What grinds my gears?

Deep within my, normally placid, personality I am burning a fire and embers are making their way to the outside. For some reason, I have started to see the negatives or the annoyance in everything and anything that I see or do or witness someone else with the seeing or doing. What the hell is happening to me?

Three things today wound me up something rotten.

This morning I greet someone that, admittedly, I don't know, but she just happened to be in the same shared area of the building that I was in. "Morning! You alright?" She looked blankly, visibly confused and disgusted that I dared even breathe in her direction her this Tuesday morn as she washes her dish - alone, miserably. She, without a sound, watched me (up and down) whilst I walked in, put my stuff down and sorted myself out before nipping back outside again. I was screaming inside "whaaaaat???? what's your problem?" but I didn't utter a single syllable. Just left the awkwardness filled room and shook it off. 

Waiting at the bus stop this evening and some 20-odd year old was standing at least 3ft away from the person ahead of him in the queue. Seriously, why? This rendered me the odd one out. 
I was standing behind him then as opposed to next to him, as there was a road DIRECTLY to his right leaving me no space to join the queue. Then, of course - St Patrick's Day in Liverpool City Centre, herds of people walking along the pavement were dodging me/bumping into me/snarling at me for being the odd one out - not queuing. 
I ended up dancing to avoid a collision with the general public thanks to the dweeb in a suit, complete with nike hoody (incredibly professional and stylish, my my what a catch), who has an issue with queueing as normal queuers should queue. Drivers, it's like parking in 1.5 car's worth of parking space. Anyway, our eyes meet and I realise, gracefully beaming on the exterior, I have become the silent sniper, with that sizzling sarcastic centre. Queuing is fucking simple you inconsiderate git - I want to really scold him. Dare I? Dare I bollocks! Instead, my mind mumbles something about him having a beard of nothing but bum-fluff and how ridiculous his feeble attempt at facial hair is and .... Why am I being so mean over something so tiny?

So, the bus pulls up and I jump in a seat - I was lucky enough to even get a seat as it was practically standing room only, I really shouldn't moan. Yet instead, I am hating on the guy sat next to me eating a pot of pasta salad, that I could swear was simply liquid garlic over half cooked penne, he had the the loudest slurpy sloppy chew you could imagine. Why are you being so gross on a swelteringly hot, packed bus - right. next. to. ME?! 

So, what grinds my gears? Is it other people being rude, or inconsiderate, or just plain gross on the bus... nope. 

It's me. Me being polite grinds my own gears. 

Perhaps the woman from this morning's awkwardness had experienced a day like this before because right now I am sick of being polite for being British' sake and would meet a stranger with the same disdained lip curl myself. (most probably, maybe, if I dared... probably not though) 

I need to get my ruthless head screwed on and stop being so bothered about how others are towards me because, frankly, does it matter that a stranger didn't want to be nice? Does it matter that I looked out of place in a damn bus queue? Does it matter that someone likes super-garlicky, noisy pasta? 

Note to self: Get as grip and oil those gears Jo for goodness sake!

Please tell me that you have days like this too and I'm not some kind of scary psychopath? (Psychology people need not respond lol)

As Ned Flanders once taught us though, it's better out than in. Implosion... no thanks. Wish me luck tomorrow, neighbourinos!


  1. Yup, I have such days too...

    Oh, and people who don't understand how to queue correctly...with me lately it's people not understanding queuing for checkouts: you have two checkouts but one queue with people just going to whatever checkout becomes free first, then someone just comes out of nowhere and heads straight to the checkout and you're stuck looking stupid not wanting to loudly point out your next.

  2. I have definitely had those days! Everyday is a silent sniper day these days! Living in London, I have now got used to people just being plain rude to be honest. Sad but true.

  3. Oh no! We all have those days! Keep smiling! :)

  4. That my friend, comes with age lol I am now 42 and I say what I think and no holds barred! The older I get the more outspoken and annoyed I am getting.....I will be the nasty old lady you need to avoid! haha x

  5. I think we all have these days to some extent, but its how you deal with them that can change it all around! Keep smiling x

  6. I can safely say I am that person most days. Since becoming my mum I'm much more impatient with other people. My patience is only for my son. This would absolutely grind my gears and yep, I wouldn't say anything either. x

  7. I'm pretty certain we have all had days like that. Hold your head high and don't change who you are, my Mum used to always say manners cost nothing, it is not you who are at fault, you're lovely xxx

  8. If that was me at the bus queue i would have asked him to move. People are so inconsiderate and really need to learn to think about others.

  9. I think we all have days like that where all the little things build up and drive us to lash out a little. Great post! x

  10. You have probably just described me! I get wound up at 8 in the morning with the crass driving awareness of nursery run parents...not working out which passing place to stop at, unable to work out the speed of people coming/how far they can get, going slowly over the cattle grid, not saying thank you when you wait for them to come past. The list goes on and on!

  11. I am really passive aggressive these days and would have shouted 'lovely to talk to you' to the miserable woman, and asked crap queueing man if he was in the queue!

  12. We all have good and bad days, just remember it's what makes us stronger. If it wasn't for all the bad days that I've had, I wouldn't be the person I am now! xxx


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