Bringing the Hotel Home!

We went away this last weekend and stayed over at a hotel in Huddersfield for my cousin's wedding, leaving the kids at home with hub's cousin. (Congratulations again to the happy couple; Hannah and Shay!)
We had a wicked time and more importantly, given recent weeks and months, a really decent night's kip - even if we were rudely awakened by a random dude walking into our room at 10am. Really should email them about that actually...

Ahh yes... sleep! One thing that I absolutely love in hotels is the bedding. Crisp, white, starched and pressed yet still so soft and snuggly when you're underneath. Do you know what I mean? 

It makes coming back to my own bed a bit of a flat moment. The first thing I did was whip it all off and wash with loads of softener but, whilst I had a lovely smelling night's sleep, it just didn't compare to the hotel bedding from the previous night. 

House of Fraser have a range of bed linen entitled Luxury Hotel Collection so I had a nose to see whether it was what I had in mind for my own bedroom. Yes it was exactly what I was thinking of!

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My absolute favourite item would be the top right pictured 800 thread count white bed linen - exactly like the hotels - but at £280 I think I'll be waiting until Finley's stopped with the leaky poopy nappies and daily 'let's wee on daddy' ritual he's got going on at the moment.

There is a 500 thread in the same range, in a deep purple 'blackberry' colour - down from £230 to just £69 in their sale at the moment...
Would purple bedding look out of place in a biscuit and red themed room? Gahh. It would wouldn't it. We have plans to decorate after our landlord has carried out some repairs in the spring so I guess it doesn't matter.

Whenever and whatever we choose in order to change it up a little in the bedroom, at least I know where to head to get my hotel bed linen from!

What kind of bedding do you go for - crisp, thick and pressed like me, or are you more of a grand and silky quilted number? I wonder what our bedding choice say about us... any idea?!

This post is in partnership with House of Fraser.


  1. I have to say I'm not really a fan of plain coloured or white bedding. I like pretty patterns :)

  2. I usually have dark bedding, simple because they tend to last longer and don't get stained when little man accidentally drops something on my bed! x

  3. I'm with you - thick, crisp and pressed hotel-style bedding is my favourite. I'm not really fussed about the colour.

  4. I bought a beautiful bedding set in cotton with greens and whites and I absolutely love it! It feels so soft on the skin and washes really well. I have an awful habit of washing it and putting it straight back on again, my others don't get out of the cupboard very often now lol

  5. I'm more of a satin sheets gal, but a bit chilly this time of year!

  6. I am going to have to have a look at their site, I love hotels and the idea of having the same at home is a result !

  7. I am going to have to have a look at their site, I love hotels and the idea of having the same at home is a result !

  8. Some lovely bedding there, I'll be checking out the sale, I could do with some nice new sheets.

  9. I love fresh, crisp sheets and especially pillow cases. I'd only buy in a sale too. We could do a whole change here.


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