Are you feeling unhappy in your marriage?

Your marriage is an important part of your life and how you and your partner are doing impacts your health and wellbeing. You want to ultimately feel safe, happy, and protected in your relationship with your partner.

When trouble begins, you may start to have a lot of different feelings and feel worried about the situation. Instead of overthinking, it’s best to take action and be proactive so you can hopefully fit it and get on the same page again. Are you feeling unhappy in your marriage? Then read these tips that can help you figure out a solution and move forward.

Reflect & Identify the Issues

Begin by reflecting on the situation and what’s really going on. Be honest with yourself and try to sort through what’s on your mind so you can communicate it to your partner. Identify the issues and the reasons why you are unhappy or feeling lonely. Ask yourself what’s not going well and review if there are any deal breakers that have popped up. Try to decide if you feel like your marriage is worth saving and how you might see your future playing out.

Bring up Your Feelings with Your Partner

You should also open up and communicate with your partner about your feelings and relationship. Let them know what’s on your mind and what types of issues you hope to work through together. Be open-minded and listen actively to what they have to say so you can take their viewpoints into perspective. Exchange ideas and insights and then step away and take some time to think it through and see if you believe you can address and resolve the problems.

Reach Out for Help

If you’re feeling unhappy in your marriage and haven’t been able to reconcile or move forward then you can also reach out for help. You can consider contacting a Fixed Fee Divorce Solicitor for assistance and to get the process started. They can answer any questions you have and walk you through the next steps and how to best proceed. Another idea is to seek counselling and share what’s on your mind and your feelings with a third party who can offer guidance and advice.

Make Time for Self-Care & Hobbies

Most importantly, focus on yourself and take good care of yourself during these uncertain times. Make time for yourself and participate in self-care activities and other hobbies you find enjoyable. Stay busy and keep active and try to find healthy ways to reduce and manage your stress so that you can function optimally and feel happy despite your circumstances. It will help if you exercise, eat healthily, and get enough sleep each night so you can continue to thrive even though you’re experiencing many emotions and are in the midst of adversity.


If you’re feeling unhappy in your marriage then there are actions and steps you can take in the right direction. These tips will help you work through the problem and get you focused on coming up with a plan of action to move forward in whatever way you decide is best for you.

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