Experiencing Back Pain? It Could Be a Lot More Serious Than You Think

Back pain is something that a lot of us will experience in our life. Whether it’s a mild ache that we can alleviate with just a bit of stretching or a sharper pain that makes us question our overall health, it’s important to understand why back pain occurs and what we can do to treat it. After all, back pain doesn’t occur for no reason and any kind of pain is usually a sign from your body that something is wrong and you need to fix it.

Don’t shrug off back pain, especially if it’s causing you grief

Back pain can often be ignored because we’ve experienced it before in specific situations. For instance, if you sleep in a weird position and wake up with a backache that eventually goes away after your morning routine, then it’s safe to say you can just ignore that. However, if you experience back pain randomly on your way to work by just walking, then it can end up becoming a huge problem that you should deal with as soon as possible.

Alleviating back pain is fine for now, but you should deal with the problem at its root

Many people use cold and heat patches to alleviate back pain, or they may even take painkillers to inhibit the pain. While this is fine for some situations, it’s a good idea not to overlook the importance of dealing with the problem at its root. Pain is a sign that something is wrong and simply covering it up by taking painkillers day after day is not a good idea. If the pain is debilitating and doesn’t subside after a full round of painkillers, then you should see a healthcare professional.

There are some healthcare professionals that you could consider speaking to

Seeing your doctor should be the first option if you have lingering back pain, but there are also other options such as seeing an osteopath or being referred to one by your doctor instead. These healthcare professionals specialise in the physical manipulation of the body’s muscles and bones, meaning it could be a great option to help overcome your back-related pain. You can let them know when the pain happens, where it happens, and they’ll have a general idea of what’s going on. Depending on the circumstances, they may perform some work on your back or they’ll let you know if it’s a more concerning issue.

Can back pain ever become a medical emergency?

Absolutely. In fact, there are a few circumstances where it should be considered a medical emergency and you should seek help almost immediately:

  • If you experience a sharp stabbing pain in your back, then it could be a torn muscle or ligament. In some cases, it may even be a problem with your internal organs. *Interestingly, my back pain related to a perforated gall bladder which required emergency surgery!*
  • If you feel sudden weakness in the legs that prevents you from walking properly.
  • If the pain moves around, particularly to the glutes or legs. This could indicate a nerve compression condition.

If you experience any of these conditions, then we suggest immediately contacting a medical expert to help diagnose the problem.

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