I love to colour my hair (I have to, I have a grey halo!) and sway between deep reds and dark browns depending on my mood. 

The fact that my hair is very fine but a lot of it, means most styles do not hold without lashings of back-combing. 

My hair-straighteners have broken (August 2012) and I am not replacing them until I've found something that will love my hair as much as I do! All too often do I rely on them for something as simple as a pony-tail, well no more. 

I want products that really can care for my bonce! I've not curled my hair before but that is mainly due to having short hair for the past, ooooooh, 10 years?! 

Now that I have hair that comes just past my shoulders so I'm feeling very experimental.

PR friendly, you can contact me here if you feel there's anything I could test or review for you.
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I am a lover of make-up that enhance, not cover, natural features. I have blotches and blemishes and prone to break-outs (usually just before important events, of course!)  but cannot will not abide wrinkles!!

I use moisturisers, cleansers, toners, wipes - no end of facial products, always on the lookout for the' next best thing'. 
One thing that does get me down is my eyebag's, but I like to experiment to fix or at least tone them down! 

Cellulite and firming solutions are a hopeful creation aren't they?! Have you come across one that works yet? ;-p

Never ever in my life braved fake tan - too scared it will go streaky and orange - Can I be persuaded otherwise?!

Jewellery/Accessories can be a very subtle way of detracting attention from that humongous spot on the end of your conk. I find earrings, necklaces or pretty bags can be the first thing that someone catches after your eyes - a big big part of my life are accessories!  

Painting nails is something I do to relax, seriously, I even typed a post on my nail obsession so click here to read more on this.  

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  1. OMG now i am even more convinced we are twins....except obviously i am the fatter one! I love maaaake up! I am constantly trying to diet (my blog was originally following weight loss before i got preggers with #2) and i am a mum who likes to give TMI! Very pleased to meet you Jo! :)

  2. I really like the pink and white nails! I may have to give it a go :)

  3. Love your nails. I would love to do them myself but need patience lol

  4. Love the nails but I am terrible at things like that!

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  7. gawjus nails i occasionally find the time to paint mine but they never look quite so proffesional as yours x

  8. I like your hair colour and the nails. I can't be bothered to colour my hair or do my nails because I just don't have the time. I used to use henna but didn't like the orange colour my hair became! Prefer reddy colours.

  9. I LOVE your hair colour!!! :D Red is so pretty!


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