6 Week Review #BabyBabble

Finley had his 6 week review yesterday. I couldn't, for the life of me, remember what it was to entail so I was actually quite nervous for him (and me - I'm not good with the unknown!)

Gutted that he fell asleep en-route to the GP's surgery because a) he'd had me awake from 2.40am SOLIDLY the night before and b) it was too hot to be faffing around dressing and undressing a tired baby when I, myself, hadn't had any sleep that night. But, hey ho. It had to be done. And I did it with a smile *and sweaty palms*

Firstly the nurse saw him. She took his head circumference and body length measurements, then weighed him.

Head Circ: 56.4cm
Length: 38.2cm
Weight: 11lb 1oz. << In 6 weeks he has gained 4.5lbs!! Ahhh, my lil' Milk Monster!

He was crying and wriggling and hot and sweaty.... and then wee'd. I popped him back in the pram with just his nappy on and had to then wait for the doctor.

Doc was lovely! Really very nice and put all nerves I may have had totally at ease. She twiddled his hips (don't like this, it always looks painful to me), checked his knackers (all ok thankfully!), listened to his heart (cue screams of terror at the cold ring on his chest) and danced a pink highlighter pen above his head to trace his eye path. Finley wee'd again, this time for the doc. Charmed!


He's perfect! His measurements above place his slap bang on the 50th centile so I shouldn't feel that he's been drinking too much or that taking the decision to put him on hungrier baby formula was a bad choice.  It was clearly the right one! Felt a bit of a wally having been so nervous beforehand now so - any new mums out there - take note. Do not be afraid!

I've tried to catch Fin's smile and laugh (ok, more of a coo!) on camera but I'm failing miserably! He's been doing it for the last 2 weeks and I'm still yet to get a good'un so I've decided to stop trying so I can just enjoy when he does it instead of ruining it by reaching for the phone, panicking I'll miss it.

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He's growing up too fast. As much as I want him to sleep through the night, I don't want to wish these days away. Is it really possible to be broody again when your new baby is only 6 weeks old...??



  1. Oh, he is so cute!! I get nervous at every routine doctor/nurse/HV appointment too. I'm not quite sure what it is I'm expecting to happen but it always turns out OK in the end. And nope, not impossible to feel broody. I've been feeling constantly broody since Jasmine was born.
    Thanks for hosting #babybabble

  2. he's lovely! I don't know about being broody that quickly, but when #2 was born by emergency CS, the anaesthetist asked me if they'd see me again in a year. I replied something along the lines of "I was planning to wait until I'd be sewn up after this one before planning the next"

  3. Your son is beyond cute. I sure miss those early days but def was not broody by week six.

  4. Aww he's beautiful glad everything is ok x

  5. So cute. Glad he's growing well x

  6. Aww he is so cute!! Definitely possible to be broody! My little girl is just 10 days old and im broody already lol!! I miss the whole being pregnant and giving birth and that first cuddle! xx

  7. thats great that all is well, when is little man;s next check?

  8. Yes, I get broody after the first week! Cutie :) x

  9. Oh Jo he's just adorable, and I can def see that little smile/laugh! :)
    So glad he's doing so well!! So scary that these days go so fast isn't it!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  10. Thank you for hosting :)
    I'm glad everything went well. I remember finding it really hard capturing Osian's smile at that age! #Babybabble


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