Silent Signs that Stress is Having a Huge Impact on Your Health

If you're constantly under a lot of stress, then you will know how draining this can be. You may feel as though nothing you do can help to unwind - it’s just one thing after another, most of the time.

If this sounds like you, then it's time to make a change. Changes can come in many ways, but the following symptoms are always worth visiting first...

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Chronic Migraines

If you've deadlines and meetings piling up around you, then you may find yourself experiencing splitting headaches. Even worse, they might develop into debilitating migraines.

There are many different things that contribute to migraine attacks, but stress is one of the main factors. If you have an issue with headaches right now (and eye tests are all up to date) then you may need to evaluate your work load or current responsibilities. Think about making a serious change; whether it's turning off the mobile phone in the evening or looking at a flexible working application. If you don’t, you could find that you end up struggling more than you need.

Craving Sugar

Aside from irritability, if you don’t get enough sleep, you'll be much more likely to crave calories too. This can lead to lethargy, weight gain, blood pressure issues and a whole host of other problems.

When you don't feel great, you're also much more likely to reach out for processed snacks as a form of comfort.  Your hunger hormones, including ghrelin and leptin, will be completely out of sync as well.

Sugar is not the only craving that might rear it's head either. Smokers can become inclined to smoke more leading to increased health vulnerability. Should this be the case, it could be wise to visit a vape shop in anticipation for the days where puffing seems to take precedence over anything else. With nicotine and tar free options, it can help towards curbing your cigarette intake.

Blood Sugar Levels

Usual dietary habits can change dramatically whenever stress is involved. Whether it's under-eating, over-eating, or generally making poor food choices; this will cause problems.

Stress related over-eating will rocket your blood sugar levels causing your body to produce more insulin. Over time, you may become insulin resistant because these circuits will be firing at full whack, all the time.

If you want to help yourself here, try and reach for healthy snacks instead. If you can do this, things end up working in your favour, providing more energy during the day.

Stress Acne or Poor Skin

Stress acne is real. By raising your cortisol hormone levels, you're encouraging your oil glands to go into over drive. More oil means more spots and blemishes.

So take time to look after your skin during stressful periods when cortisol is raging throughout your body. This can go a long way toward reducing stress related acne. Or, take time to get to the root of the stress itself for a better, more prolonged, skin fix.

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Experiencing Back Pain? It Could Be a Lot More Serious Than You Think

Back pain is something that a lot of us will experience in our life. Whether it’s a mild ache that we can alleviate with just a bit of stretching or a sharper pain that makes us question our overall health, it’s important to understand why back pain occurs and what we can do to treat it. After all, back pain doesn’t occur for no reason and any kind of pain is usually a sign from your body that something is wrong and you need to fix it.

Don’t shrug off back pain, especially if it’s causing you grief

Back pain can often be ignored because we’ve experienced it before in specific situations. For instance, if you sleep in a weird position and wake up with a backache that eventually goes away after your morning routine, then it’s safe to say you can just ignore that. However, if you experience back pain randomly on your way to work by just walking, then it can end up becoming a huge problem that you should deal with as soon as possible.

Alleviating back pain is fine for now, but you should deal with the problem at its root

Many people use cold and heat patches to alleviate back pain, or they may even take painkillers to inhibit the pain. While this is fine for some situations, it’s a good idea not to overlook the importance of dealing with the problem at its root. Pain is a sign that something is wrong and simply covering it up by taking painkillers day after day is not a good idea. If the pain is debilitating and doesn’t subside after a full round of painkillers, then you should see a healthcare professional.

There are some healthcare professionals that you could consider speaking to

Seeing your doctor should be the first option if you have lingering back pain, but there are also other options such as seeing an osteopath or being referred to one by your doctor instead. These healthcare professionals specialise in the physical manipulation of the body’s muscles and bones, meaning it could be a great option to help overcome your back-related pain. You can let them know when the pain happens, where it happens, and they’ll have a general idea of what’s going on. Depending on the circumstances, they may perform some work on your back or they’ll let you know if it’s a more concerning issue.

Can back pain ever become a medical emergency?

Absolutely. In fact, there are a few circumstances where it should be considered a medical emergency and you should seek help almost immediately:

  • If you experience a sharp stabbing pain in your back, then it could be a torn muscle or ligament. In some cases, it may even be a problem with your internal organs. *Interestingly, my back pain related to a perforated gall bladder which required emergency surgery!*
  • If you feel sudden weakness in the legs that prevents you from walking properly.
  • If the pain moves around, particularly to the glutes or legs. This could indicate a nerve compression condition.

If you experience any of these conditions, then we suggest immediately contacting a medical expert to help diagnose the problem.

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First Time Mums: 5 Baby Essentials For Your Shopping List

Being a mum is fraught with first times. And every first is a big thing!

From first steps and first words to your first time out of the house without baby and the first tooth fairy visit. But there’s no time that’s quite as overwhelming as being a first-time mum. The firsts rack up quickly, from the word go.

And knowing what to buy and what’s not worth your money is a minefield in itself. It can cause undue stress and worry. Even as a veteran mum, the concern continues the second time around, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 

Thankfully, here’s a short, simple, and easy-to-read list of baby essentials that should be on your first-time mum shopping list. 

Image by lucas mendes via Pexels

Bio-Oil For Your Bump

When considering what should make it to your list of things to buy for baby, you often forget yourself. But your body is going through massive changes. And it deserves some thought and care too. 

Bio-Oil is great because it can work wonders from stretch marks. It’s also super moisturising and makes the most of the soothing scents of lavender, chamomile, and rosemary. The bonus of using this oil is that all those scents promote relaxation too. 

Buy A Moses Basket

The Moses Basket will quickly become your best friend when the baby is still little. They’re great for creating a sleeping stop downstairs while you get on with your daily jobs. Or even for taking to nanny and grandad in case the little one needs a nap.

There are lots of types and styles to choose from. So opt for a version that would suit your lifestyle well. Head to a site like Foryourlittleone, where you’ll find all of your new baby’s needs in a one-stop online shop. Use customer reviews to help narrow down your search. 

Stockpile Nappies, Wipes, and Talcum Powder

You will soon find that you can never have enough nappies, wet wipes, or talc. Nappies for very obvious reasons. But wipes will become your second in command even when your baby transforms into a toddler. There’ll always be an occasion where having wipes might just save your bacon. And talcum powder helps keep the baby’s skin soft and reduces chafing, so you have a happy kid. 

Stockpile these essentials and have spares everywhere, the car, the bathroom, your handbags (all of them), and anywhere else you can think of!

Invest In A Breast Pump

Having a breast pump around will generally just make life easier. Even if you intend on breastfeeding traditionally, a pump will help in loads of ways. It means you can express milk if you’re uncomfortable and keep the milk for later. If you need a break, but the baby needs feeding, having a stockpile of milk means your partner can take on feeding duties. Generally, it just takes a load of having one there as an option.  

Opt For A 3-in-1 Pram

Prams, pushchairs, car seats. They’re all expensive, and they generally all need upgrading once your little one grows a certain amount. If you have the cash to, think about investing in a pram that does it all. 

You can get a 3-in-1 version that does pram, car seat, and pushchair with an easy adjustment or flick of a switch. It means you only have one bulky baby transportation unit to fit in the boot, and a lot of them are adjustable to grow with your baby. So you’re not having to buy a new one every year.

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