A morning sickness cure?

Ok ok ok... so all I do is moan about this pregnancy! But I genuinely believe I may have the answer to all problems. Well, all pregnancy problems. Well, *a* sickness related problem.

I suffered somewhat horrendously with morning sickness up until around 16 weeks, not necessarily with the vomiting, but the nausea. And in my opinion, that's worse...The constant swirly heavy sickly feeling, churning around and around and around.
Bleurgh!! Just writing about it is enough to make me want to vom!

You've no appetite, but you're tummy is crying out for something to eat. You need to hydrate yourself but you simply cannot be dealing with the added swishing around of fluid in your belly either.

What did I use? Ice pops!

mr freeze ice pops carsonsmummy

They're cooling, refreshing, hydrating, stave off hunger pangs, taste a bit of alright and, on a personal level, they give me a child-like sense of comfort. (I remember having Mr Freeze ice pops when I had a tummy bug or fever as a child!) I guess it's like sucking on a pacifier in a way.

Now morning sickness has jogged on - I'm plagued with heartburn. (I know - more moaning!) I'll tell you what though... they continue to be a staple freezer item in this household. For the exact same reasons as the above. The only downside is having to tell Carson that they're not his and he can't have one *everytime* I have one.

I just wanted to point out that this is a 100% honest post and I have not been paid to write about the topic. However, for sharing my experiences of ice pops during pregnancy, Mr Freeze have offered to send me some goodies by way of thanks. Obviously I've accepted - I'd be mad not to given how many I've gone through these past 6 months! Plus Mr Freeze is the bees knees of ice pops.

It's well worth you checking Mr Freeze out on Twitter or Facebook actually - their #FreebieFriday comps are a morning sickness-riddled pregnant woman's dream!

Have you used them during pregnancy?
Where they for 'medicinal purposes' like me or thanks to a general craving for them?

(PSSST... Just for your info, ice pops cure hangovers too! Is there anything ice pops can't cure?!)


  1. They don't work for me for hangovers but I wish I had known this when I was pregnant my morning sickness was horrific, hmmm wonder if I have one when I get the bus to work it will cure my travel sickness ;)

  2. Try it... I promise you it will work. :-)

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  4. I always used to have these when I was younger too! They were always the first thing I tried after I'd had a bug

  5. Oh that is hilarious! I am glad you have worked something out. When I feel sick I always use Rennie or Innocent Smoothie or simply bacon and mushroom sandwich. I wrote a post help things, which help to save me, when I need to, so feel free to pop over and read. I hope you may find something useful! x http://katdesigner.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/day-24-things-which-save-the-day-for-me-68-days-to-go/

  6. I have 6 kids (including a triplet pregnancy) and never suffered!

  7. Well ice pops are something I never tried - I suffer terribly with morning sickness to the point of being in hospital on a drip to get fluids in me - I tried ginger, travel sickness wrist bands, and so much more but nothing worked - I will definitely be buying ice pops!!!

  8. I eat ice pops all the time anyway, when I was pregnant ate icecubes to help with my sickness. Weird huh

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  10. I think I will take a cold bath rather than applying ice pops in the hangover. Also, there are some other natural ways to reduce hangover. Get proper sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, drink fluids like Coconut water during the hangover. Also, if the hangover is in extreme condition, then take an IV hangover therapy. It will cure the hangover very fast.


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