*Review* Funky Giraffe Bibs

I don't know about the rest of you mummy's and daddy's out there but I despise poor bibs.
When I say poor bibs, I mean the ones that soak through when baby dribbles during feeding. When you take them off it looks like you never bothered in the first place. Cue change of clothes/vest and clean baby's neck before he starts smelling cheesy (bleurgh!)
When Funky Giraffe offered me the chance to choose a couple of bibs from their range I jumped at the chance of trying out their bandana bibs. With a 100% cotton front and a fleece backing, they promise to prevent dribble from soaking through. Sounds perfect!

carsomsmummy blog review funky giraffe bibs

Available in a variety of super adorable designs there is something for every baby and toddler. I chose the Funky Fishes, Rock Guitar and Football designs (world cup and all that!)

True to the claims, they are incredibly soft and quite thick too. Finley was comfortable wearing these bibs and remained 100% dry thoughout his dribbly feeds.


They washed just brilliantly and came out as soft as ever. This, coupled with the double poppers meaning you can adjust their fit as they grow, tells me that I will get a great length of use from Funky Giraffe Bandana bibs.

Not only for feeding, their soft finish and cool bandana fashion-style mean you can polish an, otherwise plain, outfit off with them too.

If bandana style bibs aren't your thing, Funky Giraffe's website makes it easy to find a style that you're after.

Currently, these bibs are £4 each but you can purchase 10 Funky Giraffe bibs for just£20 over on their site right now - that makes a 50% saving!! Massively worth investing in, in my opinion.

Go follow Funky Giraffe on twitter or facebook for the latest news and offers and why not tell them where you heard about their range whilst you're there?

*PSSSTT... They are now offering personalised bibs - cute!! More info on their facebook page so make sure to like them.*

We love Funky Giraffe!


  1. They are so cool! They have so much character to them!

  2. I hated using bibs when mine were young. These sound and look good quality plus they're super cute

  3. These look quite cute! X

  4. Ooh we love bandana bibs, built up quite a collection with J! x


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