Things To Get To Make Pregnancy Easier

While some mothers talk about how simple their pregnancy was, the majority of expectant mothers do not. Growing another human can take a temporary toll on your body, from morning sickness to back pain to exhaustion. Thankfully, there are several products on the market that can help relieve aches and pains and make pregnancy more of the enjoyable experience that we all desire.

Pillows for Pregnancy 

A good night's sleep is especially vital during pregnancy. While it may not be difficult to manage this without support during the first trimester, as your bump increases, so will your desire for additional comfort. Pregnancy pillows come in a variety of styles. There are also wedge pillows to help with the bump while sleeping and sitting, as well as extra support while sitting up in bed.

Diffusers and essential oils 

Fill your house with the calming aromas of your favourite scents and create a pleasant and relaxing environment that will make you forget you're not at the spa. When selecting a diffuser, check sure it is BPA free. 

Extenders for the Bra 

Bras are pricey! There is no need to get an entirely new set while pregnant. Simply buy some fastening extenders and apply them to your favourite bras when the pregnancy demands more space. But remember to be careful of wired bras, if they're ill-fitting in the cup, you won't be doing yourself any favours by simply extending the back size. There are some great supportive non-wired maternity bras on the market these days.

The Support Belt

Say goodbye to back pain—at least for the time being. Support belts will provide the necessary support while also making you feel as comfortable as a bug in a rug. Useful for keeping the bump in place during activity, and alleviating some of the weight and pressure, they can also aid in maintaining excellent posture.

Belly Bands

Not to be confused with Support Belts, belly bands can give longevity to your current wardrobe by providing coverage in the mid-section as your baby grows. Nothing more than a boob-tube style item of clothing, but for the belly, they're fantastic for layering. Available in many colours and patterns, they can not only make your usual clothing last a little longer before having to opt for maternity wear, but they can also update your usual go-to outfits for just a couple of pound.

Bath with Epsom Salts 

After a long day on your feet with the added baby weight, your body will feel fatigued and worn out; an Epsom salt soak will help relieve those sluggish muscles and joints. Epsom salt has also been proven to provide calming comfort when the skin begins to strain.

Butter for the Stomach 

When it comes to stretching skin, belly butter can help decrease stretch marks. Women who used Burt's Bees Belly Butter had fewer stretch marks than they expected following their pregnancy according to online reviews.
Belly butter or oil, more importantly, also helps to soothe itchy or sore stretched skin.

A Journal

Having a journal and bump book will help pregnancy as it can help you keep track of appointments, symptoms as well as noting down anything that concerns you that you want to pick up next time you see your midwife. It's also a lovely idea to be able to look back on your experience in years to come, especially during any future pregnancies. They're all different and you can have fun comparing your experiences!

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