EU Referendum: Social Media Politicians

Cue the "you've only got yourself to blame" Facebook statuses. Yawn. Sure you all did that when Cameron came into power too... for a week or so 😂

These statuses were coming whichever way the referendum swung and it really grinds my gears! It is such a pathetic attitude to be having. 

We're lucky we have a democracy and not a dictatorship, unlike other nations.  Yet these statuses damning the Brexiters to hell are exactly what the Remainers are doing - dictating. 

Well I'm not being a part of that.

"Well done brexiters. Let's see what you've done to our Great Britain" --- erm, stop with the smarmy, fake congratulations, aimed hurtimg or shaming people. The fact that there was a 72% turnout - perhaps those who should be 'condemned' are the remaining 28%. It makes me so angry that people are 'blaming' voters. 

Get off your high horses!! 

I'm really sad to see that some people are also slating the 'uneducated' for wasting their vote by going with something that they 'don't even understand'...

Everyone is entitled to vote. Their mental or educational capacity should not be something you pick on just because they've exercised their right to use it. As I said earlier, what about those that didn't use their vote? Particularly given that each count was so very close? Are they not the uneducated?

Let's face it - is it any wonder that people were confused anyway? Even the experts were switching camps last minute! 

I also don't appreciate the triumphantalist arm chair politicians laughing out loud at their social media mates who voted to remain. That's just poor form. No one likes a gloater.

Accept the result that was made within a democracry. Stop being all politician-like and throwing shame over anyone who exercised their right to vote, the opposite way to you. It's boring. 

What gets your goat when it comes post-voting views?

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Happy Father's Day

After everything that we have been through so far this year (and we're only half way through 2016!), there's no better time than to express my thanks and appreciation to my hubby for everything he is to our family. Let's face it, we often take Dad's for granted don't we. Sorry babe! 

Only our second ever family photo!
A wonderful Father, putting the children before any of his own needs, he is loving and caring, ever encouraging them to do the best that they can. From the kisses and cuddles, tickling and being silly, to the teaching of life lessons, I wouldn't change anything about him. Just as I'm sure the kids feel.

Carson says...
I'm so happy about what Dad has bought me and made with me (lots of stuff!). My favourite thing about Dad is that he is very loving and I like it when he tickles me - even with his stubbly beard on my belly - he's so funny. Any jokes he ever tells me I laugh until my cheeks hurt. I think he is the best at impressions, they're awesome, especially Plankton from Spongebob. Second best is Squidward from Spongebob! So all I want to say is Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you.

Finley says..

I find it strange that Carson's school has done absolutely nothing for Father's Day as opposed to shed-loads for Mother's Day. We have to send in a new item/product one day, then send our kids in with money to buy it back a few days later. Massive money spinner. I always end up with some bizarre second hand (ahem, used!!) body lotion or scratched pocket mirror. I don't know why I bother sending Carson in with something brand new, I never get a new item back haha! But the point is, they make Mother's Day such a huge deal, bringing home cards etc yet not a word has been uttered about Father's Day.

Whilst I appreciate that not everyone has a Dad, not everyone has a Mum either do they. And afterall, if you do 'only' have a mum ,she should be celebrated on Father's Day just as on Mother's Day - they are 2 parents rolled in to one! Any way, we've made Dad a card this year, designed and made completely by Carson himself and he is so excited about seeing his reaction to it. So much better than a shop bought card in my opinion.

I'm also holding a very special quiet moment for my own Dad today who is no longer with us, taken far far too soon. I will always love you too Dad. xx

Happy Father's Day everyone... hope you are appreciated, at least for today, as much as you deserve!

No More Bingo Wingz This Summer!

Yes, the summer season means getting my 'bingo wings' out or risk sweating to death. Okay, so I exaggerate... slightly. 

Seriously though, I do have flabby arms and a rather unsightly birthmark there too. It makes me feel self conscious in vests or short sleeved tops as it is, but if I threw a cardigan on to hide myself, I would literally be a soggy sweaty mess. Eww!! Sometimes you just want to cover up without the heat of the extra layer, which is why I jumped at the chance to review some white, half sleeved Wingz.

I reviewed Wingz last year, but they were the black, long sleeved ones so not particularly suitable for a scorching hot summer's day. I've been keeping those for chilly evenings or, quite simply, adding full coverage to a sleeveless garment.

Feeling fresh but a little exposed with my arms on show.

At first I was apprehensive when it came to checking out my wardrobe for what would 'go' with my new Wingz. Could anything other than a vest 'use' white half sleeves? Well... as you can see from the image above, I jumped straight into the deep end and tried my capped sleeve top on and took the before picture. I'll be honest that, in my mind, the Wingz wouldn't go with this style tee. 

I Speak Fluent Chic!

I was sooo wrong! It seems that Wingz will literally go with anything, regardless of how you imagine it to look beforehand. So far as overall quality and comfort go, my view remains the same as last year: comfortable, stylish, no digging in or obvious lines across the back. It's really not much different to wearing a bra. 

For just £9, these white half sleeved Wingz are truly an essential fashion accessory, boosting the versatility of anyone's wardrobe. Less than a tenner, people!!

If you don't like tight monochrome coloured sleeves, Wingz offer a huge array of flared, coloured/patterned or even lace designs so it's worth checking them out over on

Wingz are also on facebook and twitter so go check them out for news, reviews and offers.

Finley's Journey: A Diagnosis.

You may remember some 18 months ago that Baby Babble, my weekly linky, just... stopped. Every week I was whinging about the negatives and never really cherishing the positives and, to be honest, it upset me. So I stopped the linky with a view of taking one month off.

18 months-ish later, it's still not back. Let me tell you why that is.

After the first few weeks of the break I still failed to see many positives and I was beating myself up about it something rotten. My Dad had just died and Finley appeared to be regressing on me. What was up with life? Was it me? Was I too consumed with grief to appreciate them?

I hardly ever write about Finley except for very recently where I feel I can start to disclose little things about him. The truth of the matter is that he had stopped developing as he should have. He rolled when he should, started weaning when he should, he even started babbling when he should  but that was about it.

He began crawling shortly after his 1st birthday and learned to stand, aided, at around 15 months. He started walking at 20 months. A little on the slower side than perhaps would normally be expected but still, he made it!

When it came to responding to his name or eye contact being made however, he's still struggling. He has little to no understanding of us and has not attempted to talk. We know when he's happy because he makes a sea lion noise and flaps his hands. We know when he's frustrated or wanting something because he says beh-beh/baba. On being referred to speech and language we were advised he had no joint attention, which would not only explain his inability to communicate or understand, but would also be a reason as to why he didn't play with us or care for our physical contact. He had no idea what we were there for so until that moment came, we were unlikely to progress.

How upsetting to hear, as a mum particularly. You see, he despised me touching him or trying to have a cuddle. He had a lot of love for his Daddy and he seemed to be the only person that Finley would allow near him. It was hard to take, from a selfish point of view, but a good thing that at least we know it is possible to have a relationship, of sorts, with him.

He is just about getting past the 'flicking' stage. He could quite happily sit and flick his toes for hours on end. I'm not exaggerating when I say hours. He can go into his own little bubble and nothing can pop it until he is ready. Balls are a big deal for him too. We have the spiky ones, the light up ones and the smooth of all sizes. He can stare at them from millimetres away, practically touching his forehead. He'll stroke them over his face, neck and hair, and is finding them bouncing from his hand when he releases it really very amusing. He will pivot or pace, eyes'a'rolling to boot. Complete in his own little world.

Just last week, he held my thumbs off his own back. This was a big deal!! He stared into my eyes (Huge deal!!) and smiled whilst dancing (MEGA DEAL!!!) . He has never done any of those on their own, never mind together. I got seriously emotional and I keep going back to stare at the picture that my hubby luckily caught on his phone. Just, wow.

Anyway, we waited 10 months for his referral to come through to see a paediatrician and that first appointment was this morning. I have been so het up, stomach churning, worried, nervous. Why? I don't know if I'm honest. It wasn't at all likely we'd have any answers, it was probably the start of one long and winding road full of observations and brush offs of "we'll wait and see".


Today, we received a diagnosis within the first 40 minutes. Finley has low functioning, non verbal, ASD. It's a severe austism diagnosis.

It came as so much of a shock that my husband burst in to tears in the doctors office there and then. I mean, the diagnosis itself was no shock. We already knew he had GDD (global development delay) and we suspected autism of some kind, going off of Google etc. But we genuinely didn't think it was as "incredibly obvious" as what the paediatrician could see within 40 minutes. I guess maybe we had become blind to most of his traits and behaviours, because that, to us, is just Finley - not a condition.

Will he ever speak? We don't know. It's best not to assume that he will and hope for the best. Will he ever 'catch up'? Again, we just don't know. All we can do now is learn to cope and deal with it now that we have an official diagnosis and for me, that's a relief. It's a relief in knowing that it's been OK to not cope so great with him at times. I'm sure some tears will come this evening, I've choked some back a couple of times already today.

Maybe one day #BabyBabble will return, but for now I'm not pressuring myself to regularly include him in any part of the blog unless I need to rant or rejoice every now and then.

Our journey begins now...

Wow Toys and a Child's Development: Review & Win

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Wow Toys and review Dudley the Dump Truck. Given Finley’s developmental delay I find it difficult to source toys that he is willing to play with if it doesn't involve flicking. Wow Toys however, are aimed at aiding development such as fine motor skills. Count us in then! 

Firstly, it’s a large box and would make for an impressive gift when wrapped. I wasn't expecting it to be so large. All the better for little fingers to get to grips with I suppose! 

Inside the box is Dudley Dump Truck (aka Dudders) complete with driver/worker, barrels and traffic cones. As Finley progresses I do hope that this will encourage imaginative role play as well because there’s no one specific place for these pieces to be. 

You can pop the driver behind his windscreen, cones on the ground and barrels in the back of the truck. Or have the driver acting as a worker on the ground with Dudders bringing the cones.  For the moment Finley seems to enjoy the driver behind the windscreen and although he can't sit him in place just yet, he loves to open and close the window which is helping his finger/thumb pincing and opening actions. 

There's a dial on the side of Dudders that empties his truck, with the contents crashing out. Finley loves this and knows to pull my fingers to the dial when he wants it to happen which is an amazing achievement for him. This means he understands how it works so he should be able to have a go himself sooner rather than later! 

As Dudley is a friction powered truck, if you roll him forwards and lift him off the ground and repeat this, the wheels build speed enough to let go for him to whizz forward by himself. Sounds pretty realistic too... "vroom!" HINT: Don't try this on a table, like we did (oops!), he really does build some speed and distance!! 

Currently at Amazon for £19.99, I have to say that from my experience these past few weeks, it's worth every penny. There's no need to constantly replace batteries because they’re not required, it’s durable, developmentally educational, fun and encourages imaginative play. It will take Finley through many a year of play, of that I’m sure. 

Once he's cracked his motor skills he can start all over again with this toy on another level. I highly recommend Dudley Dump Truck for any child regardless of age. Wow Toys suggested 18m to 3 years and although Finley is 2 he has a developmental age of 6-10m and we have found this to be an exciting addition to Finley’s day, reaping the benefits gained form having this already.

Wow Toys have been kind enough to offer up one of these to you guys as a thank you for checking out the review, just follow the rules in the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. 

Remember: Enter as many ways as you like but the more ways you do choose to enter, the better chance you have of winning this brilliant prize. Best of luck xx, pub-8301510335931825, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0