Fun Hobbies To Take Up This Spring



Now that spring is finally here it is time for many of us to look forward to a happier summer when restrictions lift and we get to see our family and friends. 

The pandemic had a huge impact on all of our lives from missing moments of people’s lives, losing jobs, and, sadly, even becoming ill. It is important for us all now to take the chance to get back to normality and take the opportunity to make a positive change. 

Today we want to take a look at some of the simple and fun hobbies you could take up this spring to make your daily routine a little different and more fun. There are lots of ways to enjoy your time and some of them can even make you some money on the side. Here are some of the ideas you can try this spring. 


The first of the hobbies you can consider trying this spring is baking. Now that you’ll have family and friends to see and bake for - it is the perfect time to get in the kitchen and start being a bit creative. 

Homemade ice cream is a super fun recipe to make and you can change and adapt the flavours to your choosing - and here’s how to make a simple version: 


  • 500ml custard 
  • 300ml double cream 
  • Flavouring (melted chocolate, toffee sauce etc)

1.In a bowl or an ice cream maker, mix these ingredients until combined.

2. If you have an ice cream maker - mix for 15 minutes and then transfer to a freezer safe tub for 4 hours. 

3. If manual - place in a tub and take out of the freezer every half an hour to stir the ice cream and stop it crystallising. 

4. Serve with your favourite treats! 


If you have an outdoor space and you are looking to make the most of it this year - consider taking up gardening as a hobby. Gardening can be a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon and you will start to learn a lot about plants and animals that reside in your garden. You can plant seeds and bulbs, consider starting your own herb garden, and try your hand at growing some vegetables such as tomato or carrot. 

Forex trading 

Forex Trading might not seem like a fun hobby but this can not only make you money but will feel almost like a game of timing and skill. Opening an account with a forex trading platform will allow you to start buying and selling currency and making real money for yourself and your family. There are loads of courses you can take online to help support this and it will be a great way for you to build your skills while having some fun. 


If you are a creative person perhaps the best hobby you can try this year is writing. Writing is a wonderful thing and there are no rules. Pick a story and simply start to create something you enjoy. You could write a book, poems, or even short stories and enjoy letting your imagination go wild! 

What are you enjoying this Spring?

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A Few Aesthetically Pleasing Gift Ideas for Your Friends and Family


Pixabay CC0 License

Whether for Christmases, birthdays, weddings or other special occasions, gift giving is something that we all tend to do on a pretty regular basis – but it’s not always easy or straightforward to decide what sorts of gifts to give.

One common approach is to give gifts that are purely and directly practical – things like a new toaster, or a knife set, for example.

Another approach is to give gifts that are for pure entertainment, whether novelty gifts; films; games; or any number of other things that the recipient wouldn't probably buy themselves.

Whatever else the gift you are giving is, however, there are some good reasons why it should also be aesthetically pleasing. After all, beauty, craftsmanship, and harmonious motifs can really help to transform the environment within a home and make it a lot more uplifting and powerful, while simultaneously helping to improve the sense of well-being of everyone involved.

Here are just a few aesthetically pleasing gift ideas for your friends and family, so that you can be prepared in advance for the next special occasion.

Stylish tablecloths and dinnerware

Stylish tablecloths and dinnerware are great traditional gifts that can really help to make mealtimes much more special and positive experiences, not only for you and your family, but also for any guests you might have invited over for a special occasion.

Since the dawn of time, humans have enjoyed coming together and bonding over food – whether in the form of meat roasted over an open bonfire, or in the form of a formal dinner party complete with elaborate decor and extravagant examples of the finest French cuisine.

As with many other aesthetically pleasing gift ideas, great tablecloths and items of dinnerware can stand the test of time in excellent fashion, and can easily end up becoming family heirlooms.

Not only are these gifts totally practical, they can also become proud and storied possessions that are cherished and appreciated for a long time.

Framed art prints

Visual art in the form of paintings and stylised posters can transform the mood and atmosphere in a home like virtually nothing else, by invoking powerful motifs that automatically draw the attention and conjure up particular themes.

Of course, if you’re limiting yourself to actual paintings, your options will likely be pretty limited, and you will tend to have to pay quite a lot for whatever it is you want to buy.

Framed art prints can be a great way of bringing some of the great classics of the art world into your home in replica form that is nonetheless deeply powerful and visually appealing.

If you know that a friend, relative, or other loved one of yours really likes a particular painting or art style, gifting them with a high quality framed art print can be an excellent idea.

Handcrafted statuettes and ornaments

Handcrafted statuettes and carved or sculpted ornaments can be an amazing way of bringing a bit of genuine artisanship into the house, and creating powerful stand-out visual features that can add a lot of life and character to any desk, countertop, or mantelpiece around.

Whether you like particular animal motifs, mythological representations, depictions of famous buildings, or any number of other things, statuettes and related ornaments can allow you to explore and express just about any interest imaginable.

If you can think of a particular hobby or interest that someone close to you has, getting a custom statuette that relates to that thing is likely to be a novel and well-received gift idea.

A high quality pen or lighter

One of the issues that many of us experience with the present state of consumer culture, is that it often seems to emphasise throwaway goods and items, in a range of different ways.

If you need to write down a note, you probably reach for one of a dozen disposable ballpoint pens you have lying around! Likewise if you need to light a candle, you probably have cheap plastic disposable lighters sitting in a drawer somewhere.

Opting instead to give someone the gift of a high quality pen, or an engraved zippo lighter, can be a great way of adding a bit more meaning, aesthetic appeal, and reusability to an everyday object that would otherwise likely be far less significant or resilient.

Don't opt for the toaster or knife set, your options really are endless! Have you bought anything special recently? Let us know below.

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Cut Down on Carbon Emissions with These Family Tips


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People everywhere are trying to be more eco-friendly to help support the planet. While it's important for businesses and governments to make commitments, individuals are also capable of making a difference by changing some of the things in their lives. Reducing your carbon footprint can help you to be kinder to the planet, and it can be a good way to live sustainably and even save money. You might think it's hard to do when you have a family, but there are lots of things that the whole family can do to be more eco-friendly. Here are some of the steps that you might take.

Start Tackling Waste

A family can produce a lot of waste. From nappies to food waste, the more people in the house, the more waste you can produce. Fortunately, cutting down on waste is easier than you might think. You can use various tactics to do it, starting by replacing single-use items with reusable items. By reusing things, you can reduce your waste by a huge amount. Another tip is to make sure you're recycling as much as possible. Know your local council's recycling rules so you're aware of what you can and can't recycle.

Image from Pexels - CC0 License

Repair and Reuse

Most people knew how to fix things not too long ago. It was important to be able to darn your socks or reuse a dress that was no longer wearable. But now we just buy things to replace anything that's broken or isn't useful anymore. While it's a convenient way to live, it can also be very wasteful. Instead of buying new things all the time, learning how to repair items can help you to save money and also reduce the amount of waste you produce. Of course, if you invest in higher quality items, you'll find that you need to do fewer repairs.

Switch to a Hybrid or Electric Car

Some families get by without a car, but many find that it's much more convenient to have one. However, there are ways to own a car and still keep your carbon footprint low. One option is to switch to a hybrid or electric car, which can be more economical than a standard petrol or diesel car. The new Volvo range has a choice of electric plug-in hybrid options that are also great for families. If you need a new car or you're coming to the end of a lease, it could be worth considering one with lower carbon emissions.

Image from Pexels - CC0 License

Save Energy at Home

Saving energy at home is also a great way to reduce your family's carbon emissions. Everyone can get involved in preventing energy waste. Start with small things such as switching light bulbs to LEDs. You can encourage everyone to turn off lights when they leave a room and put a jumper on if they're feeling chilly to save energy in different ways. Yes, I know, I sound like my Dad... but guess what, parents really do know best!

If you have a family, it shouldn't stop you from being eco-friendly and helping to support the planet. Everyone can get involved in being greener.

What measures do you take yourself?

Share your ideas below.

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Win 100 Red Roses for Valentine's Day

Do you want to win 100 red roses this Valentine's Day for your most loved one? Of course you do! Read on...

Gone are the days of romantic wining and dining out, hotel getaways, and mini-breaks without the kids thanks to the global pandemic we are all facing right now. It seems that we have nothing to look forward to doesn't it. 

So I guess you're thinking flowers are the answer. Imagine having to buy them from only an essential store and shoving them alongside your loo roll in the trolley. I mean, talk about completely and utterly taking the romance away. #facepalm

Well picture this, breakfast in bed and a delivery of the most beautiful flowers direct to your door for your loved one. Let's remember that non-essential businesses such as florists have been crushed over the past year thanks to lockdown after lockdown. So help them help you, and support them this Valentine's Day. 

Acacia of Chester Florist are holding their first ever online competition to gift not just the traditional Valentine's Day gift of a dozen red roses, but a whopping 100!  

Thanking customers for their support during these difficult times, Acacia of Chester Florist wants to be a part of this special day in saying 'thank you' or 'I love you' to the precious person in your life.  This symbolic gesture of a competition thanks you in tandem with surprising your loved one. 

Here is how to enter:

For this Valentine's Day 2021 Contest, send an email to with a picture of you and the person you love the most. 

Explain why this person deserves to receive 100 red roses on Valentine’s Day.

It's that simple.

So, how will you win?

The team at Acacia of Chester Florist will internally decide who has the most creative, sweet, or funny message that deserves to win.   

This is truly a special moment for the team, during one of the hardest economic times in recent times. So get your thinking cap on and put some love and thought into your entry. It really could be worth it!

Terms & Conditions: 

The contest runs from February 1st to February 10th. As this is a local contest, they can only accept entries from residents of their local delivery area. Only one entry per email account is accepted. 

You can share the contest with your family and friends via email. Should you have any questions about this Valentine's Day 2021 Contest, you can reach out to the team hosting the giveaway by emailing

Finally  a note from Acacia of Chester Florist themselves...

Why Join Our Contest?

When you choose to join our contest, you are not only getting a free Valentine's Day gift. You are also supporting our local Chester flower shop in sharing the gift of love. As we want to reach more people and be a partner in celebrating magical and extraordinary moments in life, we are giving you a chance to win gifts that will match your true feelings.


Why Send Red Roses on Valentine's Day?

Red roses on Valentine's Day is a must. It is a perfect moment to show your loved one how you feel, and you will never go wrong when you choose to send a bouquet of these beautiful flowers. Nothing says 'I love you' more than fresh-cut red roses.


Unlike other colours of roses, red symbolises beauty, courage, and respect. It shows deep feelings such as longing and desire. It can also express admiration, respect, and devotion.


It is the perfect flower to express romantic love. So if you want to confess your true feelings this February 14th, use this opportunity to win red roses and send it to the one you love! 

Good luck guys. Remember, its vital we support local businesses now more than ever. Let's make 2021 the year we get more personal in who we buy from, and also where they're based. 

Stay local, save the high street, and say "I love you" all in one go., pub-8301510335931825, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0