Week 1: Weigh-in!

I've really enjoyed this week in terms of "dieting", simply because I haven't really! That's the beauty of the 5:2 plan!

My fast days were mostly satisfying and very easy to do thanks to LighterLifeFAST (see what I have thought of some of their fastpacks so far HERE).

The other 5 days were as normal. In fact, I had a fry up for brekky/lunch on Tuesday and we had takeaway pizza for tea on Thursday when Carson had his "fiancée" round for tea. So it's actually been a bit of a naughty week, in reality.

So... how have I done?

Start weight: 17st 5.8lb
Current weight: 17st 1.8lb
Weekly Loss: -4lb
Total Loss: 4lb

Chuffed much?! Clearly, the LighterLifeFAST has a big part to play in this loss given my otherwise treat filled week.

I really hope for more of the same next week, especially as I don't plan on takeaways! I've also got a new pram which is lighter than my original means I will be walking a lot more as it won't hurt my back and pelvis as much.

Wish me strength!


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  2. That's great! Well done you! Good luck x

  3. Well done, I'm six weeks post baby and just thinking about the best way to lose the weight :-)

  4. Oh I'm so glad I read this. I am torn at the moment because I need and want to lose weight and was considering slimming world or 5:2, 4lbs is an amazing start. Popping over from www.mummy2monkeys.co.uk

  5. I am made up for you amazing results well done :)

  6. Fantastic loss this week what a great start



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