Father's Day at ASDA

Badge rrp £1
Being on maternity leave this year for Father's Day, we agreed 'no presents'. Father's Day can get so expensive and I'd rather spend that money on the kids if I'm honest.

Having said that, there's no need to break the bank with ASDA's exclusive range of gifts available online at direct.asda.com or in-store now.

From pocket-money "No.1 Dad" Badges for a quid, to the PS3/X-Box FIFA World Cup game for £37 there is something for everyone's budget.

Which is great because Carson is insistent on spending his own piggy bank pennies on his Daddy... a grand total of £4.26 thus far! He really is such a thoughtful little boy.

Is the Dad in your life a Star Wars fan? (Hang on, what Dad doesn't like Star Wars?) You can grab goodies like these at a very good price indeed.

carsonsmummy, blog review, star wars, lightsaber pens, passport holder luggage tag gift set

Passport Holder & Luggage Tag Gift Set is £7 so if Dad is looking to go away this Summer, you can kill 2 birds with one stone by getting these in his fave design. The Darth Vadar Keyring doubles up as a torch when you press his mouth and at £3 - a steal! The Lighstaber Pens (£4) wouldn't look out of place anywhere because, let's face it, can we get much cooler than a lightsaber pen?!

Passport Holder & Luggage Tag Gift Set rrp £7, Torch Keyring rrp £3, NotePad, Lighsaber Pens rrp £4

Don't worry if Star Wars isn't Dad's thang, there's plenty other gifts to choose from: 

Working Daddy? Spice up his lunch by turning his sandwich into a 'manwich' with the HP Butty Box for a mere fiver.

HP Sandwich Box rrp £5
Check out the retro iphone 5 cassette cases for a trip down memory lane. Oof, talk about reliving your youth! I'd love one of these myself!
iPhone 5 Cassette Case rrp £5

If Dad isn't easy to buy for, why not opt for a gift card instead? ASDA stock gift cards from iTunes to Boots, from George to Pizza Express. There's a dedicated gift section online or you can browse the aisles in-store. I'm sure you'll find what you need.

Remember - Father's Day is Sunday 15th June in UK so be quick!

What are you doing for the Dad in your life this Father's Day?

*I was not paid for this post, however I did receive the Star Wars samples FOC.


  1. Some great gift ideas here Jo, loving the pics too and your new blog design too ;) xx

  2. Ooh there's some really good ideas here! I was stuck on what to buy my dad but think I may pop down to Asda now and have a look :) xx

  3. Some really good ideas for fathersday. Thanks I always get stuck what to buy.

  4. What great ideas....I love the HP Butty Box :)

  5. I no longer have my father but it seems like Asda is a good place to shop this year for items of good value.

  6. Pam Francis Gregory16 June 2014 at 10:30

    Some great ideas - Thanks


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