Second Time Mummy Worries

I'm on my lunch break at work and I can't help but think up ridiculous scenarios that could occur by the time this baby arrives. Ooosh. There are a lot of what-if's absorbing my brain power at the moment. I can only assume that this is normal for a mum in preparation for their second... because, well, I'm not THAT odd. I can't be the only one who does it... surely? C'mon, tell me I'm right. No? QUICK!!
"What If..."
Honestly though, I'm thinking what if I don't love the second as much as Carson. Nothing compares to my love for Carson, I'm struggling to see how anything/anyone can rival this. It scares me.

Then again, what if I end up neglecting Carson, perhaps I'll be too tired to be bothered with his book one night, then another night, then what if I don't want to do arts & crafts because "why don't you put a dvd on instead and I'll snooze" - it'll hurt him, it'll hurt me - if I even realise I'm doing it....
"Don't even tell me it's something to do with the baby"
I mean, I'm trying to keep him excited and involved in everything, he's even helped choose Kung Fu Foetus' name (it's a secret... do NOT press me on this one!) but recently feel that maybe I'm involving him too much as he rolls his eyes whenever I even mention the baby now.

The other day I called him to feel The Wriggler at his best, oh my days he was pounding away in-utero, I thought Carson would LOVE to see/feel this. Well, he came into the room and before I could open my mouth he quips: "Don't even tell me it's something to do with the baby"

I was gutted. Something that I feel would be awesome for him to experience, and he did not want to know.

I remember being 4 and sitting on the loo seat in the bathroom talking to my mum who was having a bubble bath. I remember seeing her belly jolt and I was in stupendous awe. WOW!

Incidently... That 'jolt' is now known as @npritchard66 over on twitter, she's the youngest of the 4 of us - I was the eldest (we're all close in both age and emotion!)

That brief bathroom bonding moment is the first of only 2 memories I have of my youngest sister being a baby. There are 3 years and 2 months between her and I so I feel that Carson, as being 5 and a half  yrs old now, should remember and take something from this experience.

So... Question time!

How much do I involve a 5 and a half year old only child in the pregnancy stage?
What worries did/do you have as a second time mum/dad?
Did you ever feel the same as me? WHAT'S THE REALITY LIKE???

Thanks, Jo xxx

Wow.... most in-depth lunch time thinking sesh, ever....!!


  1. I think you need to just let them know that they will still be your baby no matter what. And I think if you get them a little involved such as picking out clothes and stuff they will be fine!! I've never had a baby brother or sister but my cousins have and my aunty's were really good when they were having babies and it's stuff like that which has taught me that if I ever do have children that I will take on those little experiences I've had with my family xx

  2. Yes I agree with the above! Involve them more maybe once the baby actually arrives. Awww good luck with the birth... I love babies and am very easily made broody lol!!

  3. I have 6 children and I promise you that all be just fine, you have the same amount of love for each child, it just happens. You can try to involve him but try to not make everything about the baby x Be prepared for some bad behaviour when baby arrives, hes going to want mummies attention and may resent the new baby, but I promise this stage doesn't last x They will soon be best friends.

  4. I'm not a mum, (unless you count being a puppy mama as one haha!) but my mum always involved me in her pregnancies as best as she could! I'm the eldest of 5 & would always be allowed to ask questions about the baby, feel the baby bump & even meet baby seconds after it was born! I think it's the best way to be & it will help prepare your little boy when the baby does arrive as he won't be as confused! :) my Mum also says she loves us all exactly the same, I hear most people say that tbh & I'm sure you'll love baby no.2 just as much as baby no.1!

    L x

  5. I worried like mad when I was pregnant with my second child that I couldn't ever love another child as much as my 1st. My son was just turning 5 and starting school and I was pregnant. I thought I would love my baby but no where near as much as my son. My god was I wrong. I love them both and in different ways too, I love my youngest as he is really loving and my eldest as he is really strong willed and determined. Don't get me wrong I spent years wracked with guilt that my eldest would be jealous when I had the baby. Include your child in your pregnancy but don't go on about it too much, I got my son a gift when I had my youngest and I said it was a gift from his new brother as he was a big brother now and it made him feel important.


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