Fun Things to Do with the Kids When Lockdown is Over

As nurseries, schools and colleges remain closed due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, millions of people are dreaming about what they’ll do when the current crisis is over. If you’re feeling cooped up at home, planning how you’ll spend your time post-lockdown is a great way to calm your mind. For inspiration, take a look at these top ways to have fun with your kids when lockdown is over…
Currently, only essential travel is permitted which means no holidays, days out or even trips to family member’s and friend’s houses. Due to this, travel is bound to be at the top of your list when it comes to activities to enjoy after lockdown. 
With so many places you’ll be eager to visit, the only trouble you might have is deciding where to go first! If you want to ensure that your child hasn’t missed out on learning due to the restrictions, educational travel could be your best bet. Visiting notable sites or planning trips to destinations related to their curriculum won’t just be a fun way to enjoy your freedom, it could be a great incentive to encourage your kids to crack on with their schoolwork while they’re at home. 
Have a picnic
As well as being restricted in terms of where we can go, lockdown means we can’t enjoy meals with our family and friends either. With many people desperate to see their loved ones in a face-to-face setting, a picnic is the perfect post-lockdown activities. 
In addition to enjoying the great outdoors, you can share an alfresco meal with your nearest and dearest when you opt for a picnic lunch or dinner. Whether you head for your local park, take a trip to the countryside or incorporate it into a fun-filled day, you’ll be relishing the opportunity to grab a bite and relax with friends and family in the sunshine.

Visit the coast
There’s no doubt about it, being stuck inside for so long makes you long for nature’s finest sights. If you’re dreaming of watching the waves roll in and breathing in the salty, sea air, then a trip to the coast is your top post-lockdown priority. 
As national travel is likely to be permitted well before international travel options are available, you can make up for missed vacations and minibreaks by heading to UK seaside towns and coastal retreats with the kids instead. From the White Cliffs of Dover and the Cornish coves to Norfolk’s Broads and Scotland’s sea lochs, there is no end to the delights on offer. 
Keeping Kids Entertained During Lockdown
If you’re struggling to find ways to keep your kids entertained throughout the lockdown period, ask them to plan a list of all the activities they want to do. As well as helping you to create a custom post-lockdown itinerary, you can find innovative ways to modify their favourite activities. With a little ingenuity, you’ll find many activities can be customised to fit within lockdown restrictions and will keep your kids busy until normal life can resume.

Stay safe x

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What causes stress as a mother?

As a mother, you’ll know just rich the experience can be. It’s full of love and joy and pride, and there’s no doubt that you wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. However, it’s not as if the whole motherhood experience is a stroll in the park. There are difficult moments too. On some days and weeks, it can feel as if it’s nothing but stress. While there’s not much you can do that’ll get rid of stress entirely, there are things you can do that’ll at least keep it a minimum. One such way is to simply be aware of what causes the stress. If you can identify the triggers, you’ll be able to wrestle back some control. Below, we take a look at a few of the most common stress-inducers.

Natural Reponses

Perhaps the most important thing to know about parental stress is that it’s entirely normal. While we might hope to be in a state of constant bliss and happiness, that wouldn't have much benefit in an evolutionary sense. In other words, it’s important to feel stress, because it ensures that you’ll take great care of your little ones. So if you feel stressed even though nothing seems to be wrong, then don’t worry -- it’s just your human body doing what it has to do.

Time Management

You’ll have a million things to do when you’re a parent, and, alas, there are only so many hours in the day. Of all the complaints that mothers have, none are quite as common as the problems they have with time management. How are you expected to take care of everything during daylight hours? While you’ll never be able to skip from one task to the next, you can increase the chances of getting everything done by getting as organised as possible. Having a notepad that outlines your daily tasks will help ensure that nothing gets missed. If possible, try to get into a rhythm that stays the same each day, too. 

Relationship Issues

Before you had a baby, it was all about you and your partner. After you’ve had a baby, it’s all about you and your little one. It’s normal that we spend a huge chunk of our time doting on our little sons and daughters, and, as a result, our relationship with our partner can suffer. There are things you do that’ll help to keep the connection alive, however. For example, perhaps the two biggest things you can do are: make time, and communicate well. It’s really important to set aside some time to spend quality time with your partner. It’ll help ensure that there’s still something to hold onto once your child is a little older.

Home and Car Problems

If you’re going to raise your child as smoothly as possible, then you’ll need to have the setup that helps you to achieve this goal. For example, a nice home and a fully functioning car. However, sometimes these things stop playing ball. If we have big problems in our house, or our car won’t work, then life will be much more difficult. Alas, when these things go wrong, it usually requires a fair amount of cash to fix, and that can be problematic if you don’t have any spare money sitting in your bank account. It’s important to remember that there are always options, however. You could get a loan from Buddy loans, direct guarantor loan lender, for example. Or you could ask to borrow money from your friends or family, or even dip into your savings account. These situations are far from ideal, but should be handled promptly; it’ll make your life much more straightforward.

Lack of Free Time

The idea of free time is something of a joke to mothers, and that’s understandable. However, it is important to still make time for yourself, even when you’re looking after a little human. If not, you could begin to feel like your life is spinning away from you. While it’s true that you won’t have hours to play with, it’s likely that you’ll have at least some time throughout the day, such as after your child goes to bed. Make the most of this time. Reading your favourite book, watching a show you like, or simply taking the time to slow down and reconnect with yourself will all do wonders for your sense of self.

It can be stressful as a mother, but it’ll all be worth it -- and don’t forget that the stressful period won’t be around forever, either! 

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4 Things To Look For In A Family Car

Finding the perfect family car is tough because there are so many different factors to consider. Every family has different needs in terms of space or features, and you need to make sure that you can actually afford the car! You also need to consider safety if you are driving your kids around in the car. Finding a car that meets all of these needs can be tough, but if you follow this guide, you can find the perfect car for your family. 


Setting a budget is the first thing that you need to do. Most people cannot afford to buy a car outright so you will need to take out a finance package. Consider how much you can afford in monthly payments, so you can get an idea of what kind of car you can afford. Once you have a budget in place, you can start looking at your different options, like a Vauxhall Personal Contract Purchase or a car loan from a bank. It is also important that you consider the other costs associated with buying a car, like the insurance and the fuel costs. If you don’t add up the extra costs, your budget will not be realistic and you may find yourself in financial trouble. 


Space is one of the most important things to consider when buying a family car, especially if you have a big family. If the car is small and cramped, the kids will end up arguing on long drives, so make sure that there is enough space for everybody to be comfortable. You need to find a car with plenty of boot space as well so you have enough room to pack everything for family outings or holidays. In our case, we need to think long and hard about how Finley's adapted buggy would fit and whether anything else would go in there with it!


Safety is another vital concern when choosing a family car. It’s important that you choose the right car seat, but you also need a car that has good safety features as well. Modern vehicles have great safety features, like automatic braking and parking sensors that often come as standard. However, you may need to pay extra to have these things added on, so make sure that you include this in your budget when you are working out the cost. Even though it is tempting to skip out on the added extras to keep costs down, you shouldn’t cut any corners where your family’s safety is concerned. 


As a parent, you already know that kids are messy, and you need to take that into account when looking at the interior of a car. You don’t want any materials that are easily stained because there are likely to be spillages. It’s also a good idea to avoid leather because it needs a lot of maintenance and it is expensive to replace if it is damaged. Cheaper, durable materials that are easily cleaned are always best for family cars. 

If you can get all of these aspects right, you can find the perfect car that meets all of your family’s needs and keeps them safe on the road. 

Stay safe everyone x

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