Never Lose a Teddy Again with Tag-A-Teddy

How many desperate pleas for help do you see or hear of week in, week out, when a child has lost their best friend, aka Teddy McFluff? It could be the talk of the playground, or on your local area's facebook page or, really quite often actually, it goes viral and ends up on Twitter being retweeted by hundreds of thousands of people who wished them well in being reunited.

Whilst these situations bring out the best in people and, in turn, make for a 'nice read', you really don't have to put yourself, or your littl'un through all that. Get a grip and Tag-a-Teddy.

This totally inspired little gadget is a simple rubber-like tag and fasteners, 100% child friendly and permanent, it could very well save the entire world of parents' sanity! On the back of the tag is a QR code, telephone number and a unique Tag ID. I've not photographed this as our details will be available for all and sundry when in fact they should only be accessed in the unfortunate event that the teddy gets lost.

Yes, the idea is, you find this teddy and see the tag. The majority of people will (if not just for the intrigue alone) scan the tag or call the 0845 number, quoting the tag ID. Here you will find the owner's details including email address, facebook, twitter etc. in the form of a profile, like this...

As I said earlier, the tag is permanent, 100% child friendly - in fact it's suitable from birth, and is also machine washable. To buy the tag on it's own will only cost £7.95, which is a drop in the ocean of tears that could run without it.  
Let's face it, if you had the owner's details - you'd be in touch straight away wouldn't you? Tag-a-teddy makes reuniting your child with their teddy a piece of cake. No more inconsolable little pumpkins!

Alternatively, you may wish to look at the Teddy Forever Animal Collection - a soft and plush range of characters complete with tag already, at a cost of £14.95 each. The one we received to review is the the 'Alfie' Giraffe... He's such a cutey, and at 22cm long he should be hard to lose, but we all know what kids are like! A lovely gift idea for baby, that they can grow up with - forever.

This is an ingenious product. I think I'd be hard-pressed to come across a single parent who wouldn't love this idea. We certainly do. Well done Tag A Teddy!

What do you think?

We were introduced to Tag A Teddy by receiving Alfie FOC for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own throughout.


  1. This is a great idea. I remember losing a teddy as a young child and I was devastated. Would have been amazing if id had something like this on it

  2. This is such a fantastic idea! I lost my teddy when I was a child and luckily someone found it for me.

  3. Very cool idea, I wish I had that for some of MY old teddies...yup, I still feel their loss :P

  4. I can remember spending hours walking and re-walking the paths we'd taken on our walk, never to find teddy again. Ben still wells up thinking about it. This is the best idea!

  5. Pam Francis Gregory23 March 2015 at 19:43

    What a great idea - It will end all the tears when teddy is lost!

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  7. Great idea, with the Summer coming and especially the holidays this is awesome, Lydia takes her Panda everywhere, this may well help save the tears x x ty!


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