Get Happy Feet and Win with Superdrug's Own Brand

I suffer with my feet. Hubby rips in to me about them - they're not his fave part of me that's for sure! The problem I have is hard skin and they often feel incredibly hot too. I don't suppose I help myself though as I have to admit that I don't moisturise as often as I should so. I just find lotion on my feet a real greasy irritant. 

I've been having a go with Superdrug's own brand of footcare for the past few days, namely the Intensive Foot Scrub and the Intensive Foot Cream

Before receiving these to review, I had never in my life used a scrub on my feet - only ever a foot file. Wow, what a difference. What appears to be a thick white cream with little blue seeds, lathers really well to exfoliate the skin alongside cooling it too. The fragrance is subtle, kind of minty and genuinely leaves my feet feeling 'lighter'.

Follow that up with the intensive cream and, much to my surprise, I wasn't left greasy or with a heavy coated feeling as I have done in the past when moisturising my feet. This could be down to having 'scrubbed' first, but I have to note that the cream feels more balmy than cream - like it sinks into skin completely, with no barrier left behind. Again, the fragrance is subtle and it doesn't leave my feet feeling hot either. 

I look forward to the results after using a whole tube of these too, roll on summer sandals if these first few days are anything to go by! The Intensive Cream and Scrubs retail at £3.49 each but there's and offer right now where you get your second half price!

Thanks to Superdrug, one of you guys can win your own set of the above footcare too, with some hair, skin and nail goodness in the form of Advanced Beauty tablets. 

All you need to do is enter via the widget below to be counted. No entry is mandatory, but the more ways you do so - the more chance you have of winning. Plus, enter each way listed to unlock a free daily entry aswell! GOOD LUCK!!


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UK only, sorry.

I was sent the above mentioned products FOC for purposes of review, all opinions are my own as always.

Feeding baby with Lansinoh's mOmma!

At the age of 10 months, Finley's weaning continues, just as the carpet,walls and bibs take an absolute food-battering! I'll be honest and tell you that I don't understand why parents rush out to buy expensive plastic plates and all singing all dancing rubber spoons at a tenner a pop when Poundland offer just the same at 10% of the cost. 

When a product arises that offers a potential solution to a problem, well then I'm all ears. That's why I agreed to review the mOmma by Lansinoh's Developmental Warm Meal Set and the Baby Bottle Set.

What makes them different to the normal offerings? I hear you all asking. 

Let's start with baby's Meal Set. A dual compartment 'warm plate', called that due to the ability to fill the base with hot water, complete with a weighted spoon and fork (each with caps which double as a handle extender).

The concept of this product is excellent. The filling of the base means baby can't throw it or tip it upside down and for that reason alone, it works for me. The base is also rubbery which means it won't be slid along either.

With regards to keeping food warm though, I have to say I didn't really find this to be the case. When I used warm water, I have to tell you that it made no difference. The next use, I opted for hot water instead. Wowzers - do not use hot water. I picked up the plate and instantly felt the heat in the base. If it made me go 'ow!' then imagine what it would do to baby? 

The good news is though, that the plate is microwave safe - as long as the orange mOmma plug is open, for ventilation. It does leave the bowl stained though - even after a good scrub afterwards.

At £13.99 for the set - Do I think it's worth buying? Tricky question when the 'warm' part of it's name doesn't really live up to expectation however I still say yes as the weighing down, non slide aspect is something I have actively looked for, so there is a definite market for this. I don't mind that it stains and I don't particularly mind that it's not effective in keeping food warm. The rocking fork and spoons genuinely entertained Finley and encouraged him to pick the spoon up to his mouth himself. 

Next up, Lansinoh's mOmma Baby Bottle Set. A bottle suitable for several stages and ages. This one came as something of a breath of fresh air for me as I am getting bored of buying different teats and flows of sippy cups. 

Complete with 3 attachments, this is a bottle with teat, a sippy cup with double handle and a cup with attached straw and single handle. Definitely something that will grown with your child throughout the different weaning stages! 

The bottom is rounded, giving a rocking movement when placed in front of baby - again encouraging him to pick it up and explore. That rounded bottom is also weighted which means whenever Finley smacked the bottle away it didn't fall over, end upside down or spill everywhere. He ended up giving up in hitting it away and either left it be or picked it up and drank from it!

At £20.91 on Amazon at the moment, is it worth it? Absolutely. I would recommend buying this when baby is around 6m old to get the full benefits from all three stages. Bottle with teat at 6m, sippy cup at 9m and, whilst the straw and cup attachment states as suitable from 9m on the box, I don't think Finley will be able to get use of this until around the 12m stage. When he begins to though, there'll be no worry about mess made as the the silicone straw is non-spill and after each use it's hidden securely in the twist lid too.

Have you used these before yourselves? What do you think?

mOmma is part of the Lansinoh family who are dedicated to supporting mums on their journey from throughout pregnancy and beyond. So much so is their dedication, they have launched the Happy Tummy Club where mums and mums-to-be can pick up hints, tips, discounts, offers and more. Why not swing by and sign up - it's free!

I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own, as always.

What grinds my gears?

Deep within my, normally placid, personality I am burning a fire and embers are making their way to the outside. For some reason, I have started to see the negatives or the annoyance in everything and anything that I see or do or witness someone else with the seeing or doing. What the hell is happening to me?

Three things today wound me up something rotten.

This morning I greet someone that, admittedly, I don't know, but she just happened to be in the same shared area of the building that I was in. "Morning! You alright?" She looked blankly, visibly confused and disgusted that I dared even breathe in her direction her this Tuesday morn as she washes her dish - alone, miserably. She, without a sound, watched me (up and down) whilst I walked in, put my stuff down and sorted myself out before nipping back outside again. I was screaming inside "whaaaaat???? what's your problem?" but I didn't utter a single syllable. Just left the awkwardness filled room and shook it off. 

Waiting at the bus stop this evening and some 20-odd year old was standing at least 3ft away from the person ahead of him in the queue. Seriously, why? This rendered me the odd one out. 
I was standing behind him then as opposed to next to him, as there was a road DIRECTLY to his right leaving me no space to join the queue. Then, of course - St Patrick's Day in Liverpool City Centre, herds of people walking along the pavement were dodging me/bumping into me/snarling at me for being the odd one out - not queuing. 
I ended up dancing to avoid a collision with the general public thanks to the dweeb in a suit, complete with nike hoody (incredibly professional and stylish, my my what a catch), who has an issue with queueing as normal queuers should queue. Drivers, it's like parking in 1.5 car's worth of parking space. Anyway, our eyes meet and I realise, gracefully beaming on the exterior, I have become the silent sniper, with that sizzling sarcastic centre. Queuing is fucking simple you inconsiderate git - I want to really scold him. Dare I? Dare I bollocks! Instead, my mind mumbles something about him having a beard of nothing but bum-fluff and how ridiculous his feeble attempt at facial hair is and .... Why am I being so mean over something so tiny?

So, the bus pulls up and I jump in a seat - I was lucky enough to even get a seat as it was practically standing room only, I really shouldn't moan. Yet instead, I am hating on the guy sat next to me eating a pot of pasta salad, that I could swear was simply liquid garlic over half cooked penne, he had the the loudest slurpy sloppy chew you could imagine. Why are you being so gross on a swelteringly hot, packed bus - right. next. to. ME?! 

So, what grinds my gears? Is it other people being rude, or inconsiderate, or just plain gross on the bus... nope. 

It's me. Me being polite grinds my own gears. 

Perhaps the woman from this morning's awkwardness had experienced a day like this before because right now I am sick of being polite for being British' sake and would meet a stranger with the same disdained lip curl myself. (most probably, maybe, if I dared... probably not though) 

I need to get my ruthless head screwed on and stop being so bothered about how others are towards me because, frankly, does it matter that a stranger didn't want to be nice? Does it matter that I looked out of place in a damn bus queue? Does it matter that someone likes super-garlicky, noisy pasta? 

Note to self: Get as grip and oil those gears Jo for goodness sake!

Please tell me that you have days like this too and I'm not some kind of scary psychopath? (Psychology people need not respond lol)

As Ned Flanders once taught us though, it's better out than in. Implosion... no thanks. Wish me luck tomorrow, neighbourinos!

Help Wanted: Long Haul Travel With Kids!

We are thrilled to announce that we've been chosen to be a BlueStone Blogger and will be heading over there next week to check it out. 

For now though, I need your help. Our train journey is over 6 hours and involves 2 changes so I really need some ideas for entertainment for Carson on the way. Curve ball... it has to be in line with the following, which makes it a bit more difficult:

> Carson is on the autistic spectrum. 
He can lose interest in something very quickly, unless it's the ipad or something number based - in which case he'll be obsessed. I can't listen to numbers or minutes or percentages or whatever for over 6 hours though and the ipad battery certainly won't last that long. Think about my own sanity and help me mix it up a bit, please!

> It must be light/not bulky.
As we're not driving, we'll be hauling luggage on and off trains several times there and back. I can't have a suitcase dedicated to entertainment alone.

> If it can double up as something useful - awesome.
I don't really know what I'm thinking here. An interactive lunchbox or something? Afterall, I'm going to need lunch and snacks for this journey too. 

I've already nailed the luggage bit as he adores the Trunki that his Nin and Grandad bought for him a couple of years ago. As you can tell by his face, we should be all smiles when it comes to waiting for a train connection - phew!

I will be crediting any comments in a follow up post so if you have any suggestions and would like me to link back to you in anyway - just let me know in the comments below. I know a couple of you have tweeted me already which is a fantastic start..

Any help whatsoever will be hugely appreciated, I can't wait to read your advice, THANK YOU!

Gooey Chewy Crispy Cakes!

I love baking - but I am really not the best! I don't own any kitchen scales so I only tend to go for recipes that involve a keen eye for what looks to be the right amount... and hope the best!

Today, we made some chocolate crispy cakes today but with a gooey, chewy twist. Using roughly 2 bowls worth of conflakes, 4 creme eggs and a spoon full of toasted marshmallow mix we managed to make 9 servings in less than 10 minutes. 

gooey chewy crispy cakes easter birthday easy

Simply pop the creme eggs into a bowl over a pan of boiling water and as they're almost melted add a spoon of toasted marshmallow mix and stir until smooth. Once you have that smooth and shiny consistency, pour over cornflakes and stir until they're all covered. spoon into cake cases and pow! You're done! 

Don't worry about any crumbly bits ruining your carpet either, the chew of the creme egg centre and marhmallow keeps the chocolate covered cornflakes all compacted together nicely once they're set. 

Costing roughly 20p per serving this is a super fast, tidy and super scrummy treat perfect for this coming easter (or whilst the creme egg stocks last!)

Never Lose a Teddy Again with Tag-A-Teddy

How many desperate pleas for help do you see or hear of week in, week out, when a child has lost their best friend, aka Teddy McFluff? It could be the talk of the playground, or on your local area's facebook page or, really quite often actually, it goes viral and ends up on Twitter being retweeted by hundreds of thousands of people who wished them well in being reunited.

Whilst these situations bring out the best in people and, in turn, make for a 'nice read', you really don't have to put yourself, or your littl'un through all that. Get a grip and Tag-a-Teddy.

This totally inspired little gadget is a simple rubber-like tag and fasteners, 100% child friendly and permanent, it could very well save the entire world of parents' sanity! On the back of the tag is a QR code, telephone number and a unique Tag ID. I've not photographed this as our details will be available for all and sundry when in fact they should only be accessed in the unfortunate event that the teddy gets lost.

Yes, the idea is, you find this teddy and see the tag. The majority of people will (if not just for the intrigue alone) scan the tag or call the 0845 number, quoting the tag ID. Here you will find the owner's details including email address, facebook, twitter etc. in the form of a profile, like this...

As I said earlier, the tag is permanent, 100% child friendly - in fact it's suitable from birth, and is also machine washable. To buy the tag on it's own will only cost £7.95, which is a drop in the ocean of tears that could run without it.  
Let's face it, if you had the owner's details - you'd be in touch straight away wouldn't you? Tag-a-teddy makes reuniting your child with their teddy a piece of cake. No more inconsolable little pumpkins!

Alternatively, you may wish to look at the Teddy Forever Animal Collection - a soft and plush range of characters complete with tag already, at a cost of £14.95 each. The one we received to review is the the 'Alfie' Giraffe... He's such a cutey, and at 22cm long he should be hard to lose, but we all know what kids are like! A lovely gift idea for baby, that they can grow up with - forever.

This is an ingenious product. I think I'd be hard-pressed to come across a single parent who wouldn't love this idea. We certainly do. Well done Tag A Teddy!

What do you think?

We were introduced to Tag A Teddy by receiving Alfie FOC for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own throughout.

Our Review of the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy

When Carson was a baby he had a Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy, the one with the glowing heart, do you remember them? As much as it provided endless hours of baby fun, it was for only a short period of time development wise as it became 'old news' for Carson far too quickly. We just didn't get half as much use out of it as it we could've done. 

carsonsmummy, mummy blogger review, fisher price

It's such a shame when any given baby learning toy is so age-precise that the littluns have outgrown them before the original twinkle even wears off. 

Well, times are a'changing and that includes this little puppy! Yes, Fisher Price have revamped Baby’s favourite puppy, with new Smart Stages™ technology, giving up to 2.5 years worth of educational learning fun as it carries a recommended age guide of 6-36 months.,

When I say revamped, let me be clear that he’s the same soft, bright, cuddly friend that responds to baby’s touch with silly sayings, sing-along songs and that flashing heart, only now he has Smart Stages™ technology that changes the learning content as baby grows! 

Because every baby develops at their own pace, Smart Stages™ technology gives you the ability to select the stage that’s best for your child. All you do is push his foot to change from once stage to another as and when you like. Just note that because it really is that easy to change it - you may accidentally swap stages during play without realising it. That said, I, as a mum listening to Puppy for hours on end, prefer this though. It keeps the phrases and songs fresh, changes it up a little bit!

laugh and learn smart stages puppy review,

So what is the The Smart Stages™ Technology? Fisher Price describe each stages as the following:

Level 1 – Explore – 6M+ First words and sounds spark baby’s curiosity 
Level 2 - Encourage – 12M+ Prompt baby through questions and simple directions 
Level 3 – Pretend – 18M+ Imaginative fun and early role play 

And I would agree with their claim. Let me put that into perspective for you. See the ear in the picture above?  

Press it at Level 1 and it says or sings the following
"My ear is blue"
"My ears are silky, My ears are blue, I love my ears, how about you?"

Press it at Stage 2 and it says or sings the following:
"Blue ear. Can you find your ears?"
"Everybody clap along with me, 12345678910" 
"I have 2 ears, let's count! Can you find my hand?" 
(this then starts a chain of well done's and encouragement in discovering your body parts!)

Press it at Stage 3 and it says or sings the following:
"Listen *quack quack* It's a duck! Let's quack like a duck" 
"*roar* Oh did you hear that? It's a lion, can you roar like that?" 

fisher price laugh and learn smart stages puppy review

So, now we do have a versatile baby learning toy available for our littluns! With over 50 phrases and tunes/songs, introducing body parts, letters, colours, animals, counting and even actions, all whilst being a soft and cuddly friend.

Finley can't put it down. He seems fascinated by the fact that he can feel a colour and make this puppy sing and glow. I think he'll be at Level 1 for a good few more months to come so I am confident that the addition of Smart Stages Technology will make the Laugh and Learn Puppy a member of our family a lot longer than his predecessor!!

baby learning toy review

Retailing at around the £15 mark depending on where you shop (Argos/Amazon etc), it's a worthy investment that can grow with your baby over a period of years as opposed to weeks or months like some other baby learning toys. And if you prefer the 'sister' version of Puppy, there is one available in pink too.

Finley is now fixated! It's certainly the one toy that holds his attention most of them all. 

What holds your littlun's attention most?

Thank you to Fisher Price for sending us this Puppy to review FOC, all opinions are my own throughout.

Mother's Day with ElevEase Shower Step #WIN

Last summer I reviewed the ElevEase Shower Step, if you didn't see it click here. Whilst I didn't have one when I was pregnant with Finley (and I so wish I did looking back on those hairy legs in the stirrups!), I am loving how much I use it now even without a bump. No more bending in the shower to shave my legs and no more chin-to-knee action when fixing up a pedicure either. 
This nifty step, makes life easier for anyone whether it's to manouvre around a baby bump or to ease showering for those with back problems or arthritis.  Available in white or chrome, it wouldn't look out of place in anyone's bathroom.
So, if you're looking for something a little more practical for Mum this Mother's Day, I have no problem recommending an ElevEase Shower Step. As an advocate of their innovation, I am pleased to team up with ElevEase to offer one of you lucky ducks your very own ElevEase Shower Step and pamper hamper worth €50.00 and what's more - it's open worldwide.

Which would you choose, white or chrome?

All we ask is that you enter via the rafflecopter widget below in order for your entries to be counted. You don't have to enter via every method, but if you do - you'll have a better chance of winning PLUS you will unlock a free daily entry so go right on ahead and go for it... GOOD LUCK!
mother's day gift idea
Not actual prize - contents will vary.

Buy your ElevEase Shower Steps on Amazon now in white or chrome
They're priced from just £15.97

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Winner agrees to details being passed on to ElevEase in order for prize to be fulfilled.
Whilst we endeavour to get your prize to you asap, we ask that you allow up to 28 days for any eventualities such as postal delays, weather etc.

Open Worldwide.
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Win with The Portland Hospital

Sometimes it's nice to chill out as a Mum albeit easier said than done, I'll admit. We just can't run on fumes, it's not good for us or our children! So whether it's a weekend away or a 20 minute soak in the bath, it's beneficial for our health and wellbeing. 

Did you know that The Portland Hospital is the only private hospital in the UK dedicated to the healthcare of women and children and is part of the HCA group of award winning private hospitals in London? Specialising in Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology it is the UK’s largest private children’s hospital supported by a dedicated paediatric intensive care unit, 58 paediatric beds and more than 120 consultant paediatric specialists. 

As the only fully private maternity hospital in the UK, The Portland Hospital places emphasis on safety and quality; with around 1,700 deliveries a year our ethos is to put women at the centre of their own care with the highest standards in healthcare quality and safety. 

Clearly the care of us Mums and our babies is paramount to The Portland Hospital, so it's hardly surprising that they approached me asking if I would like to give away a wonderful Neals Yard Mother Gift Box from their Organic Collection to one of my fabulous readers to give to their Mum, or treat themselves with.

All we ask is that you enter via the rafflecopter widget below. The more ways you enter the better the chance you have of winning plus if you enter them all, you'll unlock a free daily entry, so good luck!

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UK only, sorry.
This giveaway is sponsored by The Portland Hospital
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A Personalised Chocolate Card You Say....? Yucoco!

I love chocolate. White, dark, milk, melted, chunks, flaked... I'll take it any which way! When I heard about Yucoco, I got a tad excited. Seriously. Yucoco are a 'make your own chocolate bar in a card' company or, as they describe themselves, a handmade chocolate creations company.

I was offered the opportunity to sample their personalisation service in order to share my opinions with you so here goes...

User-friendly website.
Well, not so much on your mobile phone. Whip out the lappy though and you've got a swift, easy step-by-step process to follow in order to make your perfect sweet treat. You can also see exactly how much it costs along the way - great if you're on a budget.

Broad variety of flavours and toppings.
If you like jelly sweets, fruit, nuts or even spices then you can create your ideal bar without a doubt. I opted for the Milk Chocolate Bar with an "I love YU!" plaque, a dark chocolate button, pink chocolate lips, some homemade salted caramel and finished it off with a bit of chilli chocolate drizzle. You couldn't buy that in the shops!

Anyone who's read my little space here in the blogosphere knows only too well that I love personalisation. Nothing says you care more than something specifically made for someone using your own thought and effort. The chocolate creation arrives in a the form of a box card where it's name is on the front cover, complete with a teasing preview of the bar. As you can see here I made the bar for myself  and named it "The Appreciation Bar"

Addressing it to myself aswell... "To Jo" (because, let's face it, this is MY choice of chocolate and it is far too good to share with anyone, right?) on the inside front cover, the card also lists exactly what the chocolate bar toppings are made up of.

Inside the card is the bar itself, protected in a clear plastic wrapping to save from any chips or damage in transit, and it seemed to have done the job. Here's the final product...

It's a lovely twist on a card, and a lovely twist on the traditional box of chocolates too. The chocolate itself is quality - thick and creamy, with both the chilli and salted caramel piercing through perfectly. The product itself was £7.40 but p&p was £2.45 making my gift just under a tenner. I originally thought the p&p seemed expensive until it arrived, it really is a decent size (140g bar) and in, my opinion, a wonderfully cost effective choice for a personalised gift.

Run on over to Yucoco and design your own now... don't forget, Mother's Day is around the corner and I, for one, would be thrilled with something like this on my doorstep.

What would you want on yours?

Bringing the Hotel Home!

We went away this last weekend and stayed over at a hotel in Huddersfield for my cousin's wedding, leaving the kids at home with hub's cousin. (Congratulations again to the happy couple; Hannah and Shay!)
We had a wicked time and more importantly, given recent weeks and months, a really decent night's kip - even if we were rudely awakened by a random dude walking into our room at 10am. Really should email them about that actually...

Ahh yes... sleep! One thing that I absolutely love in hotels is the bedding. Crisp, white, starched and pressed yet still so soft and snuggly when you're underneath. Do you know what I mean? 

It makes coming back to my own bed a bit of a flat moment. The first thing I did was whip it all off and wash with loads of softener but, whilst I had a lovely smelling night's sleep, it just didn't compare to the hotel bedding from the previous night. 

House of Fraser have a range of bed linen entitled Luxury Hotel Collection so I had a nose to see whether it was what I had in mind for my own bedroom. Yes it was exactly what I was thinking of!

House of Fraser, carsonsmummy,bed linen

My absolute favourite item would be the top right pictured 800 thread count white bed linen - exactly like the hotels - but at £280 I think I'll be waiting until Finley's stopped with the leaky poopy nappies and daily 'let's wee on daddy' ritual he's got going on at the moment.

There is a 500 thread in the same range, in a deep purple 'blackberry' colour - down from £230 to just £69 in their sale at the moment...
Would purple bedding look out of place in a biscuit and red themed room? Gahh. It would wouldn't it. We have plans to decorate after our landlord has carried out some repairs in the spring so I guess it doesn't matter.

Whenever and whatever we choose in order to change it up a little in the bedroom, at least I know where to head to get my hotel bed linen from!

What kind of bedding do you go for - crisp, thick and pressed like me, or are you more of a grand and silky quilted number? I wonder what our bedding choice say about us... any idea?!

This post is in partnership with House of Fraser.

My Attempt at a Meme to Win a £200 TicketMaster Voucher...

Yeah, so... I'm not great at things like this but I've seen a competition to win a £200, £100 or £50 Ticketmaster voucher through by creating a car themed meme in the hope of making the three judges (Patrick Monahan, "Big Mark" Manning and Tom Onslow-Cole) laugh. I really want to get to a gig of some sort this year, it's been too long since I went to one so I'm giving it a whirl...

The meme generator itself is hit and miss so you'll need a bit of patience (or a better laptop than I have!) I created one but when it downloaded the text was missing and I can't re-download as the image disappears and changes to another upon refreshing. I also know nothing about cars which makes this a little harder, but I do know that hill starts are terrifying...

What d'ya reckon - am I in with a chance?! *flutters eyelashes*

If you think you can do better and beat me to the prizes then do one! create your meme here in the generator and then email your entry to and guys... good luck!!

Winner Announcements!

There's a fair few competitions that have ended in recent days and weeks and I thought it best to wait until they'd all finished to announce the winners - given that they were all in celebration of one thing: my 30th birthday... Which was fab by the way. Nowt like shaking a cocktail or two with a silly excitable face now, is there?!

Ahem, anyway, on to the winners... **drumroll please** ..., pub-8301510335931825, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0