Alleviating Pain with Deep Freeze Patches *review*

I gave birth 5 weeks ago, as you're all aware. I'm still sore and continue to struggle on a daily basis - not only with SPD but particularly with my back as I attempt to regain my posture and shift my centre of gravity back to where it belongs!

For me, my usual solution is to sit on my bum with a hot water bottle tucked under my top and into my jeans. The problem is that it's not practical! I can't do this outside, and I can't sit around on my jaxsy all the day long when there's a 5 year old school boy and a 5 week old baby in the vicinity, not to mention the housework and ironing that needs doing. Hmmf.

I was sent a couple of Deep Freeze Cold Patch samples to try out. Now these are the complete opposite to a hot water bottle so I was a little nervous as to how cold therapy (cryotherapy) would help my lower back and pelvis.

The patch is like a large jelly like plaster. You can wear it for 3 hours of relief anywhere on the body and it COMPLETELY safe to use whilst pregnant and/or breastfeeding too. Much more preferable than oral painkillers for most women, me included.

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The patch sticks very well, but did roll a little with my jeggings - this was due to the position of pain though and after I had fixed it twice, I forgot all about it's presence thereafter (so much so that I jumped out my skin when undressing that night, wondering what the hell it was that was stuck to my back!!)

It tingles. And it tingles beautifully! The way I would describe the intense cold is similar to having extra strong mints in your mouth, but on your skin. The intense minty cool feeling literally overrides any deep pain you have.

You can purchase these from any good pharmacies plus ASDA, Boots, Morrisons, Superdrug, Sainsburys & Tesco and priced at £1.55 each, or a pack of 4 for £5.10 I would recommend these. Definitely.
Not just to expectant mummies either, anyone who suffers from muscular aches and pains or swollen ankles etc. They don't need to be stores anywhere special so you can whack one in your bag for handy pain relief on the go. You won't be disappointed using these patches and I would, quite happily, guarantee that too.

Have you used anything like this before? 
Would you in the future?


  1. My brother swears by these for sports strains and my mum uses them on her knees! So you are right - another good invention!

  2. it sounds like an amazing product! I actually never heard about this product before, I am definitely going to check it out :D

  3. I often used similar things when I was doing a lot of sport when I was younger - they really help.
    Thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  4. I've never used anything like this before, but I know friends that have used them and really like them.

  5. These sound great! I always have a sore back....I may have to give these a try :)


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