May's Nonabox Review

I've been been participating in some Nonabox reviews of late and after my total glee at April's box contents (read about that HERE) I was very excited to receive May's box.

As previously, I was greeted with the ever beautiful presentation box (which I now use as an open topped storage box on a shelf in my bedroom - they look fab!)

At first I was 'ooh-ing' and 'aahh-ing' checking each and every item out carefully, but in actual fact my heart sank a little when it was over in all of about 90 seconds as there wasn't all that much to ogle at.

I unravelled the ribbon and opened it up to find the following...

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MaByLand wipe case RRP £3
OK, I get why some people would want a wipe case and would find this great value for money in keeping things neat in their change bags. But, for me, £3 couple buy another 2 packets of actual wipes so I would never spend my money on this!

Berry White Drink RRP £1.69
An organic flavoured water, basically. It tasted lovely but, again, I'm afraid I wouldn't pay the price they retail at considering you get the same amount as a can of coke in each bottle (330ml)

carsonsmummy, blog review, box upon a time hat and bib set, may nonabox contents
Box Upon a Time Bib & Hat Set - Unavailable to purchase.
This was my favourite item this month, it's absolutely adorable and of great quality too. Finley doesn't cry when I pop this hat on his head. I do like the fact that you can't buy this set anywhere as it is because it makes my lil' monkey a bit unique.

Having said that, I would have purchased some others if I could but on closer inspection I find that Box Upon a Time is actually a subscription service - similar to that of Nonabox.

Although I do LOVE this set and am thankful I received it this month, I also feel that it's little more than a promotion for another company - so I'm not quite sure why Nonabox would feel it's within the monetary value that service users pay them for their boxes.

Shea Mooti Mama's Everything Body Balm RRP £16.99
This is nice! This is really nice!
It smells lovely and feels like satin on your skin. I had a quick nosey online to read more into this product and found that you can use it on yourself, babies, even on your lips.
Quite the balm for me - the less tubes and pots I have in my house the better, far too much clutter around since Finley was born!

Aquaint Spray RRP £2.49
This is anti-bacterial in that it contains natural acid found in the human body to kill bacteria so it's completely safe to spray on dummies and teats as well as body parts too.

I keep this in the living room next to Fin's 'changing station' so I can freshen up his face, or spritz his bum with after doing his nappy.

*** ADDITIONALLY, There was also a packet of name tag sticker samples in there - although they were rendered useless as they all said "My Baby". Again, a promotional inclusion I feel. ***

My honest opinion?
Sadly this doesn't live up to April's box. The value of this months box equates to there or thereabouts of your £25 fee so you're no worse off but it's not got items that I would spend that money on.

Had I been a long standing paying customer, I'd have been sad.
Had it have been my first box as a customer, I'd have been rather annoyed.

That said, I have discovered 2 new products that I would buy again in Aquaint and Shea Mooti. And my Finley's hat and bib has gotten a few cute compliments too.

But I'm hoping my final installment of the review period, in June's box, will blow me away like April did. Not just 'satisfied'.

What did you think of May's Nonabox?


  1. This is such a cute box!
    I always wanted to try a mother & baby box! That Aquaint spray is actually quite attractive, need to keep those germs away from my little one!
    I hope you don't mind me following you, your mummy tips will probably help me ;)


  2. Not sure the contents are quite what I'm after, but the box and ribbon are lovely. It's always fun to receive a parcel when you don't quite know what's in it.

  3. This is cute box I agree your past boxes have been better though. I can't wait to see Finlay in his new hat and bib x


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