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el salvador coffee, carsonsmummy review, Coffee is my downfall. Heck, what am I saying? It's my drug!! Give me a full-bodied coffee any time of the day and I am indebted to you.
So to receive a nice bag of coffee ground from Eden Project Shop to review was a very exciting moment for me. I'm actually being serious with you though - this is coming from the person who declared that next Christmas I want a Tassimo machine and that's it.

Firstly, let me tell you a bit about the coffee itself, which I have taken from www.edenproject.com
"El Salvador coffee beans or grounds come from Monte Sion a family owned coffee farm that has been growing coffee since 1906 and has focused on producing speciality coffees. 
Dr Urrutia and his family founded Monte Sion Nuevo Amanecer to help the communities in the rural area of Ahuachapan, serving around 400 people. 
With 10% of the production cost of every 100lbs of green coffee going to the community, it has created better homes, food, clothing and improved health as a result of a primary healthcare programme and rural medical campaigns every 2 to 4 months."

Immediately, you can be confident in the product you're buying and it's origin - the addition of the trusty 'Rainforest Alliance Certified' stamp is clear to see on the front of the packaging as well.

As Carson can't enjoy coffee with me, I decided to take my bag of El Salvador to the office and share with a colleague. Albeit begrudgingly, I must admit I thought it would be nice to have another opinion too.

The smell is divine, and that was before I even opened the bag as there is a very small push button at the head of the bag which you can press to allow the aroma to release.

I prefer my coffee white (but only a drop or two of milk) and strong so when I saw that this coffee is light to medium bodied I decided to make it a tad stronger in the cafetiere - my chosen implement - by adding an extra heaped teaspoon of coffee. You can also use this coffee in a filter machine or jug by the way.

My colleague prefers her coffee black, so it was the perfect opportunity to determine the difference, if any between both cups.

Firstly, my coffee (white) looked very weak after adding just a small drop of milk and I was concerned that I should've added 2 extra teaspoons from the off. The taste, was smooth and, yes, medium bodied. Not exactly my preference but not as light as I had thought it would be. The black coffee, looked beautiful so after polishing off my white mug, the temptation to have another - but black this time -was eating away at me.

The difference was actually very obvious despite only the small addition of milk in the first mug. If I had this coffee in the house/office again - I would definitely choose to drink it black. Or perhaps purchase a full-bodied variety instead.

My colleague enjoyed hers black and had commented that it 'tasted exactly how it smells'.

There was no powdery residue, that can be a common occurrence with cafetiere coffees and the is no bitter after taste - just a smooth, fragrant and all round pleasant beverage

On the whole, I really did enjoy this coffee. It retails at £4 for a 227g bag - well worth it.

I would recommend this coffee for any degree of coffee lover. Follow the instructions for a light bodied brew, add an extra teaspoon for medium and have it black with an extra teaspoon for a fuller, stronger taste.

I'll be buying it!


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