Nursery Inspiration: Wall stickers

I know this is a somewhat boring post, but seriously - there are so few reviews of wall stickers out there that I'm inclined to believe they're nothing to write home about.

Has anyone had experience of applying wall stickers before? Particularly the more intricate ones, swirly font quotes for example.

I'm thinking of nursery ideas and would absolutely LOVE to go a little different and opt for a quote wall sticker, as opposed to a full or border wallpaper. 

There are a lot of small reviews either testimonials hosted on the retailer/manufacturers site itself, or one liners from Amazon which can be hit and miss sometimes as far as being accurate goes! Why are there no independent reviews?

Och... I'm scared!!

It's not even like they're cheap (in comparison to wallpaper/paint), and what if I make a boo-boo in application, ruining the whole thing?

I'm thinking bluey grey and orange for a colour scheme with, preferably, white furniture to give the illusion of more open space (as the baby will be lumbered with the box room!) See my board on Pinterest to get an idea of what I'm thinking of.

I have asked a couple of suppliers if they have any reviews to point me in the direction of themselves and I'm not getting very far. Not exactly filling me with confidence, to say the least. 

I never really did the whole nursery design with Carson, because we knew we were moving out pretty much as soon as he was born, but I've been cemented in my current home for 4 years and have no plans to move any time soon so it's a real opportunity to get creative!

If you have any ideas or inspiration of your own, comment with a link to your Pinterest boards etc and I'd love to check them out!

All comments/thoughts are welcome!
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  1. I put large swirly quotes up in my son and my bedrooms this week and they were surprisingly easy! Paid four quid each in the range and you just peel them on, rub down and peel again and they look lush!

  2. 4 quid? where from? I want some!! For 4 quid, I don't mind if they don't work! Thanks for your comment hun x

  3. My daughter put a quote on her plain but newly painted walls,it looked stunning and having seen the picture on Pinterest ,that does too.She ordered it from E Bay, I think it was about £8 ,we had to do it quite carefully peeling them off whilst holding the whole quote and then rubbing down well ,we thought it was a bit fiddly but well worth it

  4. These seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment ... it's good to see people's comments as I was wondering how difficult they would be to actually put up! :-)


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