Brotherly Love #babybabble

Being an only child for almost 6 years, the introduction of a brother for Carson was bringing all kinds of worries in the run up to Finley being born (I touched on that HERE)
He'd shown loving signs of excitement but also many signs of annoyance and, with Carson undergoing assessments this last year for Autism/Aspergers, it really was a concern that I tried hard to suppress to others.

How would he react: Would he be jealous? Would he become very demanding?
On the otherhand, would be become possessive and overly obsessed with the baby?

I am exceptionally pleased to say that, with Finley now 5 weeks old, Carson has taken to being a brother like a duck to water.
He is so very much in love with Finley. It melts my heart when I see him reach for Finley's dummy to soothe him if he's crying, of his own accord. (He calls himself the dummy master - so cute!)

He plays with Finley by talking 'Baby Babble' and coochycoochycoo-ing his cheekys with his finger. Anything he can do to help he does. He's even involved in nappy changes by carefully teasing open the nappy bag grabbing the dirty nappy with his hand in the bag and flipping it inside out ready to be tied up and binned.

You may remember that Carson had once asked how we come to love someone (it was a question I was stumped in answering! Read about that HERE). So, I asked him yesterday - How do you feel about Finley being in our family? His answer was adorable... "it's like he's been here forever and now he even smiles at me! I love my baby brother SO much"

Proudest mummy moment to this day!



  1. I love the Dummy Master nickname! My 3yr old is on patrol for hair wrapped around our new babies fingers. So cute! X

  2. That's so sweet! It looks like they'll have a fantastic bind growing up xx

  3. What an awesome big brother Carson is! Well done, Dummy Master! :D xx #babybabble

  4. I love that he is so amazing with Finlay such a fab big brother, you can tell him I said he is too!

  5. I had similar concerns when my second child, my daughter, was being born. There is a 5 year age gap between my two. A friend of mine suggested that we buy a present for my son when she was born, and tell him that it was a present from his new sister. It worked brilliantly. He was so happy that his new little sister had bought him something. Over the coming months it didn't really matter, he grew to lover her anyway. But to overcome any initial upset it was a good ploy!

  6. This is so sweet ...and lovely pictures too x

  7. Aw I love this! My son is 10 and with such a big age gap and having spent so long an only child and having me to himself for so long, Im really hoping he loves being a big brother and has the relationship Carson does with Finley! :)
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  8. that is so sweet, i have 8 year gap between myself and my sister, im sure she loved me loads but she was jealous of me as well


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