it’s always go, go, go. We find it really hard to be able to find a balance between being productive and successful and healthy and grounded. It can even be seen as a weakness. However, self-care is essential to your happiness and success. So here’s how to make sure that you nail it.

Take Time To Yourself

First of all, you need to make sure that you’re taking time for yourself. Keeping yourself away from work in the evenings and at weekends and actually prioritising your own interests and activities could be the best thing for your self-care.

Run A Bath

Mmmmm, bubbles! Even if you’re not someone that loves to run a bath, it can be so relaxing. When you’ve got some soaking hot water, a good old fashioned pamper routine, and time to kill, it can be the best thing for you. Add a bit of mood lighting with candles and before you know it, you should be feeling incredibly relaxed.

Look After Your Skin

Clease the skin, cleanse the mind! You could even take that one step further and give yourself a facial. It’s nice to make sure that you spend the time looking after your skin. Yet, this isn’t something that we always do. But investing in good products and quality relaxation time can help you feel great.

Stay Away From Screens

It's a toughy, I know, but one of the best things that you can do to make sure that you’re looking after yourself is to stay away from your screens. These days, we all spend so much time looking at and interacting with screens. Whether we’re watching TV, working, or scrolling through our phones, screens are such a big part of our lives. It can be one of those things that you enjoy but actually does more harm than good. So, wherever you can find yourself reducing your screen time, it’s going to benefit you. You may feel a lot calmer and relaxed. And not only that, but you might find that you actually sleep better too.

Focus On Feeling Good

From here, if you want to ensure that you’re feeling as relaxed and happy as possible, you’ll want to think about how you feel. As long as you’re feeling good, then you know that your self care is working. There are a range of things that you can try here to ensure you’re relaxed and calm, one of which could be with CBD gummies as a method. CBD can be a great addition to your wellness routine to help you to relax and feel better about yourself.

Distance Yourself

Another thing that you might want to do is to distance yourself from any negativity that you experience in your life. From toxic people to situations, staying away can be best for your mindset, so make that a priority. There's nothing worse than being dragged down by someone else. Life is too short, guys!

Focus On Your Needs

Finally, you’re then going to want to make sure that you’re focusing on your wants and needs. Sometimes, it’s really easy to find yourself putting others first and doing what is best for them or caring for their needs. But sometimes, this can be at your own expense, and when you do that continuously, you’ll soon find that it starts to drain you. It’s not going to do anyone any favours in the long run. So, remember number one - it's not a crime!

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Robotic gifts for Christmas

 'Tis the season... almost! With lockdown continuing to play havoc on our usual Christmas preparations, I bet you're on first name terms with your Amazon delivery guy aren't you? I know I pretty much am! 

Yes, online shopping seems the only way to go in 2020 and when Sgile Toys got in touch to let me know they ship internationally, I was drawn in by their store on Amazon. I've been trying to think outside of the box for Christmas gifts this year, given that it's been an odd one it seemed only natural! Not only have I never purchased from an international Amazon store (usually a Prime girl), but I've also not thought about RC, or remote control, items much until now. Now that we spend our free time in parks and gardens instead of cinemas or trampoline complexes, its time to look for something that can really bring out the child in us all, whilst mastering our motor skills and concentration.

Here's a few items that Sgile Toys offer...

SGILE RC Stunt Car 

With rubber tyres, these 360° flip tumbling vehicles are perfect for lockdown play both indoor and outdoors. Any gender, any age, these bright action packed remote control toys will be sure to bring a smile to the driver's face. It comes with battery included (no mad dash on Christmas eve!) and is rechargeable too. With a top speed of 15 km/hr, the twists and turns you can create will be nothing short of impressive. 

Suitable from ages 6 years and up, you get around 20 minutes of playing time on these stunt cars. 

RC Racing car

If stunts and tumbles aren't your thing, try a remote control racing car instead. A whopping 18km/hr top speed and chunky tyres means great fun in all terrains. The beach, the park, your gravelled drive or even on your carpets at home: lockdown doesn't stop this bad boy! There's no battery included in the remote but there is a rechargeable battery included in the car itself which is a massive bonus.

Suitable for ages 6 years and up, this has a whopping 50 minute play time per charge.

RC Dinosaur

Perhaps your little one is into all things prehistoric? This remote controlled dino sings, dances, and comes complete with 5 bullets on his back to add a bit of action when you take him in a stroll around the house. He whips his tail too! With wheels under his feet this is an indoor toy, probably best on wooden or vinyl flooring. Once again, this robot is rechargeable!

Not suitable for under 3 years old due to the small parts, this toy has 60 mins of play time on a full charge.

Robot dog 

Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas. If you don't have the space or the time for a real puppy then a robot dog could be the very next best thing! He sings, he dances, he loves to play. No sharp edges and flexible legs mean even the most rough and tumbliest of kids can have fun with Robot Dog. 

Suitable for ages 6 and up, this comes complete with lithium battery and a USB charger to supplement energy!

RC Robot

I don't know why but I feel like this should be called Buddy. Anyway, with a gesture sensor and up to 50 programmable motion commands and a cool gesture sensor chest, it will really feel like playing with a friend. It's patrol ability means this little dude can walk around freely, observing its surroundings whilst detecting and avoiding obstacles thanks to the built in sensor. Sing and dance along with Buddy, using his bright led lights as a disco. 

Suitable for ages 8 and up, you get 60 min uses of solid play time off one charge. Added bonus is it only takes 2 hours to fully charge each time via USB too. 

All of the above from SGILE have over 4.5 out of 5 stars reviews on Amazon, each with hundreds of reviews. Why not take a look?

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Ace Ultra for Whites - The Review #AceIt

I've been testing the new Ace Ultra for Whites AND I have to be honest, I didn't actually have much faith that it could clean a mucky, smelly 12yr old boy's school shirt (soz Carson!) nor a messy-play covered 6yr old's SEN school polo shirt.  Yeah, sure, brightening up my work blouses or the husbands plain t-shirts but school clothes were a whole new dilemma. 

How to use.

I poured this into the fabric softener drawer instead of softener, as per the instructions. If you are wanting to use softener as well, make sure this goes into the pre-wash area rather than in the detergent compartment. For major stains, you can pre-treat if required which is handy to know.

The Before.

The less said about this mess the better ha!

Finley's polo shirt has felt tip marks, paint, bits of food, you name it. Carson's, I mean really... what on earth is with those cuffs? And it honks! 

The 12 year old boy's shirt 

The 6 year old boy's polo

The Claims.

It promises to be gentle on delicate clothes and is formulated to help brighten dull whites, whilst treating stains. It does contain bleach so literally only use this on whites. You can't say I've not warned you! Containing bleach though also means that your clothes don't only just smell clean, but they actually are clean as bacteria and viruses are specifically targeted.

Initial Reaction

Speaking of smelling clean, I didn't like how it made my house smell when the clothes were drying on the radiators. I couldn't smell the floral scent it claimed to have, rather just bleach. Granted, most people have airers or tumble driers but we don't, and needs must when it comes to getting 4-5 washes worth of clothes and bedding dry quickly in any one given day! So, you might not get that bleach smell when drying your own clothes after being washed in Ace Ultra for Whites. I couldn't not comment on it though considering this is a completely honest review. 

HOWEVER, when my whites had completely dried all I could smell was that fresh crisp clean cotton smell which was such a relief and a real pleasant surprise. To be absolutely honest, considering Finley's ASD and sensory processing disorder along with Carson's new-found obsession with aftershave, we preferred Ace's clean fresh smelling results. It is actually better than clothes being perfumed with softeners for these 2 lads. Winner!  

The Results.

Finley's polo is like new.  I mean literally. It's the brightest its been since taking the labels off in September and where those felt tip and paint marks have gone. Blown away by that result. Remarkable. 

Before and after on a polo top

Carson's no longer smells of BO, old deodorant or aftershave... and check out those cuffs. I would say 95% of that gross grime has been completely eradicated. Seriously like, just look.  And this is after just one, quick, 28 minute wash on a 30C wash. 

Before and after on a shirt

Where to buy.



I give this a 4.5 / 5. The only thing I can find to mark this down on is my inability to fit a dryer in my kitchen, meaning radiator drying have a bleach smell in the house. I'm not even sure if that's fair to mark down on! 

Got kids?  Get this. 

Make-up on your work shirt? Get this. 

Deodorant stains? Get this. 

Dull or greying sheets or delicates? Seriously, get this. 

Big hit for us! 

This post is an entry for the #Aceit Challenge, sponsored by Ace. Get ideas in how to wash whites, treat stains and laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site, pub-8301510335931825, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0